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  1. Thank you for that info, I also checked on my phone and indeed can see the source button and html functions. Must be something related to the mac, extensions, etc. Going to look into those here in a bit.
  2. I have two ad blockers and tampermonkey running on chrome. I've had them for quite a while and haven't ran into this issue. Going to check the cache page on a windows machine tomorrow as I'm on a mac.
  3. That nice big green source button along with the entire box it is in, is not shown on any of my cache pages when editing.
  4. Correct, there is no way to toggle between anything. It's the same on all of my cache pages when I edit them. I have used Chrome and Safari browsers and have done a computer reboot but the issue remains.
  5. I was checking some of my cache pages and discovered that one of the pages was just one gigantic paragraph with no breaks, not the way I had created the original page. I went into the edit cache page wanting to check on the issue and found that I had no way of editing via html. There was no "source" or anything to edit via html. I called on a geofriend who checked on one of his pages and his page had the html source edit function. Thoughts??? I created new paragraphs by just hitting the return button when needed but after saving and viewing, it went back to one huge paragraph. I have no idea how the page magically lost its html creation.
  6. This might have something to do with it:
  7. Still occuring for me tonight as well, using Mac 10.11.6 w/Chrome and navigating from the "Play", "View Geocache Map" dropdown menu. Went to a Pocket Query of the area I was searching and using that query's map view, the hand changed back to a finger and I'm able to view the cache name.
  8. I was fortunate to find GC39 The Spot a few days ago while in New York and came across this post tonight. I found the original newsgroup listing of this cache and it states it was a 3.5 gallon bucket. Not sure when it was replaced with the ammo can but the original log book is still inside. Most of the text in the original listing in the newsgroup is still the same on the GC listing with the exception of the directions to the cache. It would've been nice to keep that in there as a lot of cachers approach from the South where its a longer and more difficult trek than from the North. From: Jack Aubrey <gpsfool@hotmail.com> To: yngwie@triax.com <yngwie@triax.com> Subject: New GPS Stash! Date: Friday, May 26, 2000 2:52 PM Howdy, I decided it was time to get a GPS Hunt stash located in the Eastern United States, so, spent my day off preparing one. I have placed one in the Finger Lakes region of Western New York State. It's located on public land. Where: Datum WGS84 N 42 Degrees 40.088' W 77 Degrees 20.086' UTM Coordinates: 18T 0308671 UTM 4726605 Stash: A 3.5 gallon white plastic bucket w/ a Gamma-seal screw on lid. The stash contains a log book, and a variety of "prizes" for those who find the stash. All contents are enclosed in individual zip lock baggies, and the log book requests that all who take a prize also place something of interest in the stash. Additionally, in the log book your web URL is listed as well as my e-mail address. Vistors are encouraged to leave a message in the log book. The Stash is along a well worn herd path, approx 18-20 paces off the path in a small depression created when a tree was up-rooted/blown down. The stash has been mostly concealed w/ rocks, leaves, sticks, etc... and is NOT visible from the path proper, however, the lid of the bucket will be clearly visible if you are upon the depression. The stash is 0.39 miles from a dirt road w/ a parking lot. Approach from above is best and the start of the heard path is not necessarily easy to find, however once on it you will recognize it as a path. I suppose bushwacking to this stash may be possible however I caution the terrian is VERY rugged, hilly, etc... Have fun! ________________________________________________________________________
  9. Can you imagine the day when the Groundspeak servers fail and all stats are lost for everyone? How is a simple one time fee $10 and a yearly membership so difficult to accept to play this GAME? There are salaries and a hefty amount of servers to maintain and Groundspeak is always open to feedback from players regarding new ideas and upkeep. Change is always difficult to accept but its usually in the best interest of the players to keep the game running smooth and to make it easier for new players. I applaud the new app and always welcome new ideas, the new list feature is well overdue and I hope more items are added to the app in the future. Granted the old "classic" app was never what is could have been and was in dire need of tweaking. Here's to more features to be added to the new app.
  10. Last summer in the morning I had pulled up the local geocaching map with my finds on it and saw a cache that hadn't been published yet but was on the map. I was able to click on it and get the coords however it had not been published yet. I did a search via my zip code as well and it didn't come up, only on the map view did it show. It was officially published within the hour but I was able to get the FTF before it came out. Not sure if all caches show up that way and I admit that it was a fluke and quite ironic that I had seen it on the map first before being published but still managed the FTF.
  11. Thanks for the reply Keystone, absolutely put this thread where you think it should be, it was just one spot I saw that I thought might be relevant to a current discussion. No, I do not use GSAK, strictly a mac user and therefore am limited on certain options.
  12. Are you saying I need to make a bookmark of all my finds in order to do that? I was referring to My Profile/Geocaches/Found It screen then being able to sort via alphabet on that screen. If there is another method I would love to know. Thank you.
  13. You already can do that with Bookmarks, normally they are shown by alphanumerical order.
  14. Not sure where to post this but after reading about some of the new 2015 features for premium members (i.e. advanced search feature), I was wanted to ask about the possibility of being able to categorize your geocaching finds in alphabetical order? You can currently organize by Favorited, D/T, Placed, and Found by user. This feature would help when trying to complete certain ??? challenges that require cache title information. Those with a lot of cache finds know that it can take quite a while to scroll through your finds for certain caches.
  15. Is the card formatted in FAT32? Try booting without the card then reinstall the card and boot up. I occasionally have issues with booting up after I've loaded PQ's onto the card. I've done everything from a hard reset to wiping the card clean and reinstalling the Pocket Queries back onto the card. Also run a software update with the webupdater. Here's a link to a wiki page with Oregon info: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Geocaching
  16. Well the CO was absolutely understanding and had no issues and I think was grateful for the info on the disabled caches it was her friends that were unhappy. Also there is nothing in the logs to indicate any problems, everything was relayed via email. Thanks for everyones input.
  17. Just wanted some feedback on this strange situation. Cached all day and ended up dropping the bottom half of two small nanos of two separate caches that I found and due to the terrain and leaves etc. and a lengthy search I could not find them. Turns out both caches belonged to the same CO! I emailed the CO later that day to tell my story and to offer any monetary replacement or to straight out replace the containers as I was out of town and couldn't go back and search again the next day because of my work schedule. Anyway, I received an email from friends of the CO and basically was scolded about my actions. #1, I admitted I lost the part of the caches and I emailed the CO and stated that and offered to replace them and also expressed my sincere apologies. Not sure what else I could do as I was a cacher from out of town on a limited schedule. As a cache owner myself I would want to know if there were any issues with any of my own hides. I felt that I was some out of town cacher that was there to cause problems but that was far from the case. Anyway, just wanted the thoughts from others that may have run into issues into losing parts or entire caches from CO's. I have never lost any caches before and I admit this is a really odd case but it happened and i cannot change that....thanks.
  18. I've had that same issue on the 450. The gpx files were on the sd card but got the same "no geocaches" error message. A reset of the unit upon booting up fixed the problem.
  19. I admit that I'm one of the "armchair" watchers on this topic watching the new Oregon users go about their new units. I have decided to stick with my current 450 as they dropped to $170 and I picked up a new unit as a backup last week. Its bugs are minor and it is rugged and can withstand all conditions. The accuracy has been good and the trackback has never failed me yet and for what I use it for its perfect. Good luck to all of the new 600 series users, the feedback has been excellent.
  20. Yep, the 450 is now $174.95 and new, while the 450t is refurbished at $169.
  21. The majority of their Garmin's are on sale. This is a great price for a new and not refurbished 450.
  22. I've been using the 450 for a few years now and have dropped it numerous times, accidently driven over it, left it in a creek overnight and it still keeps on running perfectly. I've thought about an upgrade to the new 600 series but am waiting until the bugs are worked out. Aside from some minor bugs with the Oregon 450 (occasionally shuts off automatically, lag on loading new PQ's) I have decided to keep using it and have purchased another one as a back up. It is extremely easy to load and easy to use. I like that I can have multiple sd cards loaded with PQ's and just have to change the card when I'm in a different area. I know the new series can hold a lot more gpx files but I have no issues with what I'm currently using.
  23. Hmmm....I've only used a 450 during my time caching and I'm wondering if I should just buy another one or two as backups for down the road? Its durable and I've been able to work around what "bugs" it does have. I know its too early to judge on the new Garmin series but it seems like there are more negatives than positives from those that have it. The etched screen above is troubling and disappointing from a supposed improved model.
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