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  1. You would think that shared means that others can see your shared bookmarks if they look at your bookmarks page in your profile. But oh no - not that easy. edit to add - don't know the answer
  2. Help ......... Everytime I try to use the GPX Export or the HTML Notes Report in Cachemate on my PDA (iPAQ 5550) it only records a limited number of records. During a cache trip, the first time I use either, it records the correct number of cache logs. However, subsequent exports don't add any more to the list in either. I've tried leaving the "Max record count" blank and tried putting various other numbers in there - either the exact number I'm expecting it to record, or one or two more, just to give it a bit of leeway. I always give the file being saved a name that will make sense to me later. I save it to a folder on my SD card, not the PDA memory (had too many hard reset disasters in the past) and cachemate is installed on the SD card, for the same reason. The only way, at the moment, I can get it to record the correct number is to do a soft reset and then do an export and, because it's the first export since the soft reset, the exported file (GPX or HTML) has the correct number of records. I've tried a complete rebuild of the PDA (following one of the "unexpected" hard resets) and re-installed everything from scratch, incuding a clean out of the SD card, so that previous installs can't cause confusion. All my own applications (MemoryMap, TomTom, Cachmate, GPX Sonar, GPS Gate) are all installed to the SD card. Any ideas please ... ??
  3. Think you'll find you need to purchase a licence to get it working fully !!
  4. Flurry of email notifications just landed (2 days worth) - guess the hamster has just awoken
  5. In GSAK 1 - file, export, Tom Tom POI file 2 - use the top drop down box to set the file to create 3 - set whatever options you want 4 - click generate In the folder you specified in 2 above, there now should be two files with the name you specified - one an OV2 and the other a bmp file. Copy these to the Great Britain Map folder on your pda or Tom Tom sat nav using whatever connection method is used for the device you're using. Depending on how you've connected them to your pc, the pda or TT device should show up as an additional drive and using My Computer or Windows Explorer you should be able to navigate to the map file. They should then show up in Tom Tom all the time. Hope this helps.
  6. Welcome to the quirky world of PDAs .................
  7. What HH said. Thought sock puppet accounts were frowned upon ??
  8. North West Water is now United Utilities. Has been for a few years, but the old signs are still in place. Numbers on them will still work though.
  9. Surely, it doesn't take much to nip out and do some maintenance - even if it means putting a completely new one out as a replacement. Finding a new location if it's one that's been muggled could take a while, a couple of weeks or so, but not months. Nothing more frustrating than DNF'ing because it's fallen into disrepair or gone missing, only to find the owner knew about it, but didn't bother making a 2 second note on the cache page.
  10. I just use Adambros bookmark and sort it out with Memory Map and GSAK.
  11. Could be The Oldham Way series by Mongoose, which has grown considerably, but makes a great walk for a day. Was called Termially Lazy originally.
  12. I've had similar experience - lost 3 in the last couple weeks and another that's possibly gone, but I haven't had the chance to go and check. One can only be down to someone being seen replacing it, another must be a favourite haunt (3rd time it's gone - so my own fault for not changing the location after the first time) and another due to road works. Two of them are part of a series - so the series is broken and the final impossible until I replace them. It's a hazard of the game and we have to accept it happens from time to time. Although I felt miffed at finding the 3 muggled ones in the same maintenance trip, all the others were still there and in good condition, so the muggled ones will get replaced (but moved slightly).
  13. Correct, MM has no navigational functions other than the directional "Goto Mark" function. It has no idea where you are in terms of roads, paths etc... Who knows, one day, it'll be possible to buy a navigation system, at a reasonable price, that uses MM. In the mean time, if you use something like Tomtom and MM on the same PDA with GPSgate, you can have MM on screen, with TT running in the background, giving verbal directions.
  14. Slightly off topic, but slightly related. I'm off to Ireland tomorrow and have used the same 3 PQs the lads over there use to get the whole of Ireland. But, I've also tried to run 2 other PQs on the same day (yesterday and today). The 3 Ireland ones ran instantly, the other 2 I'm still waiting for - even yesterdays.
  15. Out of 25 travellers in the cache, 2 belong to the owner, all the others belong to 23 other people. I'm sure there'll be a good reason Maybe he's collected so many, the cache is just being used to "hold" them, but the mileages will now be wrong.
  16. In that case not fair, unless the owmers permission has been obtained. If one we're mine, I'd get quite annoyed Maybe drop the event owner a note reminding them of the 2 week guidline ?
  17. They could all belong to the owner ?
  18. Working OK for me. Maybe your ISP is blocking them, but not putting them in any spam box etc...
  19. By MK 1 Landy, I'm assuming you mean a Series 1. With a complex as good as your picture in your profile, I'd love to know how you keep it that way doing engine swaps in oily old Landrovers. Knowing how much a Bowler costs to buy and own, I'm envious. Where do you find the time for all those hobbies ? Oh yea, care to answer some of the questions in this topic ? If you've got something to say, why use a puppet account ?
  20. Think this might be what you're thinking about. Anyone with a 4x4 is welcome to get involved - a worthy voluntary organisation.
  21. A very good point. OS maps, while good, can be anything upto 2 years out of date (even current and new revisions), in terms of ROWs, especially since NERC came into force, converting many RUPPs to RBs. As James says, DMs are gradually becoming available online, but it'll be a long time before all councils get into the modern world. In the meantime, DMs can be viewed by anyone at the local council ROW office. It's advisable to check from time to time, which lanes/tracks are still legally drivable. It's also a good idea to ring the ROW officer if you intend to use a lane or series of lanes, to make sure there's no TROs in place. Although they must be signed as TRO'd it's quite common for the signs to go missing. It's all too often tha 4x4s get a bad name due to a small minority who insist on driving "off road" illegally. It would be a shame if a cacher got into trouble for driving an illegal route. (Technically, green laning isn't about driving "off road". All legally drivable green lanes/tracks are, in fact, roads/highways/byways). Some of the caches that have been placed on ROWs have the relevant info, or links to help find it, but it's always going to be down to the driver to check legality. Enough said, there's plenty of other sources of info about ROWs and laning elsewhere on the 'net. Off now to do some laning and caching planning for a trip over Easter (In my L200 cache truck ).
  22. Just to clarify, I don't disagree with this particular statement. As a long time member of GLASS I willingly and proactively abide by their Code of Conduct too. I also drive my L200 at many off road centres around the country and have enjoyed exploiting the capabilities of myself and my vehicle to the full (and beyond sometimes) - something that can't (and shouldn't) be done on a public highway or byway. Out of interest, Pippa, what do you drive that's so much better than any other 4x4. Unless it's a custom built competion truck of some sort. Edit : Just had a look at your profile and it seems you have a Bowler Wildcat, which is not exactly a production 4x4, more a custom built competition truck, so it's hardly fair to compare other 4x4s to it. Good luck with finding caches along green lanes, I'm sure you'll enjoy the more than adequate abilities of you particular vehicle - much more capable than needed on any green lane you're likely to find a cache.
  23. I'm not biting, not sure if Nick CrazyL200 will either, Pippa They are not true 4 x 4, they are pickups that have been made to look nice, I would challenge any L200 owner to follow a competition course, last time I was a Tong near Bradford, I personally wiped out a MSP and his L200, also I sorted out his engin after it failed in the deep pond there. I feel like I should reply with a big long winded response about laning, NERC, BOATS, ORPAs, RUPPs RBs DMs, DMMS, etc... etc... All I will say is: check that any lane you intend to drive is still: a - legaly useable by motor vehicles b - not TRO'd As for what's a true 4x4 and what's not and what the capabilities of an L200 are - I'm not even going there. Other than to say, wind your neck in.
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