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  1. 3.9 million members just a guess Light on for safety
  2. 37,500 just a guess Light on for safety
  3. 3.5 million Helmats save lives, Wear one!
  4. 64 deaths 699 injuries Wear your helmet
  5. In the Netherlands bicycle paths are widespread and are (in the cities) not allowed for scooters. Cyclists in the Netherlands are well protected as the law assumes the stronger participant (i.e. the car) guilty party in all accidents involving weaker traffic unless evidence of the opposite is provided. Furthermore, drivers know to expect bikes, which are plentiful and treat traffic rules more as guidelines. Due to these issues the number of car-bike collisions with serious consequences is not alarmingly high in the Netherlands
  6. Sorry to hear about the insurance. A few years ago a had a claim with my auto insurance company, that I had been with for the longest time. They covered my boat, jet ski, car, and motorcycle at the time. They dropped me just as soon as I filed the claim.....first claim ever and not even my fault! Funny how they operate! now seems almost impossible to get homeowners in the state of Florida. Gee they have to pay out some claims, but what about all of those years of not paying out??? Watch your back while riding....someone else may not be!
  7. Drive defensively, You will save Time, Money, and quite possibly you LIFE!
  8. Be bright at night! Wear reflective COLORS!
  9. Dont become a Dead Fred!!!! Ride carefully!
  10. Ever drop an egg................Wear a Helmet!
  11. Is that a helmet on your head, or are you just happy to see me?
  12. Use your head for something other than a hat rack......Like for driving!
  13. Use your mirrors, They arent just for checking your make-up!
  14. Eyes on the road, Conditions could change at any time!
  15. Heck i'll trade a Garmin Oregon for MY wife!!!!!
  16. A motorcycle is Not a toy, Respect it!
  17. Roses are red Skin has many pores Ride with caution Because the life you save may be Yours!
  18. ok,ok,ok, too many people think they know when it will be SO...... I will end it!...IT IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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