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  1. Looks like something I have to do right after Danny takes me geocaching in Central Park at night.
  2. Well, as the owner of the archived cache, may I make a point? Last winter, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So I decided to archive all my caches, thinking I wouldn't be able to support them. As it turns out, there's no reason why I should have archived the virtual and locationless, as they don't get many hits. I've been checking when people log the virtual or locationless caches. I've just been too lazy/busy/sick to unarchive them. So, I've sent email to GC asking them to please unarchive all of my locationless and virtual caches. This is especially a good idea, since I plan on starting to hide traditionals again. Marty
  3. ironchef 0wnz me. Half of my dnfs are on his caches and all of his caches but one that I've found required return trips. And the one that I found on the first try is one that he says was deliberately made easy to find. Of course, if you hang out on #geocache, you might have seen the URL I posted to the photo I took, showing an ironchef cache, on the day I logged a DNF for that very cache. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  4. There are no famous people in my family. On the other hand: Vinny was my grand dad's brother and my other grandad's brother California Joe got around to founding the town of Fouts Springs in California. Oh, and somewhere along the line, my Nez Perce relatives made the mistake of giving aid and shelter to some dumb white guys who were looking for a northwest passage, but you've probably never heard of thos white guys. Unlike nearly ever other irishman, I am not related to brian baru. My granddad was a moonshiner during prohibition and the great depression. And I was responsible for five of the first six things on thislist. So, as I say, nobody famous in my family. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  5. quote:Originally posted by ~erik~:I refered the cache submitter to the guidelines, which ask that something of this sort be combined as a multicache. ~erik <disclaimer> I disassociate myself from the uncalled-for personal attack on Erik. </disclaimer> That said, and with all due respect, I don't believe that the guidelines call for poly-caches to be combined as multi-caches. Nor do I see any reason why they should, provided: * each cache in the poly-cache (except the final) can be done as a standalone cache and *as such* meets the guidelines * the final cache is clearly labeled as a puzzle cache and explains that you need to solve all of the other caches in the poly-cache before approaching it. There are plenty of poly-caches in existance that satisfy that requirement. I believe that some of them were even approved by Erik, although he might not have known that they were poly-caches. I will say that some of the best caches I've solved have been poly-caches and that two of the difficult caches still on my DNF list are both the last stages of poly-caches. It would be a sad blow to the hobby if poly-caches were suddenly to become unacceptable. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  6. Some time ago, in #geocache, I put forth the idea that I called "polycache" -- a series of separate caches linked by a theme leading to an ultimate final cache. IIRC, the idea was well received by the people there, although I have not gotten around to building a polycache. I will note that it's not an unusual idea. There are several other polycaches in existance, and they've been around nearly as long as the sport -- all I did was try to contribute a name for them. I think polycaches are a great idea and a great logical extention. <disclaimer> I'm making general comments. I don't know anything about the issues around the question that strated this. </disclaimer> That said, if there is no reason to reject any of the caches on their individual merit, then the entire themed-cache set should be accepted as a series of caches. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  7. No one should care if a cache has a religous them or not. It's very simple, and I have no idea why so many people have trouble getting it: It's jusst a hobby people Do the caches you like, ignore the others. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  8. We were just chatting on #geocache, and the question of searching the forums versus putting a question out and having "some smartass" do your research for you came up. So, I ask, which smartass does your research? Marty Fouts ae6ip
  9. quote:Originally posted by Morty's Twisted World:...The admins are tearing me apart with my creative caches. Well mainly Admin Mtn-Man is. Morty, my man, let me give you one word: plastique. er wait, I mean: chill. Mtn-Man's one of the gud guys, m'kay? quote:So does anyone have a detailed set of rules? No. 'detailed set of rules' is fer bureacrats, not hobbies. Well, except chess, but chess isn't really a hobby, it's sort of a slow death wish. Now where was I? quote: I read the rules on the cache creation page, but those are extremely vague. Yeah. I hear the 10 commandments have that problem to. Still, they more or less work for those who more or less try to make them work. Work with me here, Morty. quote:I tried to hide a I micro that doesn't have a log book, ... My cache was archived by Mtn-Man this morning, stating that I can't hide a cache without a log book. What's the deal?!? The rules changed. Doncha just hate it when that happens? quote:Anyone help clarify things for me? Sure. As the hobby grows, things that worked when it was small aren't such a good idea any more. When that gets noticed, the rules change. Not everbody gets the memo, but life's like that. quote: And why are the rules so stinken strict? strict? strict would be if you could only use 50-mm ammo cans bought specifically from cheaper-than-dirt and painted cammo brown; and you had to have a form signed in triplicate by the land steward approving your cache. You want strict? You couldn't handle strict. quote: This sport is suppose to be about having fun. Is it not? Of course it is. So's CalvinBall. Know how we tell we're geocaching and not playing CalvinBall? That's right, Billy, we play by the geocaching rules. Seriously, the situation's fluid. Follow the forums for discussions on the changing scene. And, by all means, come to the geocache IRC channel and meet the meat. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  10. If you're not careful, it will follow you home. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  11. Hi Marky, I've got some bad news. I've audited the logs on my caches and it looks like I have to delete 3 of your finds. But really: Congratulations on an amazing feat. and to all: Happy New Years and may all your caching wishes come true. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  12. quote:Originally posted by Marky:I tried a few attempts at decoding it in 5 bit and 7 bit but with no results. I might have "REFRACTORY" converted wrong for the five bit code. --Marky Marty Fouts ae6ip
  13. quote:Originally posted by The Rat: Hexadecimal ciphers in general only began to appear when computer cryptology did, and there is no chance this group could break a true computer-based encryption scheme unless we have someone here with pretty sophisticated tools. So I suspect that it is just a variant on a common paper-and-pencil cipher. I don't know of any that use sixteen symbols, though. I pulled this out of your excellent analysis because it's the only point I feel I can comment on just now: It doesn't have to be sixteen symbol code. There's no reason why hex digit pairs can't represent bytes, giving us a 256 element code. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  14. I'm getting confused trying to keep track of the various postings in this thread that have to do with Venona, so I've set up my Ranom Venona Extracts page with what I think are the most relevant extracts from the discussion. Oh, and while I was at it, I put up a copy of my C program that helped me decide it's probably not an "ordinary" Henrietta-16 code. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  15. I should have read the NSA papers on VENONA before I tried simple decryption. If Venona isn't having us on, and is actually using the VENONA cypher for the message, then it's a one-time pad, and there are only two ways to break a one-time pad cypher: 1) the way VENONA was broken, slowly, over time, and as a result of a mistake in the way the pad's constructed. 2) by finding a copy of the bad. Too bad fizzy's in the Carib, 'cuz I'd love to know more about that book and what he found in it besides refractory Marty Fouts ae6ip
  16. quote:Originally posted by Marty Fouts:it should be pretty easy to write a decoding program. i'll do that now. Marty Fouts ae6ip not a simple henrietta-16 code Marty Fouts ae6ip
  17. it should be pretty easy to write a decoding program. i'll do that now. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  18. quote:Originally posted by SuperGenius:What is ea6ip? Pepper Horizontals where it's at! dunno. ae6ip is my amateur radio (ham) call sign Marty Fouts ae6ip
  19. quote:Originally posted by SuperGenius:sure why not. It’s a darn shame our children are clueless what real rock and roll is all about. Pepper Horizontals where it's at! I raised my kid to know from rock and roll Marty Fouts ae6ip
  20. quote:Originally posted by georgeandmary:Marty, I was just looking at the state map zoomed into your area and I can't believe how many caches there are around you. I think you can thank Marky and Joani's Take a Cache, Place a Cache cache for some of this. I think a weekend trip is in order. Mary It's all your fault, you know. If I hadn't found some of you and George's micros on my first central valley cache-a-thon, i'd have never started hiding micros, and Marky would never have thought to ask me where i get 35mm cans. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  21. quote:Originally posted by georgeandmary: Of seen a few really powerful small round magnets on containers that really impressed me. They looked like small round batteries instead of the black ceramic looking ones that I use. sounds like rare earth magnets to me. expensive but very powerful. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  22. parking available pay to enter Marty Fouts ae6ip
  23. Twice as many caches have been placed within 100 miles of me in the last six weeks as there are in the entire state of Montana. And Montana is 80% of the size of CA. Of course, the total population of the state is about that of the city of San Francisco. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  24. I can get into the lab, but I haven't since '87 quote:Originally posted by fizzymagic:This Venona thing is getting kind of interesting. I got an email from Lamneth today to go check a book in the Lab library. So I went, and found the book, but nothing inside it. Then he tells me a building number given to him by Venona, which is NOT the main library, so I went there and found another copy of the book, and inside was a note to Lamneth! Weird. There are more details, but I'll save those for later if Lamneth lets me tell them. How would this guy put something into a book at the Lab? It's not exactly the easiest place in the world to get into, you know. So I conclude that "Venona" works at the Lab. How many cachers (aside from me) do we know that fit that description? I'm starting to get curious about this guy. Marty Fouts ae6ip
  25. I was going to get the Petzl that everyone likes but the sales clerk said she was really happy with her black diamond ION, which is lighter but has the same amount of light. Since the black diamond was $5 cheaper, and REI has a 100% satisfaction guarentee, I bought it. I didn't really use it much last night, but I do like it. quote:Originally posted by georgeandmary: quote:Originally posted by Marty Fouts:So I stop by REI to buy a headband flashlight Marty Fouts ae6ip Which one did you get? george http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/39570_500.jpg Pedal until your legs cramp up and then pedal some more. Marty Fouts ae6ip
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