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  1. I already have noticed some of the checkers are wrong on my challenges. What about challenges that are really easy to check. Like find the 20 top favorited traditional caches within 10 miles of your home. Very easy to check with a pocket query. But now a macro is required?
  2. That's why I asked the question. I will not assume anything.
  3. So to get a challenge approved you have to ask project gc to write you a macro first? What about challenges that are easily proven with the statistics provided by geocaching.com?
  4. I have these available, they are from Geocoinfest 2015. Both are centered around airplanes, and have detachable inserts with airplanes on them. Let me know through my caching profile if you are interested, and i can send you pictures!
  5. I find that very appropriate and fair! I'd be honored to own one someday!
  6. What a gorgeous design! Love them!
  7. The Geocoinfest Committee is excited to announce our next fundraiser. We have minted a geocoin! Regular Edition is silver and 110 coins minted for $20 Limited Edition is gold and 65 coins minted for $30 A set which includes the black nickel/extra limited edition are sold out (they were $100) These are first come, first serve. It's a very large coin, 4 inches long. Contact me via my geocaching profile to purchase.
  8. Email sent, thanks for supporting us, we really appreciate it!
  9. Hi everyone! The committee for the 2015 Geocoinfest - Nebraska is currently looking for donations for raffle prizes. If any of you are interested in helping us out, please email us at info@gcf2015.com we'd really appreciate your help. We are hard at work trying to make this the best event possible, we hope to see you all there! Thanks!
  10. Ugh. I'm not getting it. I got logs today from that account. Lots of them. Try emailing me at taggolfleague@gmail.com
  11. I never got a reply from my email
  12. Can I get an invite to make sure I'm on it? Thanks!
  13. It's not. You just can't be a part of the raffle Thanks for doing this
  14. I'm hoping for a multi event day. I'd participate
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