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  1. Washington Township changed to Robbinsville Township
  2. Um, have to ask... By "special" do mean retarded? because if you do, I'm the "special" hide master! No harm or malice was intended by this post, the poster is simply being sarcastic and even used emoticons to prove the point... No rolleyeyes were harmed in the posting of this reply. Opps did I say "special"? I ment surroundings challenged....er something like that
  3. Garmin 60csx and Palm m130. Combo works great!!!
  4. I enjoy the hunt as well as the challenge of micros, however after hiking for 14 miles only to find a film cannister hanging from a tree right out in the open, We get a little irratated. It seems that they just wasted 500ft of potential hiding real estate. We have actually hidden an "anti micro", that is a full size container filled with film cannisters free for the taking.
  5. Garmin Oregon and a 100lb bag of 50's too!!!!
  7. I agree sell it now, you will be MUCH better off in the long run. Garmin or Delorme are the best way to go.
  8. I resolve to try and complete the Florida challenge (find one in every county).
  9. Back in 2002 I got a new bike, a brand new Yamaha R1. I had never had anything that powerful before so I really had no respect for its power. Well to make a long story short I was practicing wheelies and going about 80 MPH I flipped it over. The bike landed on my right ankle shattering it, my arms and back have road rash scars all over them. The main thing I remember is my helmet was cracked and the face shield totally scrached to the point that you couldnt see out of it. Had it not been for the helmet I would have not been here today or if I did make it I certainly would have not had much of my face left. Now I am a bit scared of motorcycles but do plan on getting a new FatBoy this year. To everyone who rides be safe and PLEASE wear your helmets, even if it's for a simple ride to the store or a friends house.
  10. you know you're a geocoin addict when...you respond to the person hosting the cointest in hopes of increasing your chances of winning another geocoin for your collection.
  11. Sounds like a very cool idea!!! would love to participate!!!
  12. Traditional 986 / 93.8 % Multi 36 / 3.42 % Mystery 16 / 1.52 % Event 6 / 0.57 % Virtual 6 / 0.57 % Webcam 1 / 0.09 % These are our numbers, working to bring up the last five.
  13. Sorry for your loss IMPG, We know you quite well and breifly knew Jimear1e and he will be missed. My father also died of cancer back in 2002 it was not an easy thing to deal with. If there is anything we can do to help honor him please let us know.
  14. Now that is funny!!!!!! Probably going straight to hell for it, but funny
  15. It can generate an income?????????? Now I can justify that new Garmin Oregon!!!
  16. I did not know that Garmin had a direct plug-in, kinda neat!
  17. Don't let people get you down, we too hide some real "special" ones. Some people just are simply out to pad their numbers and get pissed when the cache is anything more than a park and grab. People will appriciate your efforts before long and learn from your hide.
  18. Downlaad GSAK, its a great program and with that you will be able to manage your geocaches as well as download them into your magellan.
  19. YAY FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we hit #1000 this month Go Team CeDo
  20. I resolve to completely STOP wearing sandals Geocaching!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!
  21. Excellent contest and a GREAT thing that you rewarded both people that found it almost at the same time. Congrats to the winners!!!!!!!!!
  22. My kids also receive Christmas ornaments every year. This one is from Walt Disney World in Orlando. We have quite a few very special ornaments since our kids are age 4 and 8. The 4 year old is a boy and this is his. He loves Geocaching and constantly asks me when we can go "find it" those are his prefered words for geocaching.
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