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  1. Yet again the mapping features have been disrupted with this release!!


    On an Android tablet when clicking on the View Larger map on a cache page all it does is to display your home location NOT the cache location you are looking at!!


    PLEASE do not release software that has not been fully tested with Premium members.....


    Its all rather annoying...

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  2. On 4/28/2021 at 1:51 PM, The Wombles said:

    I’m getting an error 500 when I try to edit my own cache pages today. I can see the cache pages and enable / disable them, just not edit them.


    The error message tells me to check twitter, which I did.  Twitter has no information.

    This is rather annoying and should be easy to fix surely?

    If we click on anyone of our friends "All Geocache Finds" if they have an apostrophe in their caching name you get an "Error 500" but if their caching name is simple with no apostrophe it works as it always has.


    There is nothing worse than having a release of new software forced upon us only for "bugs" to surface shortly afterwards ....and it takes days if not longer to fix.....



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  3. Mellers, Yes we know that GME is an add on and not part of the main Geocaching software..


    But surely GCHQ should "inform" interested parties, who have enhanced the functionality of the mapping such as GME for their customers benefit BEFORE they release new updates?


    It only takes a phone call or email these days to let others (such as those that have enhanced the GME) know what has been planned and when it might get released...


    It seems that changes are sprung on us... CUSTOMERS!!  ......yes we are paying customers and from reading other changes made in the latest release this is not the only issue people have raised...i.e the Sorting issue.


    Having worked in the IT industry for well over 40 years I would not dare release any software without prior testing alongside the CUSTOMER!!


    Rant over....

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  4. 12 hours ago, simplysup said:

    Am I right in thinking there's been an update to the cache listings page? The GME options no longer appear on the small map view (still working OK on the main map).



    I agree, it no longers shows the OS map as default..... once again things h=get changed for no apprent reason....Why??

  5. Yes the latest geocaching.com changes do seem to have caused issues with the mapping again.


    I did not loose the main OS mapping feature so have not had to reapply the GME bing maps script etc BUT what is still annoying is that the small map on a cache page now only displays in Openstreetmap format whereas before the latest Groundspeak update re cookis etc, it used to allow other formats including OS mapping.


    Now there appears to be no way to change this?


    JRI has said that he will look at the GME script when time permits because he can see there are some problems since the Groundspeak updates last week.


    Anyone else notice this issue?

  6. Well the small map on the cache page is still not showing in OS format despite the recommended change to the cookie (and Yes we are using the same uBlock Origin version).


    The small map was useful as it showed how exactly where caches were located....and in OS format rather than Openstreetmap.....


    I realise that the larger map IS showing OK in OS format and thus its just a nuisance that this latest change has spoilt what we had before with the smaller map...... maybe someone else knows how to fix it?

  7. December 31st 2019....

    It looks like the latest changes made by geocaching.com have affected the map display on all cache listing pages. If the Bing Maps key has been applied to get OS maps then the small map on a cache page listing no longer shows up in OS format.


    Selecting the "View Larger Map" does however produce a map in OS format.

    The suggestion is that a tweak is needed to the javascrip in this GME Map enhance script maybe?

    Any suggestions please?

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  8. Have had OS mapping working on geocahing.com for some time now...... but today for some reason the small map on an individual cache page does not allow any options for display other than Open Street Map?

    When selecting View Larger Map the full OS map is displayed OK...


    So why has the small map options changed and why is there no otion to change it from OpenStreet Map to anything else including OS Maps which it had before today?


    The mind boggles at how these changes get made without full and proper testing...... its not the first time this has happened is it?

  9. 32 minutes ago, HiddenGnome said:

    I mentioned earlier that I would provide additional background into the issue people reported about not collecting their Clues. This issue was initially difficult to troubleshoot because it was not the result of an error per se - in fact, as far as the system was concerned it was behaving correctly.


    Some quick background - in order to complete the Mystery at the Museum you need to collect a variety of Clues. Each Clue has unique attributes associated with it, i.e. number of finds required, level required to unlock, and activation date. Every Clue has an activation date of today at 12 (noon) UTC.


    When a geocache is logged the system compares the date of the log with the activation date of the Clue to make sure it falls within the allowable window. However, because of an issue with how dates are formatted from the website when they are converted to UTC there were a number of instances where the log date was interpreted as being before noon UTC. According to the system those logs did not fall within the allowable window and so were ignored. Logging from the app did not have this issue because the dates were not experiencing the same formatting issue.


    Once we realized this was happening we made a couple of small modifications that would resolve the issue and deployed them to our servers. Once deployed I saw (so I thought) the data that we were expecting and announced that the issues was resolved. What I did not realize was that although the issue had been correctly identified and a fix applied the servers did not get properly reset and so did not pick up the necessary changes. That was my mistake, both on not properly resetting the servers and for relaying that the issue had been fixed prematurely. When we realized that the servers had not picked up the changes it was a simple fix at that point to force the update and triple check the data was returning correctly.

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear, now there are all sorts of server errors here in the UK when trying to look at things like trackables, souvenirs etc etc......... will check again in the morning........ what a mess this has turned out to be.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, GeoElmo6000 said:

    So if I want to skip the souvenirs, could I just not find a cache with the detective clue?  The souvenirs are gated, right?  First you need to find a detective clue, before you can get any of the other souvenirs?


    If so, how do I see which caches have detective souvenirs?  I looked at a couple local caches and they say "This clue is still hidden. Find more clues to reveal it."  So as long as I keep finding those I should be good, right?


    To me, this is the fun challenge, to get through the event without getting the souvenirs.  I play the game my way.  :)


    6 minutes ago, HiddenGnome said:

    Hello everyone!


    For those of you who have been having trouble collecting Clues when logging a geocache I sincerely apologize. The issue should now be resolved. The fastest way to get your clue will be to (once again) delete your log and re-post it. I will follow-up with a further explanation shortly.


    If you continue to have issues please include the GC code or a link to the log, if possible.



    Sorry but here in the UK its still not working properly....... you can now log a cache that has a Detective rating and you get a message to say that you have won a souvenir BUT when you then click on it you get a Server Error 500 !!!!   so one step forward and two backwards it seems?

  11. 1 hour ago, brendanjw said:

    ** UPDATE - I reported a false positive on the suggested workaround. Deleting previous finds and re-logging them will not provide the desired result of receiving a Clue.  We are investigating this issue and hope to have a response shortly.




    We discovered the issue with clues not being awarded properly (it was a timezone issue). Future logs should work properly. 


    We'll keep you updated on this issue.



    Still not working here in the UK (its 16.40 pm now) ... have tried both the App and the PC... nothing works as altrhough you can see caches that are supposed to have the Detective hint nothing happens when you log any of them!!!!



  12. The whole point of my original comment was that the Garmin Oregon 750 offers a facility in the settings to "choose" between 2,3 or 4 digits........ but this "feature" just does not work since the latest Firmware was released. Thus the user cannot set their preference for the coordinate display. Thus Garmin are the only ones who can fix this issue by amending the Firmware.


    From the responses it does look like many are not actually Geocachers but ""experts" in the field of coordinates and their usage and consequently don't fully understand how us Geocachers generally use our GPS devices in the field.


    Just stating that we should ignore the 4th digit on say the Oregon 750 but on the Oregon 650 and earlier devices its only 3 digits causes lots of confusion as a number of comments have stated.




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  13. Having now read all the logs on this topic I really hope that Garmin make the change to the Firmware feature that will allow us "the users" to decide if we want a 2, 3 or 4 digit display on coordinates. It does not make sense for Geocaching.com to use one format and Garmin (one of the largest suppliers to us Geocachers) to decide otherwise.


    So come on Garmin get your act together please, just for once!!

  14. So my choice of maps is now limited ?

    I want to use the OS map as the base for my searching..... like the images attached. With the "new" mapping I dont get that choice?? Seems like a retrograde step to me.




  15. The new mapping said to come into operation on the 25th April DOES NOT provide the same functionality as now here in the UK

    Currently we can display any region in FULL OS map topology just by clicking the Map These Geocaches....... but now we dont get the option of using an OS map at all.


    Only by selecting an individual cache then use the Enlarge the map optio on that cache page can we see the full OS mapping.


    WHY? Surely we should be given the same level of options here in the UK as we have become used to..... seems like tinkering for the sake of tinkering....


    If it 'aint broke dont mend it is the moral


    Very dissappointed that this is being imposed on us for no good reason...sorry.

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  16. On 21/09/2018 at 6:09 PM, thebruce0 said:


    Actually while that would be nice, it's not HQ's responsibility to do this - the developer of the extension should (and from my experience certainly is) on top of keeping things compatible with new rolled out updates to gc.com.  Once the new map goes live (or maybe even before!) GME will undoubtedly be updated to be compatible again. It would be more beneficial to contact more directly the developers of the GME extension to make sure they're aware of the upcoming new compatibility-breaking gc.com map.

    The issue here is that the developers of the GME enhancements have to play catch up each time the mapping gets changed...and we the users then have to wait for the GME developers to get it working again....hardly fair to them is it?


    They do a great job as always....my real point is why keep changing the mapping when it works fine as it is for the majority of users?



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