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  1. Currently I am not a prem member so cant search by key word. So any posted links to other acitve listings would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. This is the only active Augmented Reality Geocache I have managed to find a listing for. https://coord.info/GC7FGTM
  3. I have inserted a LUA User code at the start of the flow for the input. See attached screen shot. The first script threw up an error "Expecting 'end'. Around line 5 character 4. The second script was error free but then did nothing to trap the input of an alpha character. Does the (code) need to be changed to the name of the input variable and if so how do identify what that is? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the response. Can that be added to code written through the urwigo app? If so how?
  5. I have built a cartridge using the Urwigo builder. I am now in the process of testing it. I have several input fields in the cartridge. They are all numeric fields. In testing the cartridge I have entered alpha characters and found that it simply quits out of question with no message. You then have to exit the zone and re-enter it to get it to fire the question again. Is there any way of dealing with the user inputting their response in the wrong format so that it gives an appropriate message and then allows them to re-input their response?
  6. Many cartridges are affected. Its being discussed on facebook in this UK Wherigo forum https://www.facebook.com/groups/1531197323764196/permalink/2005512479666009/
  7. Thanks for the update. Will there be any compensation? Given that we are not receiving a crucial feature that we pay premium membership fees for. E.g. extending the membership period by the period this feature is unavailable for, currently about 3 weeks.
  8. Given that this is a crucial premium member feature, will we be compensated for the loss of service? I know several premium members who are very concerned that their monthly FTF streak may be broken due to this feature not being available. I expect they would not even be happy with a months free membership if their streak is broken. Surely if it is known which release introduced the fault the change could be backed out and the change rectified in a test environment. More information on what if any progress is being made, how long it will be before we can expect a solution and what if any compensation we can expect. Thanks Neil
  9. Please keep us posted on the progress and let us know when there is a solution. Thx
  10. The Tips and Tricks option is ticked in my settings and notifications for me are delayed by hours or not received at all. This problem is starting to affect more and more people in our area in Nottinghamshire, UK. I have not received notification for DrunkNinjaHippo's Not A Free Range Chicken (GC6PEC0)
  11. This issue has also been raised on the Facebook group UK & Ireland GC Reviewers & Community Tea Bar. The thread begins - ‎"Colin Hoult‎ to UK & Ireland GC Reviewers & Community Tea Bar 30 July at 22:22 · Is there an issue with emails being received regarding newly published caches. Myself and a lot of other cachers haven't received emails and only knew of a new ..." I have been experiencing this problem for about a week now. I am receiving notifications for new cache publications hours after they are released and consequently long after they have been found by other cachers. Most cachers do not appear to be experiencing this problem. However a number of us are. I also know that when I post an owner maintenance to one of my own listings I do not get the email notifying me of the log for several hours. I receive notification of found logs on my own caches in the middle of the night when it is unlikely that logs are being posted. I have tested that it is not a problem with my email service provider by getting my daughter to send me a test email. This email came through all the way to my phone in less than 2 minutes. So clearly the problem is not with them. Please would Groundspeak Lackie post to acknowledge that this problem has been seen and is being investigated. Thanks Neil Bell Spire67
  12. For me the email notifications were still opening in Safari. A real pain in the proverbial. I deleted the new app and re-installed it. It now opens in the new app. OK not ideal but at least its better than it opening in Safari. Someone at Groundspeak needs their arse kicking. First of all switching to a new app that lacks the majority of features of the existing app and then removing the options to choose where you open the listings. Either they are incompetent or stupid. Hopefully I will be able to stick with the classic app for the forceable future. I expect when I can no longer use it I will look for another app to use for caching. The new app is rubbish.
  13. You can sometimes see circuits on a map but not always. At the moment people have had to create bookmark lists of circuits that they have found. It would just enable people to search for circuits when they are wanting to do one. At the moment you have to hunt for them.
  14. It would be useful it there was an attribute to denote that the cache is a part of a circular route. People could then run queries to find circuits in the area that they are looking.
  15. Spire67

    Facebook Groups

    I wont be deleting or amending my log with a link to the facebook group. I think it is ridiculous that they will not allow links to facebook groups from event pages. No doubt they will eventually get the CO to delete the log or a reviewer will. Perhpas I should start posting facebook links on all my logs.
  16. A new emcache facebook group has been set up. So you may want to join that. It is very sad that personal issues and differences could not be set aside to focus on what we all love - geocaching. As has been said there was a lot of great content on the site. I have met many wonderful people through the site and been on many very enjoyable caching trips. The latest was the Trip to the bank. I am not sure if this new emcache facebook group will be allowed to continue to function. I do know there are issues regarding the ownership of the images and name. So sadly we may see it disappear as well (hopefully it will be allowed to continue to exist). I do know that a number of the active emcache members plan to continue to organise events. It will just be harder to spread word of it if the presence on facebook is closed down.
  17. GeM (Geocaching Midlands) is a very active and large group of cachers in the midlands. http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/JoinGeM/ Lots of useful contacts and regular meets are arranged.
  18. Spire67


    Zones I have created a cartridge and have set up zones. I then spread the zones out to the locations they need to be in. However they are just pin points and do not have any perimeter markers. I can't find anything in the tutorial as it seems to suggest they are created automatically. Is there a check box that needs setting? I have requested access to the google group to get support, but thought I would try here in the meantime. Also I am developing the cartridge with another user. I assume we need to be careful that we dont work on it at the same time or we will overwrite each others changes. Is there any way of numbering the versions so if we mess things up we can revert to a previous version of it prior to the problem? Thanks Neil Spire67
  19. The best way to make people ignore you is to make it look as though you are meant to be there. The best way to do that is wear a dayglo vest. If you look like an official workman then people passing by are less likely to pay you any attention.
  20. Take a look at Geocache Spoilers. Its a youtube site that was run by a friend of mine who sadly is now no longer with us. Plenty of ideas for interesting caches. A couple of the caches featured were mine. http://www.youtube.com/user/geocachespoilers Interesting caches dont have to be evil hides. They can be just fun to do. I set up a series of caches called Crazy Golf. All the caches were based on golfing terms. The cache or its location then related to the golfing term. E.g. Bunker - The cache is an ammo can filled with sand and the listing placed in the bottom in a plastic envelope. Water Hazard. The cache is attached to the roof of a small pipe that is the inlet to a lake.
  21. Its so that trackables placed in the cache have reasonably accurate mileage applied to them. So if a trackable is in a race where the objective is to cover most miles if the coordinates of a mystery were a long way from the final cache location the mileage applied to the trackable could be significantly increased or reduced.
  22. Your definition would exclude most types of events, not just flash mob events. It also would exclude virtual caches, EarthCaches, Webcam caches, and GPS Adventure Exhibits. Personally, I'm glad geocaching evolved to include more than just the search for hidden containers. A little variety helps make it more interesting to me. Especially CITOs. I like CITOs and he would be including those too. Because has anyone used a gps to look for trash, you may find trash at a cache though. <Shakes head and walks away> Clearly you dont even understand the question
  23. So what do they have to do with caching? I suspect nothing. Please tell me if they do what it is they have in common.
  24. Those of you who are in favour of flash mob events. I would love to hear what your definition of geocaching is? Then tell me how a flash mob event fits that definition. If its to allow geocachers to gather and talk about caching then it aint a flash mob as I understand them. Really hope that they roll out the trial to allow events for cachers to meet and go caching. After all that is what we all enjoy doing. Seems mad to exclude this activity from events. When I held a launch event for a new series I had to do it by pretending it wasnt (even though it was) to just meet up and do the new series. It was a great event which was a great success. Not my view just the feedback from those attending it.
  25. Firstly how would you define geocaching? To me it is a hobby that involves the use of a gps device to search for and hopefully find a hidden container. What is a flash mob? To me it is a group of people who arrive at a pre arranged venue at an agreed time. Materialise out of the general crowd. Perform the specified activity. Then immediately disperse into the crowd. If you have a similar view of geocaching and flash mobs why are flash mob events organised through GC.com? I understand why we have events so geocachers can meet other geocachers and chat about their shared interest. But flash mobs if performed as they are intended do not even give the opportunity to chat about caching. It baffles me why groundpeak seem to encourage this type of event but do not allow events to be organise that purely involve going out geocaching. Surely this is very strange?
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