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  1. Just talking about myself again, no need to worry about it being any of you.... Have had a sore back for a few days now so unable to get to the gym. So to either kill or cure it, I decided to go out caching on Friday to straighten it out. Picked two nice looking adjoining series in West Wiltshire which would be about five miles and off I went. Back got more and more sore as I went along so stopped for a bite to eat and continued afresh. Got just past the halfway mark and the next cache hint was "stump". Got to GZ, found the "stump" and discovered the cache in its hide. Back was aching so moved the stump with my foot, removing the cache from its hide at the same time. However my whole body was tired and aching and had lost the will to go any further so my legs gave way, I couldn't stop myself falling splat on my face, just eighteen inches from a cow pat. Phew, that was close. Quite a remote cache so after picking myself up and checking nobody else had seen me, I brushed myself off and went to retrieve the cache which had been in my hand. Only it wasn't there, or over there, or down there or off up there!! . This is stupid, I thought, it couldn't have gone anywhere but do you know, I searched for more than twentyminutes and couldn't find it. Must have sprung from my grasp as I faceplanted the floor. It was a camo container so probably not surprising I couldn't put my hand on it.... Anyway, emailed the CO to explain and I'll replace cache as soon as I can. Feel such an idiot and I'm only sharing this so that others who do daft things know they are not alone. ETA: I can highly recommend the two series I did. Pretty walks and you can do both together inside four hours, especially if you stay upright. They're called "Grittleton Gambol" and "Drew Grit" and based around Littleton Drew and Grittleton, villages just off the Bristol to Chippenham road.
  2. Yes, you can. I adopted around thirty caches in the Bristol and Bath area (including a series of 21 where one had been archived). I put a box back in the same position using the same co-ordinates and even the same name and it was accepted okay.
  3. Blimey that was quick, thanks for all the replies chaps. Malpas - I've followed your suggestion so far and got thirty caches from him but two more have been archived and only appear in his cache logs and not on the maps hence my question. I'll sit down with a coffee and a digestive biscuit tomorrow and sort it out but in the meantime, many thanks.
  4. Hi all, I've been geocaching for nearly eight months now and both myself and my children are thoroughly enjoying the new hobby. We're averaging about fifty finds a month and I really can't believe how much I've learnt about history, geography, even geology whilst doing it. Anyway, I digress. A well respected local cacher is moving away soon and he put a note on all of his "owned" cache logs saying he planned to archive them. This interested me because they're all local to me so I took on thirty of them. He's been brilliant in helping me to adopt his caches and very friendly too. My question. He archived two caches last year that I'd like to reintroduce pretty soon. Both caches were missing and/or broken and I'm happy to re-do them as they are part of a 24-part series and my OCD-like tendencies mean I like a complete series. He has tried to get them "un-archived" but can't seem to do it. I can't see either and as I'm not yet the owne, probably haven't got the permission anyway. Is there a quick way round doing this or am I going to have to start from scratch and just use the exact coordinates as before? I've asked Groundspeak via email but haven't yet got a reply (only sent yesterday).
  5. Thanks everyone, you're all stars!! Obvious solution is to get a USB cable for the Garmin but would be good to meet with others. The boys and I haven't met any other cachers (not to our knowledge anyway)....
  6. Forgive me if you already know this but most Blackeberry's have an inbuilt GPS, are you sure yours doesn't ? Thanks for the message. It's an 8520 so definitely no GPS with it. A friend gave me a Garmin Oregon 450 recently but no leads or anything with it so I really need to sort that out to be honest and get it working!! Any good basic guides about?
  7. If your Blackberry phone has Bluetooth it should be able to work ok with ONE OF THESE any phone that has the ability to use any of the prgrams/apps for geocaching and has Bluetooth should be able to use one of these for Geocaching. Really? Cheers for that, its much appreciated. I hadn't realised, and am very ignorant about what will and won't work, and being on a budget, have to be careful not to buy anything useless.
  8. We've done coming up to a hundred caches now just working on notes, reading the clues and the logs and occasionally looking at the gallery pics. My phone isn't compatible with GPS (it's a Blackberry) and although a friend gave me a Garmin recently, I need someone to show me how to work it really before I'd trust myself to go out paperless.
  9. The whole thing seems really weird. Have only heard half a story of course but it was some sort of remnant of a fight the night before in the pub opposite. It was contained in a rucksack apparently and they sent in the metal dog to blow it up as they still weren't 100% sure what it was. Placed outside the phone box by all accounts. No more information but not as dramatic as it seemed on Saturday night, I'm afraid. Sorry 'bout that, and after all the kerfuffle, we still seem to have a Cuba cache in a smelly phone box!
  10. Wow, excitement around these parts tonight. Two miles away in the next village, residents have been evacuated after a suspect package was found. Apparently it has been there since 2.00pm today yet the local weren't ushered from their houses until much later. The bomb disposal people are on their way from Salisbury to deal with it. The best bit? It's in a phone box with a geocache in it! though the police have said they don't think it is the cache that is the suspect package. Wires have been mentioned whereas this cache is a magnetic nano! My user name is Smart Mart +2, the +2 being my twin 10-year-old boys who live 100 yards up from the cache phone box. It's this one... will update with further news if required. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC276ME
  11. I don't use GPS currently to find caches, just rely on logs and the decrypted hint. At first, my record was woeful and I remember a time when it was worse than 50%... But I maintain that the more you do it, the better you get and get to sniff out caches whereas before you might miss them. I reckon I'm up to about 75% overall now but that is based on 90%+ recently.
  12. I have to say that even though there are some serious points discussed in the thread (and that people have bruised & cracked ribs and ruined brogues), the whole series of messages have made me and the boys laugh out loud. Sorry to laugh at others misfortunes but it's bookmarked now for a rainy, cheerless day in the future.
  13. That response would have been perfect had she not come up and said "I saw what you were doing" which, by what she then asked my boys, she most certainly didn't know!! Erring towards driving past the car park on Sunday and seeing if she is there then caching in the area. If not, just move on and continue doing this fascinating hobby.
  14. Thanks for all your replies. I must admit that I was fired up when I got back to the car and was all up for ringing the police but as the week has gone on, the need to do something has diminished somewhat. I have got her registration number written down but obviously the longer I leave it, the less the police will probably want to do with it. ETA To add, we only got five out of nine caches that day and part of me is tempted to go back there this Sunday morning, to see if she's there and still as aggressive as before. The other part says there are a million other caches around the world, go and look for them somewhere else.
  15. Went out geocaching this morning with my twin sons (ten years old). Anyway we were walking through this field trying to get the second of eight caches on our plan. My Blackberry doesn't have GPS and I don't have a receiver either so just make notes in a book and find the caches from there. Oldest twin found a cache under a horse trough and we logged it and moved on. Then went to the next one but no luck. As we were returning back up the hill, two women walking four dogs came down. The first woman stopped and stared at me intently, eye contact but a little too "starey". She then said "I saw what you were doing. Boys (addressing them), if he's been touching you, you must tell an adult right away." I was gobsmacked, couldn't get my words out even. This woman was accusing me of sexually abusing the boys alongside me. I tried explaining and showing her the book I had with all the careful, detailed plans I had laid out but she didn't want to know at all. She continued "You were looking all around back there really suspiciously"; well, the whole point of finding a cache is that no-one sees you find it, especially non-cachers who could then take the cache ruining it for everyone else. I followed her round the field protesting my innocence but she just kept saying that if the kids had nothing to tell, they wouldn't say anything and if they did, then they would tell an adult. I just couldn't believe that a grown woman in her fifties thought that this was the correct way of doing things. The other woman said nothing through the exchanges which was weird enough but all she kept saying was "Rubbish - I don't believe you" and "You're a weirdo!". She had arrived at the field at the same time I had so I knew which car was hers when I returned to my car. I left a message on her car windscreen (not sure why but made me feel better) explaining that I was leaving my number so that she could ring up and apologise for her outburst and also say sorry to the kids who were upset at her comments. I just don't get some people. Not sure if I can do anything or not but I feel so frustrated that she can get away with something like this. No real idea why I posted this except to warn you that not everyone is as comfortable with others walking around the deserted countryside hiding and "sneaking" about. Mind you, I don't understand where this mad woman was coming from anyhow so maybe she needs help.
  16. Congratulations from the three of us here in Bristol. We're in the same position as you in that the news item from Wetherby made me sit up and take notice about geocaching. I googled it, found this forum and the search facility and now, three weeks on, we've clocked up around 30-odd caches since then. Not rapid caching, admittedly, but steady, thoughtful approach really. I don't use the GPS as I haven't got a receiver and have a Blackberry that doesn't seem to support the application.
  17. Just started this wonderful hobby ten days ago and am enjoying it immensely.. Currently, I'm just getting as much info from the logs and the cache page as possible as I haven't got a GPS system or a smart phone. However I want to upgrade and help myself and the children out when caching but I'm on a very tight budget. What is the cheapest system I could go for that will sort my needs out? Someone has one of these for sale... http://www.kalenji-running.com/EN/keymaze-300-118159410/ ...near me for around £30. I'm a bit of a technophobe with this sort of stuff, is this even suitable for caching? Any advice gratefully received and thanks once again.
  18. Thanks all for the warm welcome.... Told the kids about it yesterday and they went out and found three this morning so I'd best log it in....good start and as soon as the rain dies down to a torrent, we'll be out there going for a couple more.
  19. Hi there... I'm a newbie here having joined this morning after seeing the Wetherby story on the BBC News. What a fantastic and fascinating hobby this is and I hope to steadily get more immersed in it as I go along. I have four children and live in Bristol, UK and the youngest two will love geocaching, I know it. Have checked my postcode and there's more around here than I thought there would be so we'll be off at the weekend to try to find them. Good luck everyone!!
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