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  1. guys, thanks for some awesome replies. There's a lot to ponder over but one thing for sure is I've learned paperless is the way I want to go. My gecko has been good over the years but it looks like any new unit would be a big step forward. Even the basic maps will be better than the gecko *no* maps. Rob.
  2. couple more questions. I take it modern gps's come with basic maps but can be upgraded on a micro card to proper OS maps? If you go to a way point, do they still go as the crow flys or will the gps follow paths using the maps. This might seem a daft question to some but I'm used to a very basic gps which guides you using just an arrow and distance indication and points in a direct line to the way point.
  3. something that annoys me on my geko is when I down load a gc code I then can only rename it with 6 characters which can get confusing. Is this sill the case with newer garmins?
  4. I'm currently using a garmin geko which is a few years old now and itching for a new one. It's a mine field out there so need your help. Obviously it needs to be good for geocaching, I would also like it to be mountable on my mountain bike handle bars. I have the memory map software (os maps on cd) so maybe being able to use my new gps with it would be good? I guess gps's have changed a lot since my geko was new but to be fair it works fine still. Takes an age to lock on though and does struggle under trees. It will would be a chrimbo prezzy to my self so why not Or perhaps they haven't advanced all that much? So, what would be a good choice? Any good deals out there atm? I was thinking spending around £250 but don't have to go up to that. Do newer gps's gave built in maps or are they extra? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Rob.
  5. thanks for the reply. Indeed I am on g mail. I will go check it out my spam folder. Rob.
  6. Could someone please point me in the right direction to getting my notification e mails back for finds on my own caches. I get the e mail when a cache in my watchlist is found and used to get them for my own but its stopped working. If i click on my cache to add to watch list it just says you already watch this being the owner. Any advice please? Thanks in advance, Rob
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