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  1. We are caching on vacation. After our battery died our caches will no longer display. We know they are there but it tells us they are not. HELP.
  2. We are caching on vacation. After our battery died our caches will no longer display. We know they are there but it tells us they are not. HELP.
  3. Has anyone noticed that when you use this feature and then create a pocket query the filters for cache type and terrain do not seem to work.
  4. Still happening here twelve hours ago. I can't give you my technical details cause I don't know them but it didn't used to happern. Real pain when you have 40 logs to do. I posted here about a month ago and never got a single reply.
  5. Don't under estimate what they are capable of. We started just after my youngest turned 3. We did them all. The long, the short the terrain 3. We avoided the micros. She is seven now. Has great trail sense. Sometimes we need to use our track log to get out of the bush but she can just direct us out based on what she saw on the way in. We never carried her. The only challenge was once when she need to defecate in the woods. That caused weeks of post traumatic stress. I would recommend preparing the kids mentally for this because you are not hiking a mile out if they need to "go". Last night we hiked over 5 miles. Not a word of complaint from her.
  6. Can anyone tell me why the page refreshes after I select my log type and before I type my log. I have never noticed this before and it is quite annoying.
  7. Probably one of my all time favourite caches. I found it because I am an English major not because I am a geocacher. Are you kidding? Just the fact you took less than a millisecond to find an almost impossible, invisible, ammo can under a bridge last summer tells me your stats are pretty close to true.
  8. I tend to do numbers runs in the winter because I don't like the cold. In the summer I prefer less quantity and more quality although my stats might indicate otherwise.
  9. Revelstoke is a great choice. And do the ape cache. Worth it even without the special icon.
  10. Valen's Conservation Area. About 30K out of town. Has hook ups. Nice park.
  11. And I don't know this but just maybe the CO is serving a six month tour of duty in our Armed services and can't comply. A reasonable time will never ever under any circumstance be quicker than time and life allow. Real life in all it's forms trumps the living snot out of a cache. Your quote is the guidlines but it's not reality. Never will be. Active and interested is where I'm at on the subject. In the case of the archived virtuals which triggered this thread, the CO's had not been "signed on" to the gc.com website for 3 months. I understand your comment about life and reality, but 3 months is a fairly reasonable amount of time. Particularly considering the CO was given a month's notice, via email, that they needed to do something.
  12. Somewhere there is a GO TO function. (It might be called something a little different--I don't know your unit. You hit it and it points you there all you do is follow the arrow and it tells you how much closer you are getting. We found our first 300 caches the way you are doing it. It's a lot easier this way. LOL! Second piece of advice. GO TO an event and get someone who has a unit like yours show you how. You'll have fun and learn lots of tips.
  13. Definitely a big problem. New cache published yesterday less than a K from my home. Three people have found it but I haven't received the notification yet.
  14. Can you tell me how. It's not in the quick start guide and I can't figure it out. Don't know where my manual is.
  15. For needle trees I often find them by lying on the ground under neath and looking up. It's amazing what a change in perspictive reveals.
  16. A Geocacher is someone with one more find than me. A newbie is someone with one less find than me. Me....I am a cacher. This has been the running joke in our house since we started.
  17. This happens sometimes. I would not let my children create accounts at first because I wanted to get a feel for the community in our area. After attending an event I allowed my daughter to create an account and log the event even though she didn't sign the log book or register a "will attend". We did send an email to the event owner explaining this first though. You shouldn't feel too bad though since there is some guy out there racking up a thousand finds without signing a single log book that has been checked. Don't know about some people.
  18. I'm with you. My husband is highly sensitive. we take precautions and have lots of abortive agents on hand at all times. We ran into a particularly vicious hornets nest at one cache. My husband had several stings. He was ok after lots of drugs. The hornets pursued us the full quarter mile back to the car. The cache owner attended the cache within 12 hours of reading our log and pumped a full can of spray into the nest. That's responsible cache maintenance. Not sure how serious that is, but just in case... The answer is: Neither. That would be rated on the "Stupid" and "Dangerous" scales. I'd call it about an S4 D4. S4 - Hide is placed deliberately in a high-risk area. D4 - High likelihood of injury with injuries that may be life threatening to some individuals. As a person allergic to stings, geocaching is always a bit dangerous, but I can take preventive actions. If a cache were deliberately placed somewhere like that and didn't say so in the description (so I could avoid it), I'd be furious. In any case, I'd hit "Needs archiving" on such a cache, regardless of what it says in the description, if for no other reason than to force the owner to explain why such a dangerous hide is worthy of being listed.
  19. Just a query. Is the terrain rating for before or after I get out of the car? Anything where I have to drive the 401 is a 5/5
  20. The number of used condoms we find when caching has prompted lots of family-friendly type discussion surrounding safe-sex, morality, and respect for yourself among our four daughters aged 6 to 15. Of course, you have to be prepared to have these discussions. We have always taken the position that if they are old enough to ask the question they get the answer---from us not others. That is our family philosophy and I must say it has prompted some very insightful conversations and offered us many "teachable moments". But it's not easy.
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