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  1. Like niraD, I make tokens out of polymer clay. I use a canework technique to get about 30 or so slices of any given design, and with the number of designs I've made, I can usually leave something different at each cache I find on a given day. The picture below shows some, but by no means all, of my sig items. I typically sign them with a fine-point Sharpie, but sometimes I'll work my name into the design.
  2. Symmetrical bags are great and I use them on occasion. The one-strap gearslinger, though, allows me to access anything in my bag without having to take it off; I just need to pull it around front. Whatever works for the mission, though, I'll use.
  3. Oh, and snacks. Can't forget the snacks! Additionally, one of my favorite tools is an extendable hiking pole. Great for steadying oneself on rough terrain, poking around in holes, and holding back brush and branches.
  4. +1 for the Sitka Gearslinger. I have the S-Type, which is for lefties. I've put together a pretty comprehensive kit that doesn't weigh too much, but has garnered me the nickname of "Walmart," because I have anything you'd need. My usual load-out is listed below; with a 32oz water bottle the whole kit weighs in at around 6lbs. I find it's tolerable for most days of caching, although on the longer days it can become a bit of a burden. Hanging on the outside: Paracord bracelet Safety pins Single-compartment MOLLE pouch for GPSr, with carabiners on cord for easy access and removal Tick key Folding knife Headlamp Pen Pouch #1: CITO bag Extendable mirror with rare earth magnets glued to the back Small flashlight Lighter Tweezers Leatherman tool Pouch #2: Small notebook Spare pens, one with camo tape wrapped around it for repairs Pouch #3: Disposable poncho Small case for signature items and trackables Cache repair kit: zip ties, baggies, spare logs, golf pencils, bison tube & o-rings, Sharpie wrapped in Gorilla Tape Main Compartment: Bug Spray Tissues and wet-naps Battery pack - spare cell batteries, AAAs, Eneloop AAs Cheapie gloves Basic first-aid kit - bandages, hand sanitizer, various OTC & prescription pills. I also keep a mini kit in the car for those 'caches of opportunity.' It's a nice MOLLE pouch with pens, mini notebook, and pouch for trackables and sig items. Perfect for quickie grabs.
  5. As a follow-up, RIGA (Rhode Island Geocaching a**'n)currently has nearly 200 members and has members from all over New England and beyond. We can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/477818015573612/ and we'd love to see you there!
  6. You appear to be in MA. There are plenty of local geocaching Facebook groups around, and getting involved with them will help you meet others who share the hobby. I'm the admin of the RI group, which has plenty of MA folks. Take a look at the links below; you may find something useful. RIGA - https://www.facebook.com/groups/477818015573612/ New England Geocaching Community - https://www.facebook.com/groups/401127463248952/ SEMAG - https://www.facebook.com/groups/424582484297536/ There are others as well, but this should give you a good start.
  7. A per capita stat would be interesting as would a per square mile stat. If you compare the number of caches in PA, for instance, to the number in TX, and it would seem a far denser concentration in PA considering the differing state sizes. I've also heard that of all the US states, RI has the greatest density of active hides per square mile. It's a good place to be a cacher
  8. You've only found 11 caches so far; before you start thinking about evil hides it may be beneficial to find more caches in order to: a) decide if this is a game you want to stick with B.) gain experience with what sorts of caches, containers, and locations work, and which don't c) determine exactly why you want to create an evil hide. Is it for the challenge? The notoriety? Are you making an evil cache for its own sake, or as part of a tough puzzle? Do you have a good location in mind, or do you just want to drive people nuts? If you just want to drive people nuts, I'd respectfully suggest you think twice.
  9. OP here. I LOVE the fire tacks idea, and it could be perfect, especially if I put a note on the cache page reminding people to bring a flashlight. FWIW, I carry two flashlights in my pack; a headlamp and a cheapie LED. Thanks for the ideas, all!
  10. Hi all, I've long thought about using a solar panel and some LEDs to set up a unique cache hide. The idea is that the cacher will stick their head in a dark place (inside a hollow tree, a rock pile, etc) and be confronted by glowing eyes staring back at them. However, I have no real experience in working with such things. Can anyone offer suggestions or advice on how hard/easy it would be to build such a thing, what to watch out for in setting it up, etc?
  11. May I propose the ongoing use of "BITO?" Bushwhack In, Trail Out...
  12. I leave my own signature items in caches and love trading for others' pieces. I'd love to find these near me. Keep it up!
  13. I had carpal tunnel surgery a few weeks ago, and today I did my very first paddle cache (and 1000th find milestone!). As an inexperienced paddler, I had a hard time getting back into the boat after finding the final. I wound up slamming my hand down on a rock, which hurt my wrist badly, but not seriously. Of course, I'm known to my friends as Captain Hubris, as I often regret it when I say "no problem, I can handle this!" And of course, I'm rather fond of saying that it's not a real day of caching unless someone bleeds...
  14. ^ This. ^ I've made a few fake stones by molding polymer clay around bison tubes. Both Sculpey and Fimo brands make stone-textured clays. I showed my handiwork off at an event and most people thought I had drilled out an actual stone. Combining clays has allowed me to closely match the containers to their surroundings.
  15. Just don't put them all in the same bag...
  16. GoPicnic boxes are a favorite in my house. There are kid-friendly boxes for the Geotot and vegan, gluten-free options for the Geocompanion. Target usually has them on sale for around $3.50 each, and I think the heaviest one is only about 6 oz. You'll need to pack separate beverages.
  17. I stood outside my local REI this morning before opening just so I could grab one of these units at this price. I managed to get the one they had in store. I'd called them the other night to inquire about availability and was told they had two. I'm guessing an employee snapped the other one up last night. One employee told me that they would be ordering more for the store, but the manager told me that these units were store-only, and that they wouldn't be available online. He said that whatever was in stock has been shipped to stores and that no more would be made available. I suppose you can take that with a grain of salt, but that's the news as I got it.
  18. A twist-top container, IMO, is much more likely to hold up in a deep hidey-hole situation. With a L&L, all it would take is one broken tab for the bottom of your container to be stuck forever at the bottom of the hole. Nalgene is great, but can be pricy. Would a cleaned-out peanut butter or mayo jar suit your needs? I'm assuming cache retrieval will require some sort of tool. Whatever container you use, you might want to put a retrieval point on both ends, in case some bonehead drops it in upside down. Out of curiosity, where will you be moving to that you'll be near an Ocean State Job Lot?
  19. Around here we have 'Ocean State Job Lot' stores, which deal largely in remaindered goods, but they also sell imitation L&Ls for $1-$3. I have a number of caches made from these containers, and I don't think I've had a single complaint on their weather-worthiness. I've also found lots of caches made from these containers, and they're almost invariably secure. In New England we get just about every time of weather you can imagine, so that should serve as an endorsement of (at least some) imitation containers. If you feel like running a test on a container, you can fill it with rocks and a bit of toilet paper, then submerge it in a bucket of water. Wait a few days, then retrieve it. If the TP is intact, the seal is good! One helpful hint is to tape over the hinge flaps on any of this type of container, to help keep them intact for a longer time.
  20. I got my Max bag at ebags.com. They may ship to Canada, and they often have some decent sales. You might also want to check eBay. There are lots of sellers there that may accommodate your needs.
  21. I recently purchased the Maxpedition Sitka S-Type for about USD$100, and it's absolutely fantastic for caching. It holds everything I need and then some. Maxpedition has a solid reputation for a reason...their stuff is virtually bulletproof. With a $20 bag, well, you're likely to get what you paid for. You might want to pack some safety pins in your kit for when the seams split and you're a mile from parking.
  22. RIGA - Rhode Island Geocaching Association, on Facebook. We're currently at 86 members and growing. RIGA
  23. How many days have you been out caching with the new unit? I understand that depending on the overhead satellite constellation, your accuracy can be off by at least the 20' you specify. If you're basing this on a single day of caching, maybe you should try again? Besides, 20' is still pretty darn accurate. When you get that close to GZ, you should start thinking about turning off the tech and letting geosenses take over. If all else fails, I'll buy the unit from you at discount
  24. Your profile indicates you're in California. Certainly you can find someplace that sells marijuana paraphernalia, like a head shop or gas station, maybe a compassionate care club? Small zip bags tend to be popular with that crowd.
  25. My son's been accompanying me on the trail since I started caching two years ago, when he was 3. He loves the thrill of going out and finding treasure, but the real trick is to pick trails/hikes that aren't too grueling for a little guy. Make sure to pack some swag, for trading and for consoling the kids when there's nothing in the cache container.
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