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  1. There are several ways to visualise the waypoints you have created on EasyGPS, one is to use Google Earth: 1. Save your waypoints on EasyGPS as a .gpx file. 2. In your internet browser navigate to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map?form=googleearth (save it as a favourite!) 3. Click on 'Browse' under the "Upload your GPS data files here: ?" section and locate the file you just saved 4. Click on "Create KML file" 5. This will create a new page with a link - open it et voilà
  2. I think that this thread attempts to tackle that one - too complcated for me.
  3. Funnily enough I always add 555. Now which is the best, 500 or 555? "There's only one way to find out........ Fight!"
  4. I don't know you personally Ruston but doesn't this imply that you might have a signal blocking butt! I'll now retire to a safe distance.
  5. Another option is to use the free version of EasyGPS - Oops! will TPTB consider this advertising? Using Edit; Preferences... then the 'My Coordinates Format' tab you can add and switch between DMM WGS 84 (geocaching coords) and BNG Ord Srvy Grt Britn (OS coords). Edited to add: I have absolutely no connection with whoever owns or controls EayGPS, I'm just a grateful user.
  6. Fully agree with Ruston. Provided you reset your trip before departing your GPS will tell you exactly how far you have been, how long it took you, how long you stopped, what underwear you were wearing, and other relatively irrelevant information. Power to your GPS!
  7. Never mind the quantity, feel the width! I'd do it and I'm sure get more fun out of it .
  8. I think Nobby has summed this up very well and I add my support to his request of Jeremy. Robin
  9. I'd love to come but 18 May is too short notice. Any chance you could suggest a later date with more time to make the necessary arrangements? At time of posting this thread's had 80+ views but no posts - might this be one reason why? FMC
  10. CONGRATULATIONS Looking forward to next year's 2001 Event already. But why did you have to drag this old man around that mountain hike yesterday? Woke up this morning and even my stiff bits are stiff! Very well done; so glad you opened the invitation so we could share it with you. FMC
  11. Sorry Edgemaster, I've fixed it by un-installing then reinstalling. Great to have them back. Many thanks again. FMC
  12. BUMP. In case anyone needs a reminder that this, and the EVENT are today. Weather's perfect for walking,
  13. Agreed GC.com does have the monopoly but it is generally agreed that monopolies are not good. You are correct there are few UK geocaches on other listings but that would soon change if we all moved our caches en mass to another site such as GCUK if it set up the ability. Groundspeak have been at pains to point out recently that we "own" our caches so we would be perfectly at liberty to archive them and move then. I'm also sure that many of us would even be prepared to pay an annual subscription to support such a move. Food for thought? Whilst I'm stopping short of making this as a hard and fast suggestion at this stage at least it's an argument to get Gropundspeak to listen to the UK community's issues. At the end of the day they are only a commercial organisation and we are free to take our custom elsewhere if we are not receiving a service.....
  14. I am also only getting the "Sorry this map tile cannot be served...." message both evening and morning so will look forward to an answer.
  15. Me thinks a regional tour, or should that be a royal progress, would be in order. I'd be happy to organise one in this region (not that 'what is a region' chestnut again!) as there are many locals who would love to meet, greet and thank them. Dec's could join as well. Book the coach!
  16. Wouldn't that only hurt us, not Groundspeak? I'd vote for non-renewal of premium membership. I only pay it to contribute to the game I enjoy as I'd not miss pocket queries. Edited to add: I suggest we keep drawing it to the attention of the main US forum.
  17. There is already an anti-Groundspeak rebellion going on in the UK Forum. Closing threads like this on the main forum where UK geocachers are just trying to bring it to the attention of the whole geocaching community won't further you cause. Remember you are a commercial concern dependant on our subscriptions.
  18. Help please. I've been unable to log into GeocacheUK since it got up and running again. It doesn't recognise my username and password. I have tried re-registering but it won't let me as my username is already in use. I emailed Teasle some while ago but the poor chap must be snowed under. Can anyone else who is a GeocacheUK official help? I need to get on now given Groundspeak's appalling attitude to our now sadly ex-UK reviewers. Thanks
  19. What more can I add? A truly black day for geocaching in the UK. Dave (and Peter) you have both been more than marvellous - easily seen from the responses on these 2 threads. You both deserve some time off to go out caching yourselves, enjoy the time off. I'm only so sorry your departure has been under such circumstances. I'm wondering how we, as a UK community, should respond to Groundspeak? I'm tempted to think I'll hit them where it hurts when my membership comes around. The very best of luck to both of you. Robin
  20. The game's afoot: Follow your spirit; and upon this charge Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'
  21. I'm sorry, Father Jack but that's been now been banned by the EU (not the yanks this time) as non vinery compliant. If you want the distillation of the forbidden fruit of paradise with beaded bubble bursting at the brim and purple stained mouth then you'll have to go underground. I'm sure you know where to source it. ;)
  22. It could be an Earth Cache - or should that be a 'sticking out of the earth cache'?
  23. "Rules are for the interpretation of the wise and the blind following of fools." IMHO our UK moderators have done a fantastic job and should be left to get on with it without interruption form those abroad. At the very least they should have discussed it with our mod's who put in a fantastic amount of work on their behalf and allowed them to bring this up without the antagonism that direct intervention has created. Having a world-wide rule makes sense but it should be open to regional interpretation - we are all different and praise be! sorry I've had to remove a phrase due to a complaint from a US citizen Deceangi
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