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  1. Arizona's nice. Just thought I'd say HALLO from out here. I miss this thread -- there's just nothing like it on the Southwest forum. [] --SPHENOID-- "The hint says WHAT??"
  2. Have relocated successfully, even found a few caches and planted a TB here, so far. Cool! ...er, I mean ... HOT! I am looking forward to seeing my first "monsoon season" A thought: do caches ever "wash" away??? --SPHENOID-- "The hint says WHAT??"
  3. quote:Originally posted by sranddboggny.us:oops. tried to post a reply, did this by mistake. you would think that eventually we would be allowed to somehow delete mistakes. oh well. i think this is BS myself but what can ya do. HM, you WOULD think that eventually we would be allowed to somehow delete stupid threads....but then, NO ONE can say that we Northeasterners don't know how to have FUN ... and also be REALLY STUPID... at the same time. Oh yeah ... PS ... it's alive again!! "The hint says WHAT??"
  4. Hi all- just thought I'd say HI and help to keep this thread in a prominent position. Am a Pennsylvania girl moving to AZ in 3 weeks and looking forward to experiencing desert geocaching! Have already gotten some great advice about it on my question/thread (things I'd not have otherwise figured out -- like bringing water and avoiding rattling things....) and am looking forward to interracting with this quite humorous bunch and finding some new caches. Looking forward to any "events" upcoming, and also adding some serious mileage to a few travel bugs on my way. "The hint says WHAT??"
  5. Sunscreen, and water, and portable AC ... anyone know where I can buy a strap on air conditioner? You all sound like a great bunch out there. I am enjoying the sense of humor. And looking forward to meeting some new cachers in about a month. Hopefully some event or event cache in the futute?? Advice (however funny you make it) still appreciated... Sphenoid "The hint says WHAT??"
  6. Greetings All! This Pennsylvanian is soon moving to AZ and would love any advice on AZ caching, pitfalls, good Phoenix-area caches, or any planned get-togethers/event caches. I just zipped through the Desert Geocaching Clothing forum topic and got great advice of: there are no cactus-impenetrable pants, that duct tape, leatherman tools, needlenose pliers, and combs are good for impaled-with-a-cactus problems, and now I would love any additional suggestions. Yes, I am definitely a "green" desert cacher, but otherwise have done a bunch in the green northeast over the past year. Suggestions appreciated!! "The hint says WHAT??"
  7. This is the bestest thread in the hole wide werld! "The hint says WHAT??"
  8. I'd be interested, also. There is another semi-local group, more northcentral PA though, that maybe we could coordinate with -- aside from having a pretty good website, I don't think they've done much as yet.(http://users.adelphia.net/~geocaching/) I Would be happy to hear of ideas or help with the planning.
  9. Whoa! It seems someone's super-quick to take offense! quote: quote:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The temps were down there (30's) and sure enough I cracked the lid on this cache! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone has a right to cache no matter what their profession. If you can't be civil around temporary employees (and how the heck did you know they were temps, anyway?), I suggest you leave and come back for the cache at another time. Sheesh. Wowwie! In defense of Magoo, it was pretty clear to me that a temp(ERATURE) is what was being referred to, which in the 30's (degrees) would surely make Glad containers (designed to be single use disposable cheap tupperware!) crack easily. But good gracious, don't attack a man when you don't even have a good idea what he's talking about and may just be totally and completely misunderstanding things! In medicine, weather, avaiation, and other professions, "temp" as in, "what's the temp" is a pretty common term.
  10. ...but if this had been a real emergency, you would have been directed to a local news station for more information. This was only a test.
  11. So how did this event go? Did you meet up with anyone? Do we get a re-cap? AND of course the big question, any future plans? I'd of course also love to meet up with any other fellow geocachers in the Central PA area though wasn't forum-ing when this initially hit the fan. With the holidays and all, it might be nice to start thinking towards January as a potential casual meeting time, date, place. It seems a "just show up" and meet somewhere might be nice -- the Country Cupboard on Rt 15 in Lewisburg area is nice, casual, can accommodate big groups, and, oh yeah, has great food... tends to get pretty busy on weekend eves, and Sunday brunch, but Sat afternoon or a weeknight might work out OK. Any interest out there? Or do I drop this thread?
  12. Yep, I couldn't help but read something titled "don't read" also -- at least I know I am in EXCELLENT company!
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