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  1. Actually I asked for help to identify the language or any words, I do not know that this contains the solution. I did not realize this was against any guidelines and believed it to be using my initiative rather than just running back to the cache owner..... Mods please delete my post as it seems to be cause some people so much offense....
  2. That's true, but again, that does not show much initiative....
  3. I haven't asked him for help. I have spent hours researching languages and trying to use online Arabic keyboards to solve this and am using my initiative trying to get started with the puzzle...
  4. Hello I hope you don't mind me posting here but we are in the UK and trying hard to solve a puzzle cache. We think the writing on the page is Arabic / Egyptian but can not solve it despite hours and hours of trying. Would anyone be able to help please with the language on the page or able to translate any of the words. [cache link removed by moderator] Many thanks for your time Viv
  5. Can you please resend your email? Will do
  6. Has anyone heard from Michael lately, despite multiple e-mails to him I never get a reply ?
  7. Dartmoor coins have arrived, will post piccies later, really really pleased with them ...
  8. Due to Hubby working, last night was the only chance we would have to sit down and do it before the deadline date, can't have work getting in the way of caching lol
  9. We ordered the Dartmoor (UK) version last night, the shipping as you say was hideous and it did charge us the extra 0.15 for color 3. Micheal is going to sort out the color 3, will also mention the shipping United Parcel Service Worldwide Express Saver $314.42 Worldwide Express $328.39
  10. Hi Here is our first ever attempt at a Geocoin, the coin is by Oakcoins and these are the colours we chose for the Dartmoor (Devon) Coin. The coin has a black nickel surround to show off the white and is a full size (2 inch) coin. Price of the coin is £7.00 each for anyone attending the event, if not attending the 12 12 12 Dartmoor event you are still welcome to order a coin, postage will be an extra £1 I think we are down to around 20 coins left, if you would like one please let us know soonish either through our geocaching profile, on the Dartmoor 12 12 12 event page if local or by e-mail viv1@keith1964.freeserve.co.uk Once they are sold that's it, we only had a limited number made...............
  11. The Dartmoor (UK) coin arrived yesterday and hubby managed to get a nice photo today. Many thanks to Micheal and everyone at Oakcoins for all your help with this the first coin we have been involved in
  12. 12 12 12 Multi Event coin - Dartmoor (Devon UK)
  13. He he No. 35 should be Bar Sinister not Car Dinister
  14. Next year, we could have a multi event at 08:09:10 on 11-12-13! This looks like a winner for next year! The following year, 12-13-14! wow a 13th month ?! Us Americans write our dates like this...month, day, year. yeah I also heard you are still fighting to keep the metric system at arms length... tsk tsk tsk What about 31-3-13 for next year ??
  15. Can we join in, Devon in the UK, now just to find a biggish venue
  16. Congratulations Kim, Andy and not forgetting Zara on your 1000
  17. Were there only 500 FTF's amongst them, we must be slipping Thanks for the congrats, I think a few days rest before starting on the next 1000 is in order
  18. Have a safe journey and hope you get settled in quickly. We promise not to give the any clues to the caches I'm sure you'll set in Oz (Well for a small fee we might )
  19. They are all looking lovely 1 set of each please
  20. Well I think all the coins are really beautiful Please can I have a set when they are ready (however many are in it 4 or 14 ) Viv (Bar Sinister)
  21. Congrats Mum and Dad on reaching 400 Where was the celebratory bottle of wine yesterday
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