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  1. There are online Wherigo builders for those people who own a Mac. I would definitely recommend this one.
  2. For those people who have a Mac computer using Wherigo who can't build cartridges, why not?
  3. I support that. Maybe there could be a petition that geocachers could sign, and then it could be determined from the community.
  4. A bad day of geocaching is still better than a good day at work. I'd hunt for sneakers and spray paint all day long if there were no traditional caches left in my area. I agree. And another thing is, earthcaches have no physical container, then why weren't they moved over to Waymarking?
  5. It's a pity that Webcam Caches can no longer be placed. So why can't there be more Webcam caches? I mean, there seems to be no reason why there are no longer Webcam cache placements. So I say, BRING BACK THE WEBCAM CACHE!
  6. I must agree with bumandworker. They are very good.
  7. There is a un-official geocaching group in St Arnaud, where I live but it is only open to the geocachers that live there.
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