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  1. On two separate computers, both won't display cache pages in MSIE. The laptop works with chrome and the destop works with firefox. MSIE happens to be my default browser on these and it is most frustrating. (Both are win 7 pro.)
  2. Thinking about it, even better would be a "Convert all MY logs to Markdown" button. Could this be done?
  3. I have occasionally used HTML links in my logs. Is there a way of getting a list of them somehow - or do I have to step through every single one to find out? BTW, I like the new "Convert your log from HTML to Markdown" button, it works nicely (for me).
  4. The problem is that "How to Format" text don describe all requirements or possibilities. The italic, bold and bold there is a space before the first * and after the last. It was changed today i suspect so that som popular {*FTF*} tags and some user name don't become {FTF} in italic like they did when it was relived yestereday Add a space after the second * and it will be italic. Space is not completely correct. It can also be beginning of line , end of line. After the second * (but not before the first *) it can also be , . ; : and perhaps som other character i did not test. That worked - Thanks
  5. I wrote a log a couple of weeks ago in Markdown, which wasn't active then, and it converted itself today ok. So I added a note in italic to say it had worked and the italic note wasn't in italic. See http://coord.info/GLKX3G1Y Anyone any idea what is going wrong with italic? Is it me or Groundspeak?
  6. Thanks - I knew that, it is just that yesterday there was no pencil, trash can or image upload icon. They are there today. Strange...
  7. I have managed to log a TB visit on the wrong date. Hoping to edit it, I "visited log", but there is no edit or delete option I can see. Is it possible to correct the log?
  8. Thanks for the above. I did open in new window and got a "log-in". Then I edited the address manually to be https:// and the page opened properly. How do we contact Groundspeak to ask them to either make http:// work or to change the link to https:// ?
  9. For the last couple of days, I've noticed that many (not all) username links at the top left of each cache page are broken when accessed from MSIE (on Win 7). They seem to work from Firefox. What happens is that I get taken to a "you have to login to view this" page. Logging in (again) takes you to the same "you must login" page. I'm guessing a subtle server change has happened. I now have to highlight and copy the user name, goto my profile page and then to "Find other geocachers", paste their name and behold the profile opens.
  10. Anyone know what the different colours for each line indicate. It doesn't look random to me, yet I can't find a legend to explain it...
  11. Thanks for the partially useful info - it doesn't really explain what to do. But more specifically you have to know about it to be able to look it up. GS help is sadly generally poor.
  12. I've been geocaching for years. Today I discovered that you can input corrected coordinates for a cache - I saw references in other forum posts. So I go to geocaching.com help center and search for "corrected coordinates". Zero hits. Try just "corrected" - 1 result about trackables. Groundspeak help and documentation is hopeless. It only works if you already know how it works and want a refresher. You can't find anything from scratch, especially when you don't know the right terminology. So you resort to the forums where the search ability is ABYSMAL (not allowed to search for short words - make them longer! - but then they aren't the word I'm searching for!!!) EVENTUALLY I found a reference to the pen symbol beside the coordinates on the cache page. This took me over 20 minutes to track down. Getting that info should have been quick and painless. So WHERE is the info describing the various features of the various pages and how do you get to it from a page of that type?
  13. I've recenty started playing with PQs and have made 3 or 4 successfully. It is obvious from the PQ page that you can make a PQ of a bookmark list (It is mentioned below the list of PQs created.) But I can find nothing that says HOW TO create one. (I now know having done a search on the forum - you open the list and scroll to the bottom of the page - but something ON or LINKED FROM the PQ page should have told me this.) So where is the official documentation on how to generate Boomark list PQs please?
  14. "Me too". Several of my (93) caches have 2012 last found dates and at least some have been found this year.
  15. In the past few days, I and another friend have both observed any geocaching.com webpage usually misloads once or twice, forum or cache page. That is you click a link and get an almost immediate "Page not found". Press refresh and it (often) appears (keep refreshing until it does work). This ONLY applies to geocaching.com, all other web pages seem ok. We both use XP, I use MSIE, friend uses firefox. So what have Groundspeak changed to make this problem occur? Can the change be undone? It feels to me as though they have set some timeout option to half-a-nanosecond or something ridiculous. (I expect this post will fail - I'll press refresh until it works - it may end up posting multiple copies, so apologies in advance if it does.)
  16. In my case I work 30 miles from home and can take a different route each way each day. I generally do "easy" caches and always prepare 2 or 3 to allow for problems on arrival at GZ. It probably uses up around 30 minutes a day. CCD 1026 at present.
  17. Is it just me or have others the same problem? My recently viewed list appears frozen at its state of earlier today and it isn't chnsging to reflect pages I have just looked at. ===sgb
  18. Thanks, that is a useful site.
  19. I've now managed a streak of just over 1000 days. I know of another UK cacher with a streak of 1500. Anyone know who/what the longest streak for a UK cacher is?
  20. Sorted. I must have mistyped something anyway the o turned out to be an Oh rather than a zero. Sorry to have bothered you all.
  21. This has happened to me twice in recent days. The first one I discovered and assume I wrote the tracking code down wrongly. I emailed the owner with what I had of the code but no reply... The second one, TB46E2V, I took and is on my desk. Using A for a letter, D for a digit o for the round character that I never know if it is a aero or an Oh, its code is AoDDAA. I have tried both A0DDAA and AODDAA and neither is recognised. Does the case of the letters matter? Any suggestions folk? (Probably won't look for replies for 5 days...)
  22. The normal zoomed in puzzle icon is a blue question mark on a white background. Is there anyway of changing this on specific caches to indicate that I have solved the puzzle, even if I have not yet found it? (Eg a red question mark or a red background or ...) ===sgb
  23. Each cache page has two maps. The first shows the position of the icon in the context of the area - usually good enough to identify a local town... The second shows the detail of the area and includes car parking places, reference points et al. This second map has a link above it "View larger map". However it does not show the same thing on a larger map. It takes you to the standard geocaching map, with the cache icons in the locality. When I want that, I click on "For online maps... [Geocaching.com Map]". Can one get a larger map which includes car parking places, reference points et al. I don't care if other cache icons are present as well.
  24. I don't understand what is wrong with post - cache, tree - cache, post - cache etc. If you don't want to do them, don't. However for those who seem to dislike these type of caches, how about a third rating "Quality" which could perhaps be initially set by the C.O. but do some form of averaging on results submitted by finders (and perhaps even by Did not finders)? ===sgb
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