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  1. I found 51 caches on a NEW trail so most don't have fav points - I currently have 39 pts on my Leader-board lol. What is weird is that when I look at the 13 caches for which I was awarded points, two have one fav each, the other 11 have no favs. The other 38 caches haven't been recorded on the leader board at all. (I thought that I had been logging t0o early so some might have been missed but the leader board clock was active and the first log of the day and the last of the day is amongst the 13 recorded). A bit puzzled by this as clearly SOME zero fav caches have been awarded points but the majority have been totally ignored by the system.
  2. Only the last one would make the earlier statement a lie, for what it's worth. But I know it's cool to assume malice on Groundspeak's part --after all, it's now widely known that the game we all profess to enjoy is being run by a consortium composed of mad scientists and professional puppy stompers. I was being kind. They lied.
  3. Only the last one would make the earlier statement a lie, for what it's worth. But I know it's cool to assume malice on Groundspeak's part --after all, it's now widely known that the game we all profess to enjoy is being run by a consortium composed of mad scientists and professional puppy stompers. 1)Fortunately for the YOSM fans in the UK, it is not being archived. 2) People who have already logged finds on it can continue to chase after it in each new location, but log with a note instead of a find. 3)Newer geocachers that have not yet attempted it, will be able to log their first find on the listing, and continue to log visits via a note. None of the fun experience needs to change. Yes, according to the cache page of GC45CC Ye Old Survey Monuments at the time of writing, "This cache has been archived, but is available for viewing for archival purposes". Erm, is something wrong with my web browser? The reality and the email seem to be at odds.
  4. Sadly this duplicity can be expected from Groundspeak, a company that has proven time and time again that customer satisfaction is not of any interest to them whatsoever. They didn't even have the sense to avoid putting their lies in writing. So, from this, do I understand it correctly that GCHQ has archived all the hitchhikers / traveling caches because some of their staff doesn't know their history and misunderstood what locationless caches were? I'll let others discuss what defines a travelling cache as I wouldn't presume to know. Perhaps others can explain more helpfully. The point the OP was making that I agree with is simply that Groundspeak stated categorically in numerous emails to customers that YOSM would not be archived, then they archived it. They grudgingly agreed that we would be allowed to add a note after any initial find (not great) but they simply lied. An error? Change of mind? Calculated strategy?
  5. Sadly this duplicity can be expected from Groundspeak, a company that has proven time and time again that customer satisfaction is not of any interest to them whatsoever. They didn't even have the sense to avoid putting their lies in writing.
  6. Groundspeak's mission statement: Our mission is to inspire and enable discovery, exploration and adventure. I can't see the bit where it says 'as long as the numbers add up'. YOSM's meet the mission statement in FULL. And yes, there are people on here who are happy to see the demise of YOSMs. Geocaching has just become a little bit more bland in the UK. Oh well, no one died ... happy face. <<< see.
  7. Man, you make it sound like if you're not for YOSM then you are pleased, excited, exhuberant at its demise specifically, and want geocaching to be a mundane chore with zero fun whatsoever! c'mon man...The sky is not falling. Then you misread and fail to understand my post 'man'.
  8. Not only is it galling that the flawed methodology and reasoning behind stopping 'double logging' is going to kill YOSM but, the number of people on this thread who are happy about the fact. Not only happy but are willing to take time to support its demise in writing. We all have types of caches that we feel are a bit 'silly' or we think don't fit our notion of a 'proper' geocache; puzzles, events, Wherigo, challenge, earthcache, hell even multi's. I have a personal dislike for 'finds' for events but I wouldn't jump on a forum and argue for their termination - people like going to events and getting a 'find'. Not really my 'thing' (as I've said previously) but for some people it's the highlight of their caching activity, good on them. I've even been to a couple of events myself to support local cachers who have taken time to arrange them. Yes, I claimed a 'find' too. Yep, I'm a hypocrite! Sue me! Would I jump onto a forum and take delight in the demise of event 'finds', no. Would I argue for their removal? No. Why? Simply because geocaching is supposed to be fun and people like events; geocaching is supposed to be a hobby; a laugh; it's enjoyment; pleasure; memories; a general good time. Some, including a few at Groundspeak, need to re-read their admirable mission statement - nowhere does it mention 'accurate numbers' to the detriment of adventure. To take satisfaction in seeing something destroyed that others have a passion for is a little churlish. Many thanks to Outforthehunt for some of the most memorable caching trips; not one of them has been a nano in a litter strewn car park. Sincerely, thank you.
  9. Groundspeak continues to diminish the pleasure of geocaching with the planned demise of multiple logging and the loss of YOSM in the UK. There is no need to destroy this wonderful, well supported and historical cache. As has been said earlier in the thread, either make an exception for YOSM or go down the route of a 'confirm multiple log' pop up box. Most are probably accidental so this will help. Yes, YOSM has the same GC number but geocachers have to work (often very hard) to access these caches and get a 'find' which, is also checked as well as can be expected by the CO. I can sit at a so-called 'event', stuff my face and not move from a picnic table for three days and claim a few 'finds' because someone has decided that 'attending' in the morning and 'looking at trackables' in the afternoon, watching a 'flash-mob' the day after etc, are all unique 'sessions'. Loads of 'finds' for not moving from a field or building. If people want to claim multiple finds for what is basically the same event just by turning up, good luck to them it's part of how they like to play the game, it's the social aspect of geocaching. Don't kid me that because they have individual GC numbers they are different things - they aren't. Conversely, YOSM with a single GC number are all very unique, located throughout the UK and N. Ireland, take effort to locate and, have an historical connection to mapping but all will be classed as 'one find'. Sitting on my backside in one location can get me multiple finds, climbing mountains the length and breadth of the UK doesn't. Well done Groundspeak, another 'chuck out the baby with the bathwater' moment.
  10. First of all, thanks for altering the zoom issue - for me, you have now made the map usable, it's still a backward step in terms of design but at least you listened to some of the issues raised. I won't be using it of course as Project-GC is much better but I'll give you credit for trying to respond to some of the issues raised here. However, you clearly have a vision of website and app looking the same or similar so, your adjustments to the design are purely within the context of that vision which, is essentially flawed (see the forums for the mass of various reasons). I found my first 2000 caches with an android phone and soon realised, even as a newbie, that C:Geo blew your app away. Even though I now use a gpsr I still use my phone too and I've often tried to use your upgraded app in the field and it just doesn't cut it. So, every step toward making the website look like the app is a retrograde step with a degradation in design and functionality. One other thought about the direction you have chosen to move in; the 'community' cares about geocaching because they are actively involved, not only as cache seekers but as cache placers. It's a strange and rare thing that the customers for your product actually create the product too - we all have a vested interest in the success of geocaching. Perhaps this is why so many people complain when you take the wrong direction (which you have this time and, have in the past too). I sincerely hope that your gamble of chasing smartphone users at the expense of website users pays off for you, after all, you need them to become premium payers and good cache placers to keep geocaching alive. Personally, I don't see why you have gamble at all, you could accommodate all of your customers if you wished to do so.
  11. An interesting statement but only a partial one. The colourblindness issue (note the 'u' in colour - I write in English) is going to be addressed - great! Well done. However, what about all the other issues like poor icon design and the poor icon/zoom problem? The statement doesn't look particularly promising.
  12. Having thought that my initial comments about the new style icons/map might have been unfair, I've been using it for three days on both a tablet and a laptop. I can honestly say now that it's a complete step in the wrong direction as it's harder to see the icons, zoom levels versus icon sizes are all over the place and, it's really user unfriendly. What a bizarre thing to do, to make it harder to use - weird. Can I make a suggestion? Go and take a look at Project GC's caching map - it may give you some ideas on how to make a usable geocaching map. Oh, hang on, didn't you have one like that until you decided to make it look like your (ahem - first rate, splendid**) app? Wow, that's erm, um, embarrassing. Go on, for once, change your mind, say you got it wrong, just as a little gift to us non-app uses, it's coming up to Christmas after all. You know you want to. ** Not really.
  13. I agree. When I zoom the map out to see a decent area the icons are too small, I can't see what types of caches they are or whether I've found them or not. When I zoom in, the icons are visible but the map area is now too small to view a decent sized potential caching region. The map resolution and cache icon size was really good in the previous version. This has become really unfriendly to use - a real step backward. Sorry but why do you keep making things worse? It seems that all this effort is about integrating the app which is a waste of time as Cgeo is so much better even when you've rebuilt it from the ground up. In effect you are dirtying your best shirt to polish a turd - makes no sense. I know I'm wasting my time with this as 'listening to customers' hasn't been that great in the past but hey, miracles happen.
  14. Hello - see earlier post RE issues with finding gpx files on SD card and hanging. A bit more information - my son-in-law tested this today and has exactly the same problem on his Samsung Ace II. The gpx files are showing on the SD card and in the app but when we click on them the app 'hangs' just saying "Loading GPX File". However, we did discover today that the gpx files do actually load into the app. To make it work we have to give the app enough time to find the files then manually 'end task' - when we go back into the app the gpx files have loaded correctly as an off-line list. So, the issue seems to be that 3.0.1 doesn't stop 'Loading' or searching for the gpx files when it's already found them.
  15. Hi, I'm still having issues with 3.0.1 when trying to load gpx files from an SD card. The files are found OK but when I try to load them into the app it just hangs with 'Loading GPX File'. The only way to stop this is to end task. I've tried gpx 1.0 and gpx 1.0.1 with the same result (unzipped). The gpx files are fine as they load OK into other apps. This issue was very similar to the versions before 2.5.1 & 2.5.2 which caused a similar error or the app going into a 'force close cycle'. It worked after version 2.5.1 but it seems we are back to square one with this version. Thanks for bringing back radar, appreciated, as the Android version of the compass has never been very useful in any of the versions hence the need for the radar app. Removal of the radar function will render the Android app basically useless. (I'm still somewhat perplexed as to why it was removed in 3.0 and question the strategy/planning decision makers that viewed the removal of radar as a solid improvement or beneficial update). I'm using a Samsung Ace II GT-I8160, Android 2.3.6, Gingerbread.XXLK7 (Despite two issues of 'force close' occurring when trying to move away from the compass screen when still at home, the app didn't crash 'in the field' when used to find a few caches this afternoon - fingers crossed for continued stability. I did give the compass a try but it was still jittery and prone to freezing up. I reverted to radar which is so much smoother and accurate. I can't see that there has been any real improvement in 3.0 - 2.5.2 worked and a 're-skin' to match the new 'look' would have been a good place to start - I've actually lost functionality).
  16. I used to be able to 'Navigate' to a cache by Radar but I can only now find 'map' or 'compass'. How do I replace the compass with Radar as before as it was far more useful? Also, when I save a gpx file to an external SD card and try and load it, the app just 'hangs' with 'Loading GPX File' and I have to 'end task', doesn't work at all. I have had one 'Force Close' already trying to navigate to cache by map. Forgive me, not impressed so far. Using Samsung Ace 2 & Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.XXLK7 and have already rolled back to the previous stable version until this one works.
  17. "Trees On The Rocks" - GC13A3R The place looks like something out of Lord Of The Rings!
  18. Same for me in the UK. I've logged 9 caches today and my profile correctly says 1480 but the cache logs next to my avatar still say 1471. I've logged in and out but no change. Seems to be working now - it's taken a few hours though. Very strange!
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