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  1. I had the opportunity to bring a traveling cache (one of the old grandfathered in ones) back to the Seattle area with me after a recent visit to Pittsburgh, PA. Having never rehid one, I am not sure if it will get noticed on people's PQs or not. The cache is currently near the Northgate Mall. Good luck! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c9-d966d190fe41
  2. Made a change to my work schedule and will be able to attend my very first Cache Machine! Would love to team up with someone. Will most likely drive down from the Seattle area in the morning.
  3. Always possible -- and makes it more fun! Many drivers are looking for 'navigators' or just fill a back seat. If you don't get any takers here on the forum, it is easy to find someone the night before at the pre-cache get together (still have to figure out where this time) or first thing in the morning. Where are you coming from? I would be coming from Seattle. Trying to figure out if I can do it with just spending one night away. Am I crazy for thinking about that?
  4. Haven't every been to a cache machine before and thinking about attending. I will be by myself though, as the hubby just isn't interested. Is it possible to team up with others? I do have the needed GPS to do the Wherigo as well!
  5. Just to set the record straight 500 of these were minted. They are not limited so there may be more made. They are handed out by Groundspeak at Waymarking promotional events. If you live in the greater Seattle area there are still coins available through the Seattle Art and Seek Waymarking contest. Most of the art pieces are in Seattle, but there is one in Kent and one in Diablo, WA
  6. PQs for both of us, but different PQs. I used GSAK and the Colorado Macro (newest version) to put them on the unit. My friends either used GSAK without the macro or loaded the file directly onto the unit without GSAK.
  7. Was caching at the MWGB this weekend with my 400t with the 2.6 software along with some friends that have a 300 with the 2.6 software. Trying to open the description page for four of caches caused our units to crash. We could use the units to find the cache and were able to log the cache as found. All the caches were by the same hider, who uses lots of graphics on his pages. I am assuming that it is related to the graphics, but am not really sure. The weird thing is we found a good number of other caches by the same hider, and no problems with those pages. The problem caches were: Tigger's Quest The Dalmation Cache Life Cover Series Cache #3 Mr. Incredible's Rock Garden Party
  8. On the list from last week, two that I posted are still on there. They are "Cloud Stones" and "Astronomy by Day (and Other Oxymorons)". I had so much fun with this last week! Sadly since I have more than 10, I guess that I am done. Wasn't sure how many of mine would get posted (it turned out that they all did), so I did a lot of them. I will have to visit the ones that others have posted.
  9. My recipient never posted that they received anything. This is the first mission I have participated in, so I am not sure what the right thing to do is. Should I contact them? Or send another package? I don't know if it got lost in the mail or not. I don't want them to not get a package!
  10. There was a geocache at the memorial Heros of Flight 93 It was recently archieved and is listed on another service. As far as I know, the physical cache is still there. I don't know if anyone plans to adopt it or relist a cache there on gc.
  11. I got my package yesterday. Thank you so much to SeventhSon!!!! I will post a picture of everything tomorrow I got: Three Gear Coins (Chrome, Copper, and Black Nickel) Four Five year poker chips A wooden nickel and a faces poker chip (which is very cool) Thank you again so much!!!!!! I haven't sent my mission yet, as I am waiting for a coin that I need to get here. Should be soon though!
  12. Is it this one? LizardToadz Coin
  13. I think between Lindsy and I we sent emails to almost everyone. I hope to collect a full set. Still need to talk to a few people. Team Maddog-MADPUP Team Maddog-TMADOG ATMouse-HC (0001 - 0025) ATMouse-BBTC (01 - 25) or ATMouse-bbrn (01 - 25) We arranged a trade with the owner of one of these, but I'm not sure which number goes with that person Butterfly Girlz-Girlz Would love to trade for the rest of the coins!
  14. I'll pick you!! I would love to know what the secret ducky is.. and how to get one!
  15. I just came to post that you and I were going to work together Lindsy, but you beat me to it! Hopefully that makes shipping a little easier for everyone
  16. I ordered ducks too. Mine just shipped today, so I should get them soon. I am happy to trade! I am hoping to get a full set.
  17. That would be quite a feat as the living room is on the same floor as the bedroom. This is some scary stuff if it gets liquified!! Thanks to everyone for the congrats. I am so happy to have a Yime coin, and the fact that it a special Yime coin makes it even cooler. Here are some pictures. I tried to capture the unique color on the back (but I am not all that great at taking geocoin pictures yet). The glowing picture is a bit fuzzy too.
  18. Wow Lindsy!! That was quick!! Want to come over and finish mine?
  19. My car may have been one that was parked there when you went by today Yime. And I am so thrilled to say that I am now the proud owner of a Yime coin!!!! Mine was the only car there when we headed down the path and I never saw anyone else. Only one there when we left too. Managed to find it on the first attempt. I won't say anything about the puzzle except WOW. Loved the puzzle (once we got it solved). The hike was great too. I am the fourth person to find the cache, but the person who hasn't logged online already had a Yime. Thanks for a good challenge today. And I love the coin!! Hmm.. after reading your post about how it was a mix up, maybe I should seal it up and not touch it again though?
  20. Wow! I saw this published right before I left for the MWGB, but I assumed that some coin loving person had found it already. I was saving the cache for when the hubby wanted to go caching since I think he may be a help in solving the puzzle. For the chance at a Golden Yime though, I will be trying this one very soon.
  21. I am happy to hear that more of these coins will be minted. I was busy at work when the original run came out and I completely missed the sale. Thanks for considering doing a different metal (and having the presales). I love coins with glow in the dark too! Hope that you can get back to your real job soon FSM!
  22. 1. Participating - email sent 7/12/07 2. Received Name-7/14/07 Research Started! 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received! To who ever gets my name.. I am working on a coin list, but I really will be happy with anything.
  23. Got my Black Nickel in the mail today. The top and bottom line up nicely and the coin is so cute. It looks very nice with my black ThinkPad.
  24. 1. Participating - email sent 7/12/07 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received! This is my first mission. I think it will be fun. I have some wooden nickels and am working on some new sig items now.
  25. I have yet to get to see any of the mystery coins. Hoping to maybe see one at the MWGB!!!
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