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    Birthday Mission arrived from Hollora!




    Thank you so much Hollora!!!

    I really got suprised when I got a message from the post office that there was a package waiting for me, and even more suprised when I picked it up and came home. It was my birthday mission from Hollora!! :unsure::laughing::laughing: You sent so much great things!! There was 4 diffrent sizes of cache containers with everything you need in. Nano, almost a micro, a magnetic black container and a regular! A bracelet, a flash light formed as a panda bear, a towel and two pins ,a pathtag and FOUR coins!! But that wasn't everything. Hollora, you really suprised me with sending a gift to Uffe, (I am working as his personal assistent) and he really liked the car! He collects cars, how did you know?! THANK YOU HOLLORA!!! You are amazing!!! Big hug to you!

    Now I will start to look for 4 cache places to hide the caches, they will be my first hides :laughing:

  2. :):DB) Today when I came home from work there was a package waiting for me from The Wolf Pack!!

    Wow there was five papers with info about Stockholm!! Some of the info you found I never heard before. GREAT JOB!!! And how did you manage to send Swedish keychains? :( I really loved everything you sent, THANK YOU!!!!! Thanks for the coins, I really like them and the butterfly covers they came in.





    THANK YOU "THE WOLF PACK" !!! You made my day!

  3. 1. Souvenir Email Sent - yes

    2. Souvenir Name Received - yes

    3. Souvenir Mission Sent - yes

    4. Souvenir Mission Received - yes, today :lol:


    Today I recived my mission.

    Thank You, Fairhoney!!! I specially liked the Cinema Boxers Coin :lol::huh:



    Thank You Bob for doing this mission!!

  4. :huh::D:huh: Today when I came home from my work I really got a suprise waiting for me in the post office! A really big package all the way from USA!

    Hollora sent me a LOT of wonderful things.

    I got a big beach towel, a rubber stamp with a butterfly, ear rings with GPS, a pin with the American flag,

    a pencil.

    I got the "caching agent" and the mermaid geocoins and Holloras beautiful pathtag!


    THANK YOU, HOLLORA!!!!! That was so nice of You!! My sister has my camera for this week, as soon as I get it back I will post a picture of the things for all to see. Thanks, again, You really made my day!!


    1. Participating - Yes

    2. Received Name - Yes

    3. Mission Complete - Yes, May 14

    4. Mission Arrived- Yes, today May 20

  5. ChocoEmail Sent - yes

    ChocoName Received - yes

    ChocoMission Sent - yes, april 10

    ChocoMission Received - Yes, april 16




    :mad::mad::D Today I recived a package from Steinwälzer with delicious chocolate, "flying spagetti monster" coin , geocoin nerd, Steinwälzer's coin and a postcard with a beautiful poem. THANK YOU!!! You made my day :D

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