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  1. How do you attach a carabiner they don't have the setup for it on the back. I wouldn't get the t either. I much prefer the routable 24k. will be picking up a 650 when I return from vacation.

    Here's a pic of my carabiner attached. Just used a short piece of nylon strap through the lanyard slot.


    DSC08481 (Custom) by skagitstan, on Flickr

  2. I have a Montana 600, which goes on my Ural in motorcycle profile, and on a carabiner on my belt when hiking. Didn't get a 650(or T). I figure mounted on the bike, taking pics is a problem with any device. I'd guess ATV would be similar. When hiking, I'd rather a higher res camera, and in either mode, I'd prefer 24K topos to the 100K on the T.


    But the Montana is great! A few firmware issues yet to be worked out, but overall, it's head and shoulders above the Oregon 300 it replaces. Best GPS I've had. :)

  3. Oh yes, any ideas for adding a carabiner attachment?


    I'm a noob here, mainly hunting for good tips/reviews, thoughts, etc for my week old Montana 600. I'm mainly using it on my motorcycle and for hiking. So far, I haven't done much geocaching.

    In any case, I just saw this question, and thought I'd respond.


    One of the first things I did was attach the carabiner from my old Oregon to my new toy, using an old nylon strap. It works just fine, doesn't swing much more than the Oregon did. I've already been on a few hikes with it, and excess swinging hasn't been a problem at all. Here's a pic:


    DSC08481 (Custom) by skagitstan, on Flickr

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