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  1. Depending on your GPSr, "mark a waypoint", then edit that waypoint by typing the new coords, save it, and go.

    My PN-60 won't be able to show me the cache description if I tell it to go to a new waypoint, so instead I just edit the cache description itself to point to the next stage of the multi.

    That would definitely be the preferred way to do it, but some models don't let you do this, such as the Garmin Oregons. On those, you'll have to make a waypoint.


    On my Oregon (450) I just press the "enter next stage" and put the co-ordinates in there - never had to mark a waypoint!

  2. What is the "normal etiquette" with regard to those "soggy, mushy" logs that we all come across at some time or another - usually in a 35mm film canister? :unsure:


    I usually try to carry spare logs, of varying sizes, but when I find a log that is completely mushy I'm not sure if I should remove it and replace it, or not! :blink:


    I have in the past removed and replaced full log rolls, particularly nanos, offered to send the full logs on to the CO, and I can't remember an instance when the CO has even responded!! :o


    Remove the mess, replace with a new one - I can't see any reason why a CO would want a ruined log! If the log was full and readable, then offer to send to the CO, but if it is a ball of paper machie, then I would still replace, offer it to the CO in a message, and get ready to bin it :)


    Shouldn't Groundspeak be the holder of the rules? The guidelines are almost exclusively for Groundspeak though they are a suggested idea for others. Would it not be better to host them on the "follow the arrow" site or on this forum for users of Groundspeak to be able to debate.


    There you have hit the nail on the head, and why the arguments about rules / guidelines seems to continue endlessly.

    They are a "suggested idea" for all. Groundspeak (not the GAGB) choose to implement them as rules, others don't (as far as I am aware anyway, but I only use GS).

    I fail to see how GAGB could make rules anyway, as GS don't HAVE to follow the guidelines.

  4. I buy ex-army boots off that well known auction site. They cost me £30 and I wear them both for caching and work, and they clean up a treat.

    I always used to buy Altbergs, but someone on my old shift recommended the army boots, and I actually prefer them to my Altbergs for comfort. Bear in mind that I wear them for over 14 hours a day, comfort is very important :)

  5. Hello,


    I like to trade TB. When I find one I like to take it to another GC that has one in it and trade. Or maybe put it in an area where no TB's are or Geocoins are. The problem is I can't pull up a search of just GC with TB's or Geocoins in them. I hate having to go through the whole list of GC's looking for TB's at geocaching.com. Any help?


    Thanks a ton!


    Can't you run a PQ, showing only those with a TB or Geocoin in it?

  6. If you delete it and then download it again, it will tell you that you have already paid for the item. Don't know if this will solve the problem, but hopefully will put your mind at rest about paying for it again!

    (This is assuming it is still the same phone as you originally installed the app on - not sure if it is an upgrade)

  7. Personally, I quite enjoy the dog related stories that DrSolley posts, and like the debate that usually follows.

    If it just makes one dog owner think about the behaviour of their dog when they are out and about caching, so much the better.

    My dog is usually out with me when I am caching, and I have seen some really badly behaved dogs (and owners!) that approach us - "He (or she) just wants to play" is the cry of the out of control owner.

  8. Facebook for me! A friend and his girlfriend had done a bit of casual caching, and they posted a photo on facebook of them with the cache. I rang him up to ask about it, downloaded the App for my iPhone, and went and found one only a few hundred yards from the house. Found the first 50 or so with the phone, but after a nightmare in some woods, went out and got an Etrex H. Soon upgraded to a GPSMAP62, and thoroughly enjoying that!

    Still use the iPhone if I am somewhere urban, and have some free time suddenly, but mostly I go out on planned trips on my days off with the GPS.

  9. Hi,


    I joined up as a premium member recently so I could find premium member-only caches near my home.


    Unfortunately, whilst there is no problem on the desktop they don't even seem to be showing up on my iphone. Can somebody help please?


    Start the app, go to menu, settings, and change user. This will log you out. Then log back in, and you should see them

  10. I've only done one, when I was on holiday in the US. Strangely enough, it was a challenge at exactly the same place as a virtual, with identical logging requirements. Used the same photo, claimed both. Can't say i'm in a hurry to do more.


    Edited to say - didn't even realise there was a challenge there till a couple of days later - went purely to grab the virtual.

  11. We were talking yesterday about getting caching cargo pants that have the zip off legs.

    A big +1 for these - bought some from the auction site that must not be named, and sadly they arrived 2 days too late for my holiday to Florida, so got stung and bitten terribly there!

    I wear them a lot when caching in the UK, even though the weather is rubbish at the moment, but handy for getting into water :)

  12. I found my first 50 or so caches with the official app, and still use it if I am in an area where I fancy doing a bit of caching and haven't got my GPSr with me. Haven't used the other, so can't comment on it.

    I have an Etrex H as my main GPSr, so use the iPhone for paperless usually, until I buy a better one!

    Be aware though, the iPhone is great for urban caches, but I found it awful if I went anywhere near trees, and was completely useless in woods

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