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  1. Are you sure it's truncating them? The nuvis will only show the 50 closest Favorites/POIs (or whatever) to your current position, but the rest should be searchable by name. Yes, I tried to search by name before but just tried again. Only the first 50 caches listed alphabetically are there. My closest to home is Size Doesn't Matter. It's not there. I also checked the file through the computer after download and its not there.
  2. I have a nuvi 350. I am using Easy GPS which downloads 500 caches to my GPSmap 60Cx no problem but truncates at 50 caches in my nuvi--same file. cant figure out why? This means I can only find caches from A to D. Would like to try GSAK but it crashed my computer when I downloaded it and had to uninstall--afraid to try again.Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  3. Add us to the list of people who have posted and received no response.
  4. Still not being addressed. Most annoying.
  5. Me too. As of October 11,2007 12.24 EDT Logs dated for October 10th are still showing up on my profile as found "Today" I don't think there is that much time difference between Hamilton, ON and Seattle, WA
  6. Thanks. For about two weeks all I was getting was a little x where the map was supposed to be but it seems to be working now.
  7. Is it just me or are other people having trouble with the maps uploading to the cache page? Thanks
  8. HAHAHAHA Good luck - no really I am sure it can be done... not by me! but I am sure someone could do it! We took 8 days. There was five in our group. It was the perfect amount of time to enjoy it.
  9. Crap shoot in the dark. Steve Podborski?
  10. Please correct your ad regarding the placement of caches. They must be placed with the permission of the property owner and usually the property owner (even public parks have a property owner called the taxpayer) has specific rules for cache placements. Where no such rules are in place caches still need to be placed with respect for their environment and where they will not cause or encourage damage. Geocaching is a wonderful sport but poor cache placement and misinformation like this reflects badly on our sport. Kathleen Girls Phind Squirrels. Sent tonight. Love this game. Don't want anything to reflect badly on us.
  11. We did a few this summer. We didn't worry about translation- and still managed to find everyone we looked for--although you could copy the text from the cache page into one of the online translation tools. They're not great but will give you an idea
  12. Drats! I had already convinced my SO that we needed a new GPS because ours has been erratic for the last two weeks.
  13. Santa threw out all the bags for the TBs in the kids stocking. The folks a Geocaching.com fixed it up great sending me the info I needed.
  14. Insist on treatment if you have been in an area where the disease is prevalent. Don't take no for an answer.
  15. we were in NH and NY in August camping and caching. Three of the team came down with it.
  16. Ditto: We went on a three week caching vacation. I logged in every day but wouldn't have been anywhere near my caches if I had any!
  17. I am not sure how to apply a name, if it can be done, to the over-protective extremist parents, but don't think soccer-mom (or dad) is it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Soccer mom I was a single father with custody of three boys for eleven years and did my share of the soccer-dad thing, active in my church youth groups and a Boy Scout leader for ten of those years. The person you describe as a soccer-mom was, in my experience, rare. Acknowledged, times have changed a bit since then, but not that much outside of the media. In my daily affairs, except for airports, I can't see that much if any recent change affects me or my neighbors. I posted earlier in this thread that I have been accosted by moms and police at playgrounds, but a basic "what are you up to?" truthfully answered resolved all fears. After reading this thread my opinion hasn't changed. I wouldn't walk into a playground where kids were present alone, but might with a group. As has been mentioned by others in this thread, perhaps going when kids aren't around, being open and not evasive, going when its raining or at night might resolve a lot of these confrontation fears. Ed I think that the new term here is "helicopter parent" Non-sexist and describes many of my children's friend parents to a "T".
  18. Many, many geocachers use the little yellow Garmin Etrex. thats what i have. i got it from W*L*A*T for $100. i should have waited a week, it was on sale for $90. If it was in the last 90 days take your receipt in and they will credit back. We do this constantly with everything we buy there. In fact all receipts stay in our wallet for 90 days and we check every time we go to the store.
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