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  1. WOW a GPS??? Never seen anything like that but did get a very cool unactivated geocoin.
  2. Any hope for a Florida topo map in the future? I've tried to create my own, but I guess its not my best skill thank you for your help, your other maps are........ to say the least GREAT!!!!!!
  3. Even though I do not own any TB's or coins at this point I understand your frustration, because I too feel the same way about trackable items. even again yesterday when I got home to log a TB, wouldn't ya' know it wasn't in the correct cache, so not only did it appear to be somewhere it wasn't, no miles were logged. So I once again moved it to the correcct location and notified the owner that their bug was not lost. I have been trying to help TB/coin owners find their missing items as I come across them. What do we need to do to make other cachers accountable for what they pick-up? I know that for quite some time I didn't realize you could just discover a TB/coin, maybe we need to make more people aware of that, so that way they can get "credit" for seeing it, and not taking it if they have no intention of followling the corrent goal or rules of TB/coin's. I admit I was not the best person at doing this myself in the past, but then we started seeing a major trend and I starting thinking... if that was mine I would be disappointed and frustrated. So now it is time to do something about it!! I am open to suggestions to try to help solve this problem and would love to be an advocate for this! I just don't know where to begin...
  4. Lately we have run into so many TB's and coins that are listed in a cache, and are not in the cache! Yet the previous cachers or cache owner have NOT taken the time to notify the owner that it is not where it is supposed to be. we have also been finding quite a few TB's/coins, in the incorrect caches and have had to move them to the correct cache before we could pick it up, as to make sure that the travel distance gets properly logged. Any ideas on what we (I) can do to get the word out to cachers that if they come across something that is not there or is there and isn't listed to just take 2 minutes out of their day and notify the owner, i'm sure you would appreciate it if it was your TB/coin... I have had to do a lot of this in the past two months, and it makes me sad because someone out there took the time to but thte tag or coin, and launch it for others to enjoy, and then other cachers don't respect their effort Team CeDo
  5. Just a quick question, where do we find the adoption form??? Thanks Team CeDo
  6. I did send an email to the reviewer, however he negelected to respond to me and to this day still has not.
  7. thanks to all the replied. but i do think that a "reviewer" needs to have a few more guidelines before they go and disable a cache especially so quickly!! thanks!!
  8. thanks, have really only had brobem with cameras in the past but would really hate to mess up the new gps and palm and then not be able to cache in Cozumel, Cayman brac, Belize, Hell and all the other places we are going to. Thanks!!!
  9. Recently a fellow cacher posted a "needs maintenance note" on one our caches and stated that due to all of the construction a good sized lake was removed from the area, so a Reviewer disabled our cache in less than 48 hours w/o giving us time to respond (we were at Universal Studios and caching in orlando, FL for the day) only to find, everything was still there and the big lake- well it was still there too. I have posted a needs maintenance note recently that a soaking wet log needs to be replaced in a cahce that we recently found. That cache has not been disabled by a reviewer and that was 6 days ago, nor has the owner posted a owners note. Is there any kind of guideline in place that allows a reviewer to disable your cache without doing the proper research and allowing for the owner of the cache ample time to go and check on it?? Yes we are, I'm sure considered newbe's by many of you out there, howeverwe have hidden some caches and the other cachers in our neck of the woods sure know who we are and that we take care of our caches!!! as well as follow the Geocaching guidelines. i also wrote a note to that reviewer and got absolutely no response. If there are no guidelines for the reviewers to follow in this situation, i think that some need to be implimented immediately. Fellow cachers were not able to go out and look for our cache, because someone who had less than 3 finds at the time-really screwed up and the Reviewer took action without doing research. NOT FAIR!!!
  10. we are 32 & 33 and I we have 2 children that love to cache, my daughter is 6 and son is 2 and loves to say " find it?" we have been doing this for a little over a year now!
  11. going to W. Carribean on 12-09 on a RC cruise from Tampa, have had probs w/ x-rays with other electronics in the past traveing abroad and wanted to know if anyone else has ever had a prob?? especially w/ my new gps? thanks
  12. Thank you I will do that now.
  13. I have a geocache that I have recently hid. My problem is that I entered the wrong coords. I went to try to update them but it gives me an error message saying that the new coords are too far away from the origional ones. Does anyone know how far away the new coords can be from the origional ones?
  14. After reading alot of the topics about palm pilots i've decided to order one just for geocaching. My question is I have found a palm IIIxe but is says works with windows 95 and 98, I am running windows XP, will it be compatible??
  16. thank you so much for your help, however i do not believe that there is an agency marking on this disk. If you look at my bio and look in the gallery there is a picture of the disc i found, let me know what you think- thanks
  17. While out looking for "Lost your marbles?" (which you had to be to find this one) in Myakka State Park, we came across this benchmark located at: N 27 15.957 and W: 082 17.482 it is on top of the dadgum on the eastern side, the water level was low enough to walk across to find the cache on the other side. On the way back i saw this, the benchmark was marked as follows: BM 6021 across the top of the disc , then there was a "T" bar in the middle of the disk the upper left had: LB55, the upper right: 23, the lowerleft: ELE, and the lower right: 15.99 at the bottom of the disc were the letters: WMBR. i have read info on the forum here about how to locate this, however NO luck as i am new to benchmarks. Could someone please help me to locate this. I was just suprised that with the caches that are in Myakka, that i was not able to find this one easier, i"m sure other hunters have seen. I do have a picture if you need them-thanks becky
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