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  1. Thanks for finding that. I'm seriously tempted to give this a go. I'll have to check the tree is far enough away from the other caches nearby, otherwise it would have to be a puzzle cache - maybe with a 12 days of Christmas theme.
  2. I have an idea for a cache, but it's a bit unusual so I would like to run it past some cachers. There is a patch of ancient woodland near me with a series of caches in it. The woods is mostly made up of oaks and other English trees, but while looking for caches I came across a perfect 10ft Christmas tree, which I suspect someone planted after the festive season one year. I am thinking of hanging a pine cone cache on here, which would be just fine, but I am also thinking of going one further. How about if I get the cache published around the first of December and also hang a single Christmas bauble on the tree. On the cache description I could ask everyone who comes hunting the cache in the month of December to bring along a Christmas decoration, which they will know what to do with when they get there. In theory the tree will get more and more festive as Christmas approaches, and muggles who use the woods may even join in, presuming it does not get trashed. It should at least raise a smile for people who come across it. I'd have to remove all the decorations and clean up after Christmas has passed, but it could be a fun little prank that could capture the imagination of the neighbourhood. I'd appreciate feedback.
  3. I have tried and failed to upload pocket queries to my iPhone. I have run a PQ, signed in on the app and clicked the saved button, but I just get a blank screen. Am I missing something? Edited to add: forget this. After reindtalling my app I can see them just fine!
  4. Premium caches no lomger show up on searches through the iPhone ap. They can, however, be found if I look them up online and enter the code. This is awkward for me, as there are loads of premium caches in my neighbourhood.
  5. We got our Garmin Etrex 30 through the post this morning. It seemed to work OK so we plugged it in the computer and downloaded a 500 cache pocket query. That worked fine, but after transferring a software update and a birdseye map the thing won't turn on. A Garmin title screen comes up fir a couple of seconds followed by a blank screen. Holding the power button down keeps the title screen on until I let go, but then it fades to black again. It does not even get recognized by the computer any more. Any ideas?
  6. I had the same problem today. First time I have not been able to send logs from my iPhone
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