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  1. I got some Gpolyline (Google Maps) code from a web site that has some ATV trails for a specific area. I am trying to take the points that are in Lat and Long and get them in my GPS. I see alot of methods for going the opposite way, just not what i want as written above. Link to URL where i am pulling the code is: Oconto County ATV Trails Example of code is: // Begin Trail Route Pestigo Brook Fire Lane South to Old 64 var polyline = new GPolyline([ new GLatLng(45.1723, -88.2149), new GLatLng(45.1707, -88.2181), new GLatLng(45.1705, -88.2183), new GLatLng(45.1700, -88.2199), new GLatLng(45.1699, -88.2203), new GLatLng(45.1686, -88.2209), new GLatLng(45.1670, -88.2212), new GLatLng(45.1666, -88.2218), new GLatLng(45.1660, -88.2235), new GLatLng(45.1648, -88.2239), new GLatLng(45.1631, -88.2252), new GLatLng(45.1594, -88.2272), new GLatLng(45.1575, -88.2286), new GLatLng(45.1566, -88.2295), new GLatLng(45.1519, -88.2369), new GLatLng(45.1500, -88.2396), new GLatLng(45.1367, -88.2507) ], "#FF0000", 5); map.addOverlay(polyline); //End Trail Thankyou
  2. Is this still available? If so i'm interested.
  3. Remember the unit will take power via the USB jack. I have used a USB charge cable for my cell phone to power my GPS for a while now. The only draw back it is not a 90 Deg connector so it sticks out some.
  4. Sorting by date work fabulous, It took 13 to cover. Now to get them all as one file, any ideas here?
  5. I am thinking of tring to establish a series of Pocket Queries too submit a list of all the GC's in Wisconsin. Mainly because I am starting to travel more around the state and it would be nice to have the entire state list in my 60cx as POI's Im sure I could setup a mutitude of Queries based on zip code but I'm afraid that I will get too much overlap or miss a large section. Any ideas? Thank you Kris
  6. I just aquired an 60cx and I have an unopened City Navigator V8 sitting here that i am wondering if i should trade for the NT version. I understand the map compression difference, my main question is the map refreshing rate. It said in the FAQ that a more compressed map takes more CPU power and i am curious if anyone out there has seen or noticed a difference. The wording makes me believe that the non NT version would refresh and scroll faster in 60cx. I dont care about file size so much im not going to put the whole county in it. Just the midwest area. Thank you!! Kris
  7. I will be putting my 60c up for sale soon. As soon as my new unit arrives. Let me know if your interested Thanks!!
  8. http://www.shieldzone.com They're having a sale. I have no connection with them other than being a satisfied customer. I have used the clear table cloth plastic material you can buy for little money at a fabric store, I cut to the shape of whatever i am covering then dampen and position, works well!!
  9. Just curious what happens to the status of a benchmark that is in the "missing" status on this site that has been found, even the NGS Description has it as found (1994). But prior to the latest NGS find the marks was "not found" (1974, 1976 and 1985) and , maybe thats why Groudspeak has the skull and crossbones on it. Here is a link to the latest 2 finds that have this designation: PN0027 and PN0025 Will this site now change the status of these benchmarks? Thanks Kris Get out There!!!!!
  10. I have always used Microsoft Word. It has a great insert utility for pictures and text boxes. You can draw arrows and alot of things to your pic. Then all I do is copy paste the complete image into paint and save as a *.jpg. Works Great!! Get out There!!!!!
  11. This is an interesting topic that has made a great point, to respect what we find. I think I speak for all that we are not here to destoy but to enjoy. Half the fun is getting to the mark and enjoying the wilderness. I am a rookie at this and I am just begining to see the enjoyment. Makes me want to work for NOAA!!! (Any openings) I want to contrubute to the recovery, there are alot to find!! Get out There!!!!!
  12. I would like to see a larger search diameter when you do a search for local Benchmarks. I am pretty new to this side of Groundspeak so I havent developed a "big" list for improvments
  13. hmmmmm Got picture in post but why not to the left? this is what i have in my signature box in my profile [testIMG]http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/47183_300.jpg[/img] Note: added word "test" to first brackets so you can see what im doing The picture is on this website, maybe i cant pull it off of there. hmmmm [This message was edited by jiggs on October 09, 2002 at 12:22 PM.] [This message was edited by jiggs on October 09, 2002 at 12:23 PM.] [This message was edited by jiggs on October 09, 2002 at 12:24 PM.]
  14. I am too just starting to gear up to find some of these benchmarks. I am very active in the caches but this seems more fun to me and the wife. Look forward to finding many!!
  15. I am too just starting to gear up to find some of these benchmarks. I am very active in the caches but this seems more fun to me and the wife. Look forward to finding many!!
  16. Interesting, I will have to ask my Brother what his crew does when he finds a marker that needs to be re staked. He is always surveying for roads and such, I know he sees these all the time.
  17. I can see a reason to try to show where a benchmark is but I agree it probably shouldnt be orange tape, just for the fact that it may be though of as a differnt mark.
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