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  1. These are AWESOME!! and I love the name
  2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. My favorite part was figuring out the TB number with Opalsns! That was a mind workout..I still have blisters on my brain!!! LOL
  4. Friends don't let friends use peanut butter jars!
  5. Is he really??? Because from the moment I grabed it... it is not moving!!! did I used more force while I was grabing dead fred and I killed him???
  6. Come on Groundspeak, Is there any reason at all that we can't see a few screen shots of the new app?? I realize that it takes time to work out the bugs and all, but throw us a bone for a glimmer of hope.
  7. Agreed! Well put! Pretty much EVERY other android app on the market does it this way. Then you won't loose potential customers to other apps like you are doing every single day.
  8. Rex???? Our kids love Build-A-Bear!!
  9. Thank you for the cointest. Anticipation The cache grows closer It is just over that hill Always tread lightly
  10. Meow!!! thank you so much for the cointest!! We are a cat family, Tigger is a Hemingway, Jack is a Mainecoon and Leo our kitten is a Highland Lynx. We rescued Jack and Leo. Every day when our son comes home from VPK he says "Hi Meow" instead of Hi mom Thanks again we had fun coming up with different names!! (will send a PM with our address) Team CeDo
  11. I'll have to go with version 2, It just grabs my eye more Thank you and it doesn't matter what coin design you choose they all look awesome!!
  12. Voted Had 3 that I loved, but narrowed it down:) Thank you!
  13. WOW, this is a really neat idea! It is a great way to get some people into geocoins, and at the same time releasing some more coins into the wild ) Hats off to everyone involved in this! Team CeDo
  14. Hello everyone!! I havn't been on the forums in quite some time. I ran into seeker family at an event a few weeks ago and that made me think of all the wonderful guys and girls on this forum! I'll make it a point to get back on here more often! Be safe and as always WEAR THOSE HELMETS!! Team CeDo
  15. I am VERY excited to hear that an android app is coming!!! Also for what its worth i'd love to test it as well.....
  16. my turntable spun a song called,, watch in your mail,, sent days ago!!lol We received to most awesome package from Opalsns!!!! Thank you very much, There will be some happy campers at the upcoming event! I can't wait to see what D.J. has in store for them!
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