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  1. I just went to check out the cache closest to home, and the clue was pretty inconsistent with the coordinates... indicated it should be located on Church street but the coords were almost 5 blocks south...
  2. wow... it sounds like you could almost yell as far as these things work sometimes... i'm going to rethink this.
  3. what kind of range do you get from these units, and are they FRS, FRS/GMRS, or GMRS?
  4. I've got the handlebar mount for my bike as well as the bean bag and the sticky auto mount... haven't usd the sticky mount because the bean bag mount works so well... unless I'm taking 90 degree turns at high (>30mph) speed it's solid as a rock! The handlebar mount is a bit of a different story. Twice I've had the 60cs FLY OUT of the little clippy-thing that the 60cs attaches to. The clip stays attached to the handlebars, but all that does is keep the $10 clip safe, not my $450 GPSr. The first time it flew out, I was in the city and my GPSr landed right on the antenna... fun times. broke the antenna pretty hardcore. I called Garmin about it, they replaced the bike mount and fixed my 60cs for free.. but yesterday the GPSr flew out again, this time landing in some soft grass on the side of the trail. After a little testing, I noticed that any time my back tire hits even somewhat hard, the GPSr goes flying out... maybe I should use my etrex on my bike instead.
  5. I'm curious what, if any, experience people have had with the Garmin Rino GPS/FRS Radio, as well as what solutions people use for radio communication at events, if not the Rino since it seems to be a good looking all-in-one...
  6. i love my 60cs... when I'm hunting with a group of people that don't have compasses... I'm heading right for the cache and they're still waiting for the arrow to update.
  7. I've not used the handlebar mounts for the foretrex, but I've got the quasi-universal mount for my Garmins (Etrex Legend and 60cs) - the 60cs suffered a fall recently due to a faulty portion of the handlebar mount - I called Garmin up and explained that the GPS popped right out of the mount and they told me 'that shouldn't ever happen' so they told me to send the 60cs in for service - about a week later I got my 60cs back, good as new, with a surprise new handlebar mount in the box! I can't tell you how great Garmin's been the few times I've had to send things in for service! -- Member, Geocachers of Northeastern Illinois www.gonil.org
  8. I missed the episode b/c I was out working on KroBro's 'Magical Mystery Tour' http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...0e-f7809c2ed86d and we just couldn't make the 10 mile roundtrip quick enough to be home in time to watch it... If anyone taped/tivoed this and could send me a copy, I'd more than gladly pay for the tape and postage... or if someone's got a bittorrent tracker set up, that'd be even better. PM/Email me if you can help...
  9. are TPTB working out a fix for the Javascript problem that so many people have with the new WAP site, or will the old site simply be updated to reflect the most current cache information? Thanks for all the work you all are putting in on this!
  10. Have TPTB made any progress on this feature for sprint users? I've recently upgraded to a Sanyo 8200 and the rtr.ca/geo page doesn't work for this phone, where it worked on by Sanyo 8100... very strange.
  11. bigethespe

    Etrex Joystick

    Mine did the same thing after a while, then the rubber around the outside of the unit fell off... I was sad that my Legend was going to have to be retired, but I called garmin about the rubber-falling-off problem and they had me send it in... FREE. The unit I got back had a perfectly working clicker-stick and has been great ever since! You might try calling Garmin as well, they have great customer service and it seems that they'll do about anything to keep customers happy as long as you're a little persistant about what you want and aren't expecting them to give you the world.
  12. I got an email back from garmin today, see below: It seems strange that they would 'require more power' since both units claim the exact same battery life from 2 AA batteries, but I suppose this IS official word from Garmin.
  13. so it simply will not power the device, or might it actually harm the device?
  14. I'm in the market for the Auto Navigation kit for my 60cs, and have come across an interesting option: Best Buy is selling the Auto Nav kit for the Legend/Vista C for $129 in their stores, and the cheapest I can find the 60cs Auto Nav kit is $150+. I've personally looked at the contents of these kits and can find only two differences: The 60cs kit comes with the plastic thingy to hook the device up to the friction mount, whereas the legend/vista kit comes with that adapter, and the 12v car power adapter is the USB adapter. It all seems like a pretty good deal IF the USB power adapter will work on a 60c/cs. Has anyone tried this out? Thanks! bigethespe
  15. I'm getting it too - though it doesn't seem to happen when pages are loading from memory, only when they've got to be re-rendered from the base.
  16. Using Sprint PCS and a Sanyo 8100, I'm also getting the same 'plug-in not present' message when trying to use any of the links on the wap site. The old wap site never had this problem, perhaps because of the drop-down box instead of links? Might www.geocaching.com/wap be updated with the newer features as well since it worked fine for the sprint users?
  17. they're not going to a spam folder, the files are getting scored a "0" by the spam filter - I think they're just not showing up. Couldn't the mail just be re-sent from the sent emails folder?
  18. would it be a huge hassle to have an option to re-send the email containing the zipped .gpx/.loc from the various pocket queries a person runs? I'd think this might cut down on server requests because if the email doesn't show up then I usually just run it again and then it does. case in point, i just ran 5 queries and ONE showed up in my inbox.
  19. wtf with the first reply? I tried running it for all countries, got nothing... when I ran it for all states as someone suggested, I only got 69, and there's 200 some out there.
  20. I'm trying to figure out how to get a PQ to run for Locationless Caches - because the "origin" feature must be selected and you can only get results up to 500 mi from that point, I can't get them all and there's only 284 of them... can there be a .gpx generated that just sits on the locationless page?
  21. i find UTM handy for when I can't get a good fix in a given location - just move so many meters one direction or the other... very handy since my GPSr doesn't have an electronic compass. anyone else do this?
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