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  1. Seriously slow tonight. Trying to log 10 cache visits today - 7 of my own for maintenance and 3 finds Taking longer to do the logs than it did to visit the caches.
  2. I think it'll be fine, as long as you make every one aware by putting a note on the cache page. Assuming you get permission.
  3. I think we've come a long way from the OP in only 2 weeks, not bad considering how long it took Stateside to get it up and running. I don't think we're far off now. If it takes another couple of weeks to iron out the creases we'll be doing quite well. There's also the small issue of GC permission for the use of an outside website. (Which is being addressed). edit for typo
  4. I think it's a great idea. Hand in hand with caching, I've found trig pointing can take you to some great locations. While some are in the middle of fields, others are drive bys, others are a good walk into the hills, or in some other interesting location etc... Without these landmarks and without Geocaching, I wouldn't have visited so many different places and the great thing is, sometimes, you don't know what the location is going to be like until you get there. Having just found out about GC45CC, I now find myself back tracking my trig logs and caching trip records to see which ones I've been to can qualify for a log entry. I hear what others have said about stats etc... but that's not the point. The point is (for me, anyway) the fun and enjoyment of the search and the location.
  5. I would assume that if your name isn't in the drop down list, your email was successfully registered.
  6. Ah!! thats solved a problem that Id tried to solve, got bored and forgotten about long ago when I first tried using caches along a route! Just tried a Route on MM as opposed to Track and worked first time! THANKS! Even if you create a track in MM, convert it (right click on it, convert to route) to a route (it must be a route with waypoints - a MM track doesn't have waypoints) before saving as a gpx file. Max way points is 500 and max length 500 miles.
  7. Exactly. I'm sure the final way forward will come out of all this and we'll all enjoy doing some or all of the series. Life is varied, so is Geocaching and from reading the posts on this thread, we are too. We have virtually the whole of England covered, the other countries need more input. I, for one, will respect whatever OldGimmer decides is the way he wants this to run.
  8. I would say so, otherwise a lot of cachers wouldn't be able to do the series.
  9. I too had a thought or two on the subject of prizes. I know not everyone is into coins, but it might be nice if we could get a set of coins minted for finders of the final cache and/or the country level ones? FTF coins could be in gold say, and others in some sort of silver. Dunno how we'd fund it though... B. Well, if someone who knows about such things produced, say 500 'ordinary' ones for sale, that could finance the 12 odd super smart ones as FTF prizes I am a sucker for shiny geocoins (my IOM ones arrived yesterday, very nice they are too) An obvious ? choice and something I was thinking about. I'd be willing to finance it to get design and production etc... going. Design probably based on whatever the logo ends up being. I would think a one off for the Quest Final FTF and some gold ones for sale. Silver for region FTFs and some for sale And bronze for general sale - maybe the Sponsors would by one each ?? for FTF prizes in the counties. Money to fund the Gold and Silver would come out of the profits from all sales. If the expected sales would produce enough profit, then the bronze FTFs could also be funded. I wouldn't want to make any personal profit, just happy to help out. Thoughts ?
  10. I doubt the final cache will be placed at the same time as the rest of the caches. The final location and its contents will i'm sure be cause for debate, and possibly even become a legend, who knows. I like the idea of everyone clubbing together for the FTF contents, and I have one or two possible ideas for FTF prizes, but i'm saying nowt for now No, true, it doesn't need to be placed until virtually the last minute. But it's co-ordinates need to be determined from the outset. I too, have an idea or two for the FTF prize.
  11. All good stuff and it's moving forward nicely. I think the final version of the guidlines isn't far away. 1 Trad only I think, now, this maybe the way forward. Anything else (except a short, well defined, offset), will make an already difficult quest, even more difficult, time consuming etc... However, caching is caching and to add more interest is to add more pleasure? Hence my earlier suggestion for a simple, single stage, multi. The offset, if used, could be a simple, find some numbers and substitute them into a 53 xy.abc type calculation, therefore avoiding the chance of time consuming error, while allowing the setter to bring the finders to an interesting location. Trying to apply some form of time limit/estimate, is almost impossible. One cacher may take 30 secs to find something someone else takes 30 mins to find. We all have good and bad days , so even a straight forward large trad could still take more than the estimated time 5 Rating Definately, where possible/practicable, include a HandiCaching rating. 10 Maintenance For the Quest to survive long term, this is most important. I'm not sure Groundspeak would go for the "Enforced" adoption (except under the normal adoption rules). But, if all "sponsors" agree to this series having it's own rule in this case (maybe the normal addoption process, but with shorten time periods) re-instatement of a muggled or damaged cache could occur more quickly. A bit controversial, perhaps, but, I see no reason why something couldn't be worked out. Otherwise, if one cache falls by the wayside and, eventually, gets archived through lack of maintenance the series could stall for a long while in that area, while a new sponsor is found and a new cache placed. Having said that, I'm sure those involved would be sensible enough to offer theirs up for adoption if there was a problem. I would be too embarassed to end up with a forced adoption happening to mine. 11, 12, 13 Location, location, location Quality is more important. The box itself, it's locaion and it's maintenance. So an interesting location is more important than being truly central in the area. As mentioned before, ease of maintanance and access is important to be able to maintain the quality. I like the use of the word sponsor for the cache setters. (In case you haven't noticed ). Which brings the subject of the final up. How do we determine what's in it? The FTF prize will be one of the drivers for the Quest. Maybe not as much as the sense of achievement of getting there, at any time, but more so for the FTF. If each sponsor sponsored the final in some small way, the FTF prize could be quite something. Seeing as it's likely to be a while before it gets found, may I suggest that it's contents are kept to a minimum until it's clear that it's not far off being found, just in case it gets muggled or otherwise damaged in some way. Sorry for the lenght of this, I seem to have do some thinking out loud If I'm talking cobblers, tell me
  12. If that is possible I would like that to happen, that way people like myself who like their stats to be correct wouldn't need to log their own caches. I'd agree with the default "found" on the BIG Quest website, again, to keep stats straight.
  13. There would be no need to 'log' your own cache.... You'd know the 'code number' or whatever information it contained anyway. Wouldn't it, perhaps, be an exception to the norm for this series to log your own cache just for "completeness".
  14. We log our own county/regional/national caches as a "Perk of the job". Otherwise this will exclude a lot of cachers from completing the series. The "chosen" cachers for the regional/national caches and the final BIG Quest cache could be chosen by nomination (balot/vote - whatever) by those in the group below. i.e. county cachers choose the regional cache placers, regional cache placers, choose the national cache placer, national cache placers choose the final placer (unless HH is happy with placing it on the I.O.M. ?? as previously suggested ??). Choosing the cachers for each group could also be done by pulling volunteers names from a hat ??
  15. Now, just to clarify the structure/sequence to the BIG Quest final ? ('cause I get confused easily !!) All counties, to get the regional, all regionals to get the country, all counties to get the BIG Quest Final ?
  16. I agree, the bigger the number or the more complex the handling of those numbers the more chance of error creeping in. Your multi-section system would be better. As far as Trad vs multi, obviously trad would be the most straight forward and less likely to create risk of error. I just had an idea for bringing in the boroughs in my county to make the county one a bit more interesting, but, run a simple single stage multi (no clacs, no micro etc...), as well as the borough multi. At the end of the day, it all needs to be straight forward. Trad is the way to go. I'll just have to set another multi separately
  17. If the location of any of the finals, Country or UK Quest, had to change, one or more of the stages would need to have its info changed.
  18. A great idea, UK Caching : For Cachers, By Cachers. All the good stuff we learn along the way from that very first find. Don't forget the bit about how to DNF What to do when your PDA decides to do a hard reset in the middle of nowhere, why are micros so much fun, how to grab that urban cache you can see, but not grab without 30,000 muggles seeing you lunge for it ........ etc... etc... Seriously though, there must be loads of good tips and tricks that would help and interest newbies and experienced cachers alike. I'm sure there's a host of good experiences that could be pooled in such a book. Even though some of it would become dated - technology moves forward, caches get archived etc... etc... Just republish every couple of years
  19. That method assumes someone has the co-ords for the final(s) before any of the stages are placed, and that the summation has been pre-determined and all checked several times for accuracy. Yup, my brain hurts now
  20. All the caches will stand alone, so you can do which ever you like or can get to. I think it would be nice for each county cache to be in or near the county town, or other significant monument, or place of interest (permissions granted where needed). Website here.
  21. The map that's used for the site needs to be one that reflects the counties list we use. So that the numbers balance. If it's to be useable in a profile, then they definately need to be based on the same list, for accurate marking off purposes. Unless I'm being too pedantic ? The one on T:UK looks like the OS 1995 one. The Marnanel one seems to be the OS modern one, without the boroughs showing up, so may be better. As you say our resident cartographer has still to return. So I'll shut up now
  22. A sound system indeed. As far as the diasadvantages are concerned, 1 - while being more complicated, it'll be a worthwhile robust avoidance of the risk of short cut. 2 - would need an automatic database check that all fields have been correctly completed 3 - all good things come to those who ask Amazing how quickly something so simple as looking for tuperware boxes becomes so complicated.
  23. OS United Kingdom Administration Thanks for the link. The illustration appears to be just a wall map, using a large scale of 1cm =10Km with no obvious grid markings. Defining exactly where a boundary exists from it would be hard, almost as hard as deciding what we will finally define as a county. Also it shows the multitude of small administrative authorities etc for Manchester etc. Thanks anyway. I did have an OS counties only map, but can't find it. It was a download from the OS website. Memory Map has the boundaries, but it also shows the borough boundaries, so you'd need to know which county any given borough is in. Found it, but ........... it has all the unitary authorities. So not much help. Again, no grid markings. Ah well............
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