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  1. Upvoted. I would also use this 100% of the time (I am sure the browse map used to leave the finds in the correct coordinates location until recently, but perhaps not!)
  2. Hmmmmm.. I could have sworn that the map never used to move finds back to the published location when there's a corrected coords on it until recently. On the browse map anyway (not the new frangled one) Ah well....
  3. I am not sure if this is a side-effect from this release, but I am sure that found caches with corrected coordinates used to show where the corrected coordinates are. At the moment they are showing at the PUBLISHED coordinates instead. Is it me or have this behaviour changed on the maps?
  4. I'm guessing the same would probably apply for dropbox as that had a weird address too. But now I know how to get google to work, I'll stick with google! Thanks ever so much for your help, It's going to make my cache page look more snazzy!!
  5. Ahhh brilliant thanks @Hügh I had been trying to use the googleusercontent.com link - Changed it to the drive link and it's let me in! Yay! Many many thanks! (just in case you were wondering!)
  6. Im trying to add a gif image to my cache listing, I know if I upload it using the image uploader on the cache page, it strips out the animation which is helpful. But then I remembered that the release notes for when 3rd party image hosts got blocked said that there are some approved domains, namely google and dropbox. So I have uploaded to Google Drive AND Dropbox, but yet the cache page still tells me Remove all images hosted on a third-party website to save changes. Tip: Upload images directly to the cache page with the user-friendly editor. So what gives???? This is the KB for approved external image hosts: https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=97&pgid=956
  7. Hi, I use the OS NPE maps quite regularly, but for some reason the maps won't load anymore? I'm using this code: {"alt":"OS NPE","tileUrl":"http://ooc.openstreetmap.org/npe/{z}/{x}/{y}.png", "minZoom":6, "maxZoom": 15, "attribution": "OpenStreetMap NPE" } but it just comes back with grey tiles - Does anyone know why?
  8. Is there a way that I can add an overlay of a Ordnance Survey 1921-1947 with GME? I know we can add a overlay in the advanced settings, but I'm not sure what settings to use. I currently use the Ordnance Survey 1921-1947 Maps on an iphone app called OutSide, so would be super if I can bring it into geocaching as well!
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