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  1. Hmmmm, Thanks for that. But I can't work out why they're not being transferred to my StreetPilot any more. I'm obviously doing (or not doing) something daft and having a "Senior Moment"
  2. I had some fairly basic custom icons once upon a time and now I've lost them. They're obviously still around in GSAK since the export to Mapsource shows them: But, I can't find them in the icon drop down box. This shows what is there for a Trad - obviously the standard icon: But, when I try to select the icon for a different type of cache (in this example, a multi), it's icon appears to be missing. Sure enough, when I transfer them to my StreetPilot the ones with the "missing" icons appear as the default "dot". I don't remember ever using a macro for these, but I may have - it's been a while since I set them up originally. Also, I don't remember ever sending them to the StreetPilot before (but I must have, because they're not amongst the selectable icons on it. First, does anyone recognise from the Mapsource screen shot, which set of custom icons I was using? Second, where do I find them again? Ho hum - bet there's a simple and obvious answer that I just can't see
  3. OK, thanks for the reply. Would be nice to see what's being planned that's all. But, I can understand and appreciate the reason behind your answer.
  4. As posted in the other topic, thank you for the reply. Question answered.
  5. All I was asking was a question about an additional function. If that function is likely to be added. If there's somewhere that lists any up and coming changes. I understand that in a big organisation, things take time and giving any sort of possible time scale always carries a risk. Thanks to OpinioNate - that's answered my question, and sounds like the extra search function in the PQ generator is fairly easy to implement. Just have to sit back and wait to see if/when the additional function gets implemented. End of topic for me now.
  6. Obviously popular ........... Good luck Clyde and hope it gets resolved soon.
  7. Yup! That's the one Or at least get a good reason why it can't be done! Any sort of communication about these sort of request would be good. With such a large database, website etc... etc... there's bound to be a lot of questions, requests, reports etc... While there's an immense amount of help for all the functions that are available, from the thousands of users. Some form of regular communication about those that aren't, but are clearly being asked for, by quite a lot of users, would be nice. Many multi-national/multi-million company usually have a "Help Desk" that deals with these sort of enquiries. It wouldn't take much to add a "Features Request" board as a child to this one and to moderate and respond to it. I realise this sort of response would require a resource or two, but once the initial rush is overcome, day to day requests would be automatically answered by the fact the question has been probably been asked before, and responded to. Thereby, reducing the amount of posting traffic, to a degree. Time to crawl back under my stone and shut up (maybe).
  8. One would hope that if the question is asked, or the request made, enough times, the powers that be will listen.
  9. Hey, Just to be clear...what Beaverbeliever and you talked about in these two posts (word for word) are two different options... --Inform me of new features and changes to the web site. --Send me a weekly emailer of new caches in my area. Both have seperate check boxes when you are in your "Edit Profile" page of your account...you may want to see that you have both checked and not just the second one checked. Later, ArcherDragoon Yes, I realise that. I have both checked. Only ever seem to get the weekly email of new caches etc... No news of up and coming changes or proposed enhancements (in particular I was trying to find out about added search functions etc...). As I said before, guess we'll just have to sit back and wait for the new version of the site to be released later in the year before we get to see or hear about what's being changed. Thanks anyway.
  10. Yes, but as commented in the other thread, this doesn't get the info in GPX format via a PQ.
  11. Well done Adam, good to hear it's going to keep going. The idea of donations and a coin are good ones. I'm sure there'll be many who will be after a coin - count me in for a couple.
  12. Yup, thanks, already look in there from time to time. Just wondered if there was a less formal, not so high level, announcement location or list of enhancements being discussed (or just listed) - guess if there was it would open the flood doors to even more threads like this one. Just need to be patient and sit back and wait and see what happens later this year
  13. All ready got that checked. Weekly email oesn't really say much except listing events and new cahces in my area. But if that's as much info as there is ............
  14. And, in this case, add a function that there is no work around for without manually adding (in some cases) several hundred caches to a bookmark list in order to create a PQ. The addition of just one extra search function/parameter, would make the whole thing a lot easier and a hell of a lot quicker.
  15. Except the other one appears blank. Slow servers seem to be causing havoc on the forums this weekend.
  16. Agreed. The OP was not asking for a list of alternatives to narrow down keywords in his searches, but asking for changes to be made to the website itself. As I have seen so far on this forum, whenever anyone suggests a change to be made to the website, everyone merely offers roundabout alternatives to getting the same results that the change would often simplify, and just make more sense in general. Exactly why I posted the OP - a change needed, to make things easier and more user friendly.
  17. Worked a treat here with XP pro Firefox StreetPilot 2820 New cache was put into the "Unfiled" category. But - on the Street Pilot it wiped out all my category titles. All the contents of each category were still there though.
  18. I asked this question the other day, does anyone know if such a list exists in the public areas? Would be good for users to see what's going on and what's likely to be addressed/repaired/fixed/introduced. Apologies if I've missed something in another area of the forum.
  19. Yup, understand all that and I use bookmark lists etc... quite a bit. Just looking for a quick way of building (and maintaining) a new list, that, at the moment, will start off with just over 200 caches, but does get added to from time to time. A key word search from within the PQ function will make this a lot easier, not only from the point of view of building a list, but from the point of view of checking from time to time to see if new ones have been added to the series. Using the current search facility only produces a list, in alphabetical order, and, only available as .loc files, one page at a time. For what I'm trying to do, I need the GPX files, preferably, via an efficient method. Getting the initial list is straight forward, if tedious, but keeping it up to date will be more time consuming, if I have to use the current search methods available.
  20. Yes, I use the PQ function quite extensively along with GSAK. It would be good, though, to be able to reduce the size of the PQ file (and therefore number of caches in the PQ) by filtering by keyword (or owner), before running a PQ (or series of PQs) that covers the whole of a country
  21. Just adding my name to the list of folks who would like to see a "keyword" and "by owner" search function added to the PQ facility in order to be able to download a gpx file with a decent amount of info, instead of the current (somewhat limited) amount of info that a .loc file contains obtained from the keyword search function currently available. Hope these will turn up in the next revamp of the site. Is there a list somewhere of likely/potential/proposed changes to the site?
  22. GSAK ver 7.2 is now out of beta and on general release. So this macro is now usable by everyone, including those who prefer not to run beta software. You can download the latest version from the GSAK homepage
  23. Good news Adam. Keep us posted with developments etc...
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