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  1. This is good!!! I'm reading on my small phone the EULA, #15, "Miscellaneous. Should you have any questions concerning this EULA, or if you desire to contact Groundspeak for any reason, please contact by electronic mail at: contact@Groundspeak.com which I have!!!!! What a joke!
  2. OK!!! Still NO answer from my emails, pm here to forum support or per the posting!!! Whats UP GeoCaching, do you have something to hid?
  3. WAS is the keyword here, and I was ONLY able to speak with admin while this went on, for only a short period to this person. ANYHOW, waiting still for my answer. GeoDetecting
  4. Thanks for this, yeh I was offended and didn't appreciate the rude response, gives GeoCaching and Groundspeak a bad name, while they leave that post to filter through the forum! I have also wondered WHY I cant get anyone to respond to me, per directly asking per this forums admin (who has banned me for awhile because I mentioned another website, GEEZZ), has not replied and a direct email. Thanks again for all who are supporting me, great community! GeoDetecting
  5. I was under the impression that the TOU applied to website use only and that the EULA applied to the geocaching apps. Is there some crossover that I'm unaware of? Does the EULA apply to me even if I don't use any of the geocaching apps? Again, I need what is said per the APP when I first bring it up!? Not sure why this is such a problem and some confusion here, its simple, I just need ALL this info so I know what I'm agreeing to on the web, its TO small to read on my little smart phone. Thanks GeoDetecting
  6. Hello, I just compared and they are some in the same but the EULA APP has additional info. I have this email after getting down to line 15 per my the APP for any questions about the EULA contact@Groundspeak.com and I will try there to get the FULL length agreement and post it. Thanks
  7. Well, I'm surprised its not in a easy place for me to read, I just like to know what I'm agreeing to, anyone have a support email I can asked them directly? Thanks
  8. it is "End User License Agreement", but I need ALL of this in detail on the web so I can read it? Thanks Bill
  9. Hello, I'm all confused about this. I see the Privacy & Terms on the website but when I downloaded the APP recently I got the EULA agreement, what and where is this on the web so I can read it in full length to understand it more and how are these different if anything? Thanks Bill
  10. I will be traveling to Certaldo for an event on july 1, Is it in a cache? I will be back in the usa in August Johnny, sorry they already sent it back, thanks though! Bill
  11. Thanks. I have tried it all and I'm ready to give up! I'm really surprised how hard this has been, I thought someone for sure would jump on this, its been 2 months. I will have to just have them send it back. Thanks for your help. Bill
  12. I have a Geo Coin I sent there and the person left, now its just at a the college where my friend was staying, running out of time??? Thanks Bill
  13. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't even get a notification I had one. MY MISTAKE, The google translation messed this up, its Certaldo italy. Can you help, running out of time?
  14. Ho bisogno di qualcuno in Italia Celita di aiutarmi con monete Geo ho mandato? Il mio amico era stagista laggiù così li ho spediti a lui ma è stato rallentato e adesso sta a casa e il pacchetto è venuto! Ora c'è solo siti presso l'Università ... Please help?? _________ I need someone in Celita Italy to help me with Geo Coins I sent? My friend was intern over there so I mailed them to him but it got held up & now he's home & the package came! Now it just sites there at the University… Please help???
  15. Never mind, I find Google earth is wrong and my GPS is correct. http://treasurefindermd.com/forum/#topic/Magellan-eXplorist-GC.htm
  16. I received this reply: Hi TFMD, Thank you for contacting Magellan Technical Support. Our sincere apology for the delay in responding your email. Basically, Google maps or earth is set on a specific map datum. Map Datum is the information that translates these positions indicated on the GPS units to their real position on earth. You can set the Explorist GC's map datum with the same map datum Google maps uses so that you can get a closer match in coordinates of locations of geocaches or waypoints. 1. Access the Tools menu and select ‘Settings’. 2. Highlight ‘Navigation’ and press ENTER. 3. Highlight the ‘Map Datum’ field and press ENTER. 4. Use the joystick (L/R) to step through the various map datums. 5. Highlight the desired map datum and press ENTER. 6. Press BACK. Also, since the Explorist GC continuously calculates your current position and with its 3 – 5 meter accuracy. It may not always indicate the exact coordinates the same in google maps or earth but it should provide a very close and accurate representation of the proximity. We do hope that the provided information somehow address your concern. Should you require further assistance about this or any other concerns with your Magellan unit please visit our website and review our extensive Self Help knowledge base (www.magellangps.com). Yours truly, Alvin (AM20131) Magellan Technical Support ___________________________ So, how does this work since GeoCaching APP uses Google Maps correct? TFMD
  17. My current coordinates don't match to google map? From my Magellan eXplorist GC I put them into google maps and I live in NC but I get VA? Thanks TFMD
  18. Thanks, I found my answer and its NO... http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=304#buried cant buried your GEO Cache. TFMD
  19. I love to do both, I added this Cache to my site, I wonder if its OK to specify for Metal Detecting only? http://treasurefindermd.com/places/view/GEO-Treasure-Finder-1 Let me know if this post was ok, don't want to spam? Thanks TFMD
  20. Man that's tough, but it's a learning process that I have many videos on, I can teach you! When you find your first 150 year old relic like I did you cant compiar this at all! But I love both. I have place a easy to find GEO Treasure Finder Metal Detecting Cache on my site, come check it out. TFMD
  21. I'm giving one away on my Website? See my Avatar... he he...
  22. YES!!! I agree, I do everything by the book when I Metal Detect, and GEOCaching should be no different, or both sports will be gone. TFMD
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