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  1. Going to Oklahoma Helmets save lives!!
  2. Post Office - Downtown Salt Lake City 230 West 200 South Lbby, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 Helmets save lives! Wear one!
  3. going to Texas Helmets save lives!!
  4. 28 ounces. Watch other drivers carefully when riding!
  5. 24 packages were mailed. Watch other drivers carefully when riding!
  6. Post Office - Sugarhouse 1953 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 Helmets save lives! Wear one!
  7. 1. How many items did I mail?(Packages, not individual coins) 12 helmets save lives
  8. woo hoo!!!!!! Congrats LadyBee4T!!!!!!!!!
  9. and of couse thanks for the contest, Robert!!!
  10. And now you have another one!!!! This one's probably prettier that the one you had before, Red, and very Sparkly, and VERY easy to park. Hey I won! Thanks Robert! Thanks pretty funny that the one I commented on was the winner too. You're definitely right that this one is prettier than the one I had--red is my favorite color. Mine was black with red interior and it could go almost anywhere. I was pretty sad when somebody wasn't looking when they were pulling out and broadsided me. The poor car was totalled it I'm glad you won since you actually owned one of those cars!! It's kinda cool.
  11. This is a picture Taken Sunday of little Ce and little Do. The two found that one all alone without help. It was a wonderful day even though I think that was the only cache we got to do.
  12. 1987 ford taurus helmets save lives
  13. 1983 ford thunderbird helmets save lives
  14. 1982 ford granada helmets save lives
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