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  1. The reference to pitch forks was not just patronising - it was racist! In the UK we have laws about this. I second the requirement for Groundspeak to explain - they are a commercial organisation so if push comes to shove we can withold our premium memberships fees.
  2. Now can you please explain the concept of 'training'? I've just looked the word up and it suggests "the activity of imparting and acquiring skills". Having just re-checked the Commando Challenge website I can confirm that its aim is to 1. raise money for charity and 2. have fun getting muddy - my précis not theirs. Perhaps some training in the art of screwing others to sponsor me is fair enough, but for my part I specialised in 2 as a child - ergo NO TRAINING REQUIRED AT ALL!
  3. You'll find that a lot of geocachers are purists and frown on satnavs but it can be done - see this thread. My TomTom has a better chip than my Etrex so gets a better signal. I download geocaches to it using GSAK so I can not only navigate to the parking (IMO TomTom knocks the spots off Garmin for road use) but I can also use it to find the cache. That said a hand-held GPS is far easier to hold/use in the field so I still use one but I'll still use my TomTom to pick up the odd cache that I wasn't expecting to pass. You'll find that with all the new innovation in GPS on PDAs, phones, PSPs, etc the days of the traditional outdoor GPS may well be numbered.
  4. Now a 'Bank official' who's not computer literate, eh! Perhaps we should know which bank in case we naeed to transfer our account!!!! Hope to get there this tme.
  5. I though geocaching was all about having fun. If some choose to log caches they have not actually completed then who are they cheating? Only themselves. Anyway, how far do you go? I did a few caches last w/e in the company of other geocachers. We went out as a group and all searched on arrival but only one of us actually found the box. Does this mean that only they can log it? I have one or two caches of my own that require an adventurous excursion on the route. If some in the party don't do the exciting bit for whatever reason I'm not going to stop them from logging it - we all play the game, our own way; and it is only a game after all . Back on topic: If you want to request a photo as proof then by all means ask for one - but don't get wound up if not all do, some may not even have the technology.
  6. KernewesLaura, can you edit down the size of that pic? I feel for those without broadband.
  7. Shoot the monkey! Edited to add: Contact Edgemaster or Lord Elf, they seem to be the script whizzes.
  8. Nice photos Wendy. I however have the honour to have been bitten by an adder last October whilst out doing maintenance on one of my caches. It was my own fault as I was trying to pick it up to show my wife and kids. I should explain that I knew what I was doing as I was taught how to handle snakes on a marine biology course of all things many years ago. I was bitten because its 30+ years since I last did it and being a small adder I was being very gentle so as not to hurt it - unfortunately I was being too gentle. The bite had me in hospital for 2 days, off work and in extreme pain from a swollen arm and upper torso for 4 weeks and I still have some slight effects even now 6 month later. Just in case you need the information see the BMJ website for treatment information - most hospitals A&E departments are not experienced in them. I used to always carry gardening gloves in my caching bag before but now I ALWAYS wear them before poking into holes, etc. when seeking the cache - lesson learned!!! Now, does anyone fancy doing my geocache.....!!!
  9. 5 miles should be no problem in 2.5 hours even with your young'uns. Remember, unlike us youthful geocachers, Maple Leaf is getting on in years and her memory's probably playing tricks
  10. Now a little bird let slip that Kimberly is not doing the 7 miler herself - wise girl! Would you like to join the Cache me if you can team on Saturday Kim, we love to welcome you?
  11. Wendy Really great to see the pictures, sorry we couldn't be there. Hope you chose yourself a nice hunky policeman to take home with you, preferably a dog handler so Caesar doesn't miss out! Sarah & Robin XX
  12. You can now get a USB cable for the eTrex - example here. It's probably the better choice as the serial one (that I use) is ever so slow and newer PCs don't always have a serial port.
  13. I'm up for it - I'd love to join you all on your special day.
  14. If you want a link to the next Bristol/Somerset one it's here. Open to all and only a month away now - I know that you'd be most welcome.
  15. You're on! A team of Bristol/Somerset cachers have risen to The Kinkys challenge and now entered - I'm not sure if we've got a name yet. Our esteemed leader Commander Cartooner (none other than Dick Darsatrdly himself) will be along later to clarify and bump this thread. I'm sure there's room for more in our team. Being our first year we are going for the 3 mile one on Saturday so it may be we need to organise a second social event for us less than tuffies if other geocaching groups do similar. Come on now the rest of you!
  16. You MUST go to the easten part of the park and walk along the Llangattock Escarpment - park at the Craig-y-Cilau National Nature Reserve N 51° 49.888 W 003° 08.933. There are now several caches there and some wonderful walks. Drive to here from Brynmawr along the old tram track and scare yourself silly with the drops! Then go on to one of my favourites, Chartist`s view
  17. Gosh. I wasn't aware of the posts to caches ratio rule. It seems that I'm also guilty as charged! But then I was naively led to believe that geocaching was not about the numbers!
  18. Well I've seen double posts before but this really takes the biscuit.
  19. CONGRATULATIONS Welcome to the madhouse
  20. Try McDeHack who seems to use it with GSAK - see this post. He responded quickly to a query I sent him. .
  21. Don't worry, it was a double post. See here for the answered one.
  22. Older (non-H) Etrex has globe logo Etrex H has no globe logo
  23. But how can you use your own judgement without the information on the cache page?
  24. I'm surprised the finders didn't log it as a find! I'd have posted "coordinates way out!"
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