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  1. 1982-2004 US Army.. 63Z Maintenance.. Retired MSG. Met alot of great people in the service and wonderful people where ever I have been stationed at. Seeing the world sure opens your eyes to what else is out there but there is no place like home.
  2. We have two of them and have used them for little over a year. Like the small size but difficult to read in bright sunlight. Easy to travel with and can use it for some work related information on the road. Over all it has performed well for what it was purchased for.
  3. We made our request for the new Jeep TB yesterday. Last year we were able to get one and put it out. Didn't stay out that long. Some bone head in the OKC area has an issue with the Jeep TBs and they steal them from caches and keep them. Not too bright of a thief since they take them to other states and let other cachers discover them at events. I just don't get people like that..
  4. We have two main cache mobiles, 1999 Jeep Wrangler and 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD 4x4. Just never know when the shortest way to a cache is cross country...
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