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  1. WOW, Thank you very much! What a great person you are to take the time to dedicate a cointest to our VERY helpful mods. The true winners here are the mods thank you all for doing such a great job.
  2. I'd say its a multi. There is another one similar in the area GCK83H Keep up the good work! We need some more caches in the area! Such a nice place with alot of hiding potential.
  3. I feel that each and every moderator deserves a HUGE thank you! But the one that I feel deserves the most credit would be Eartha. She has gone above and beyond on the Todie's Wild Ride thread. She not only puts up with our MANY posts there, but she actually took the time to help us there by ending mini-cointests, and doing things to help us spread bike awareness. Thank You Eartha!
  4. We are trying to do some work at our community center for earthday.
  5. I would like people for Earth Day to quit throwing garbage out of their window of their cars. Our roads are getting trashed!!!!!
  6. Just in case i'm off doing easter egg hunts with the kids and eating ham tomorrow......Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!
  7. OMG..... That is beautiful!!!!!!!! What coin is that??
  8. Dead Fred???? LOL......where is he these days? Hmmm...............LOL Wanted 1 dead Fred!!!!! IF FOUND keep!!!!!!
  9. Thank you all!!!! for the minute of silence for Tod!!! PLEASE ride carefully
  10. CONGRATULATIONS WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E-mail me your address Congratss!!!! i'm still going for 2nd place though!!!!!!!
  11. Now, moment of silence please! FOR TOD
  12. WOW its like watching the ball at new years!!!!!!!!
  13. OH we can do it!!!!!!!!!! FLORIDA time..... LOL
  14. 200 pages with almost 10,000 posts (and growing)???!!! WOW- Roddy you should be VERY proud of what you have accomplished with this thread. There are geocachers and people of all ages all over the WORLD now more aware of bike safety. You deserve ALOT of credit for creating such a sucessful and important thread. Tod would be very proud you. I'm confident that this thread has alreaday saved a life, and prevented an accident and will continue to do so. I personally would like to say Thank You Rod! and may you RIP Tod, you have touched the hearts of all of us. I think when we do hit 10,000 every one one this thread should take a moment of silence in honor of Tod!!! Happy Easter everyone PLEASE be extra cautious on the roads during a Holiday weekend!!
  15. All I have to say is...... What a great cointest! Certainly not the easiest one I have ever attempted!
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