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  1. iPad OS recently allows the USB-C port to access jump drives. Is there a way to send Lists or PQs from an iPad to an ETrex 20x (either by attaching my eTrex via cable like I do with my Windows laptop or by writing to the micro SD card via the USB-C port)?
  2. Redownloaded files and unzipped them. Still got an error message "No uncoded maps to install … ". So, I uninstalled and reinstalled Base Camp, uninstalled and reinstalled MapInstall then used each batch file to install the maps. Now everything works at last!
  3. Actually, I've been able to install 3 maps - Hawaii, NE and Pacific. I believe my issue is downloading the zipped files. I got an ethernet dongle to avoid use of WiFi that might me corrupting the file transfer. I've tried using different browsers to do the download. I also just made sure these files weren't being synched with Google Drive. Trying again now.
  4. I feel your pain as I’ve spent literally days trying to load Open Source Maps to my new ETrex 20x. I understand you were successful. Today, I thought I had also figured it out and successfully loaded two regional maps. However, in using the same process on the 3rd regional map, I’m getting the error message “No unlocked maps were found for this device.” Can anyone help? PS: I did document my process in a two page Word document, but the site doesn’t seem to accept Word uploads as an acceptable attachment type. I tried cutting and pasting here but the formatting got pretty messed up. Not sure how to create an existing document to insert either. If anyone wants to see this document (either for troubleshooting my issue, performing a peer review, or using it on his/her ETrex), please let me know.
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