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  1. 49 ounces Helmets save lives, Wear one!
  2. That was very nice of you Opalsns, Thank you!!
  3. Great Eartha! Glad to see you found a good fitting helmet! Is it me, or is the whole thread starting to sound like a porn flick application????? LOL!!!!! Opalsns we used to use this saying when I was younger......."your mind is in the gutter" LOL LOL LOL
  4. 48 ounces Helmets save lives! Good morning Opalsns!!
  5. Good Morning 20 packages Helmets save lives!
  6. Reciept was 38.25 inches Helmets save lives!
  7. Sent 23 packages Helmets save lives!
  8. 37.0 inches for recipt Helmets save lives!
  9. Sent 9 packages Helmets save lives!
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