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  1. There have been cases in the UK where the radar guns have been calibrated correctlybut the user has been operating the device incorectly.


    The laser speed guns should be aimed at the number plate of the car, anywhere else can give wildly inaccurate readings.


    I remeber reading about a case where a lorry (with a governer set to 52mph) was clocked at doing over 100mph!


    I think as the previous poster pointed out, reasonable doubt counts for a lot!!


    Several things can lead to those results, you can also read about the 35mph tree in FL if you do some research. All have been explained by the experts in the field and the operators are taught how to recognize and reduce the chances of things like that from happening.

  2. A rating system that allows the cachers that find the cache to rate it would be a great idea, maybe that would help do away with so many lame caches!

    Be careful what you wish for. What if your definition of "lame" is what a bunch of other people enjoy and think geocaching should be, and what if the kinds of caches you like to find get slowly done away with because they're not getting good reviews by these folks?


    Hmmm?? :D


    Oh they won't, I have read in several of the lame logs that others felt the same way! Bring on the ratings!

  3. i carry a 500 s&w it works wonders on muggles and bears also it seems every time Im out caching someone walks up and ask's me how to get somewhere like I know im in the middle of the woods on a dear trail that i dont know how i got down and here comes some ya who asking me if i Know how to get to wal-mart in a town 65 miles away it works good on them also


    Couldn't you find anything bigger? ;)

  4. Here in NC the radar is only an instrument used to verify the officers estimate as to the speed of a vehicle. The radar is checked for accuracy in the beginning of each shift and after each and every enforcement action. Also the officer has to track the vehicle using a Doppler tone, which enables the officer to determine what vehicle his radar beam is reflecting off of, pretty simple. Trials involving radars just don't happen, rules of evidence allows the submission of the radar into evidence as long as the prosecutor can establish a foundation as to the proper operation of the instrument. Radar certification is one of the toughest certifications to get and hold so most officers are consistent with the operation in accordance with the standards.

  5. 5. Do not leave your suction cup mounts for your vehicle GPSr's on the window. They are starting to hit vehicles with the mounts still on the window knowing the GPSr is in the glove box.

  6. without knowing anything about your GPSr I would say you should be able to change the position format in one of the menus on your unit. Yes I said Unit.... If your GPSr doesn't have an navigation feature then yes you will have to simply find the location of the cache by trying to get the coordinates on your GPSr to match the coordinates of the cache, easier said then done at first!

  7. Since you started it, I'll add that my reviewer (GPSFUN) also rocks! Big Time!


    I've got 80+ hides as of now, and more than a couple have been odd-ball caches, that GPSFUN worked with me on to get them to a point where they can be published. I just hope he relaizes that there are more on the way!


    Thanks GPSFUN!


    80 caches..... little over striation from what I could tell!


    1) What kind of tool do you use to drill big holes into something? (For instance, hollow out a tree branch or stick)

    2) What kind of tool do you use to hollow out something metal like a big metal bolt? Some type of machinest tools?



    1. A simple drill with a wood bit would do the trick here!

    2. To attempt this with a drill would probably result in blood loss! Unless you was using a very heavy duty drill press. I would strongly recommend a metal lathe.

  9. You'll soon find that most caches are filled with absolute junk, so anything you leave that is a notch above junk would be appreciated. Inexpensive, but useful items are the key. One of my favorites now is to buy a a few boxes of individually wrapped Off! insect repellent wipes when I see them on sale. I'll leave one or two packets in caches. Very inexpensive and very useful.


    Another favorite of mine are the emergency rain ponchos sold at Walmart for 87 cents. Once in a while I'll buy a couple dozen and use those for cache swag. Inexpensive and useful.


    Another is the small Johnson & Johnson first aid kits that come in a tiny plastic box. They were on sale for 89 cents in my local supermarket, so I bought 20.


    Couldn't have said it better myself, 99.9% of what you will find is pure junk! Please do everyone a favor and leave something better. I have been leaving carabineers and key chain carabineers, there seems to be a fair percentage of hikers amongst the caching population and you can never have to many carabineers.


    Don't bother with adding more junk to the mix there is plenty of that to go around!

  10. I think its a great idea...film can or nano hanging in a hedge...gotta know which to look for. Also, lots of people use the Not Chosen option for nanos.


    Maybe it would serve a better purpose to make the person submitting the cache to pick which size it is instead of simply stating unknown or other.

  11. got pics? :D


    No I sure don't! I'm at work right now but I'll see what I can do tomorrow!


    This is a Geocaching.com issue. I'm moving it over to that forum.


    Sorry about that, I wasn't sure where I should post it!

  12. Figured I would order from the source, even though I could have saved a little bit of money, especially on shipping if ordered from a distributor. But I didn't, I figured I would give Groundspeak the benefit of my business and I'll never do that again! After spending almost $8 for shipping, even if I would have chosen USPS. the package arrived and I'm not pleased.


    Well to make a long story short we ordered a small assortment of cache stickers and a couple of containers. The containers made it no problem but they might as well folded up the stickers and placed them in a small envelope and they would have probably made it in better condition, for $8 am I wrong for expecting better? Needless to say I'm a very disappointed customer!

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