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  1. Those trolleys certainly deserve a 5 star rating Paul. I see why you choose the most remote locations to cache now
  2. Printing off the whole cache page is hardly environmentally, or economically, friendly! Far better to cut & paste the relevant bits for many caches onto a single sheet. Knowing Fuchsiamagic personally he left out a stage: 2A: Use every which way I can to Google the stages before I set out to shortcut the cache!!!
  3. Please don't stop. I'm one of those that really enjoys a good cache description with lots of info' on why it's been placed there, etc. I try to put as much as possible on my pages including links. As has been said above it's a good description/story that will entice me to visit. I do accept, however, that there are many number freaks out there that don't - that's OK, let them play the game the way they want, they are free not to read the detail. I too, when catching a quick cache whilst passing on a work trip, might not always read the listing until afterwards, but I'll always read it. A cautionary story: A new cache popped up near me one evening whilst I was at home on the PC. Knowing there are several prolific FTF hunters around here I grabbed the coords and rushed out. Hurrah, FTF! Cache duly logged I returned home with a smile on my face only to read the full description and, horror of horrors, there at the foot of the description (now kindly edited by the owner to save me embarrassment) was the request "This is a children's cache. Please let children be FTF". Lesson learned - I've never lived it down Sorry Sandford Sallies!
  4. I've not been able to log in for ages now and emails to Teasel don't get answered.
  5. Thanks Team Sieni, this is useful. Sorry to be a total numpty but how do I subscribe to it?
  6. Happy to do a quick 'idiot guide' when I'm home this evening if others have not already done so by then. Big Wolf's already given you the GSAK macros to generate the *ov2 files but you also need to change settings to: 1 let the TomTom show the caches 2. warn you when you are nearing them 3. change the compass so it points the right way 4. select the best coord format 5. get the cache icon how you like it
  7. Well I don't see this thread being left here for long but am I alone in thinking that collecting ingredients whilst I'm out geocaching is any more off topic than at least 30% of the current UK threads? See this thread to see why. And there was me naively thinking it was our forum!
  8. A couple of recipe posts on the Nettles thread has inspired me to start another thread sharing country recipes we could gather whilst out caching, especially as now is the perfect time for harvesting some ingredients. To start the ball rolling one of my favourites for a quick non-alcoholic (well almost) summer drink that's available now and only takes 5 days to make is Elderflower Cordial . It's a great refreshing drink to take caching with you on a hot day and the kids can even make it if supervised: 20 elderflower heads - without stalks 2 lemons - sliced very thinly 4 lbs (I'm old fashioned - use 2 bags in the UK) granulated sugar 3 pints boiling water 2.5 tea spoons citric acid Campden tablet - get from brewing shop/larger chemist 1. Mix all ingredients except the last together in a clean bucket and pour on boiling water. 2. Cover with tea towel and stir well every day 3. After 5 days strain through a muslin bag or 'er indoors old tights - preferably clean and without her in them! 4. Add crushed Campden tablet and stir well. 5. Bottle and enjoy - dilute to taste, about half what you'd use for orange squash. Now what's your recipe?
  9. The sugestion of your being "molestered" certainly made me sit up Hazel - the mind boggles! I'll have to come caching with you sometime, it sounds great fun
  10. Please don't feel embarrassed at a failed find, we all do it - it's just not everyone admits to it! Again, there are no expectations - we all play this game the way we want. I suppose that is why the original posted question is asking the opinion of others as to how they do it in this case. Personally I'd either write a note or log a DNF depending on which button I pressed when I logged it - to me it matters not which as it's only a game. I would however leave some kind of log as to me it is my own personal record, or diary if you like, of my geocaching activity. Happy caching!
  11. Fine, you're happy with it and I'm happy for you. I do take exception to you accusing me of "narrow-minded national prejudices" though. If you read my posts I was suggesting something that would be applicable to ALL areas of the world, not just the UK, not just the USA, but anywhere. Just because you disagree with me on this (and elsewhere) is no reason to start name calling. Let's keep the discussion civilised, as it was until now. Here, here to The Hornet! Now what did Walt Disney say? "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all!"
  12. It was deliberately designed like that by Groundspeak to offset the caches so folk couldn't find them just using GE. I have no idea why though as to find a cache all you need to do is paste the coordinates from the cache listing into GE search window and hey presto it's spot on. You can even use this method to allow new users to try geocaching before forking out on a gps - you need to be selective thogh going for caches you can make out in GE. So IMHO not a waste of space at all but a useful way of seeing caces on the ground in areas I'm visiting.
  13. For those of you who have been suffering those dreaded yellow pins showing geocaches in Google Earth the bug's at last been fixed - see this thread showing how to make it work..
  14. Just popped in from the UK forum. New maps are ok but can we please change to the usual Google maps +/- symbols? Using american terminology is near sighted for an international game. To me a 'state' is what this change has got (or should I say 'gotten' ?) me into!
  15. A very similar project was run about a year + ago, sorry I can't remember who or why, just that I took part - it's my age! . Can anyone else who took part remember so we can point Micale in thst direction for som hints and tips? It might have been a student working for Hewlett Packard?
  16. Maple leaf posted a thread on the GAGB Forum congratulating alan g and Pauline on their wedding last week. As it's not getting many sightings I thought it worth drawing attention to it here. Many must know Alan given his length of service and might want the opportunity to pass on their congrats.
  17. If it helps you can have my yellow Etrex that doesn't suffer this problem. I'll take your old colorado off your hands in return.
  18. There appears to be quite a few routes already set up (many by "Sanne o Mats"). Searching using the keyword "Canal" gives the following list; Middlesex Canal Series Huddersfield Narrow Canal Union Canal Scotland Kennet and Avon Canal Huddersfield Broad Canal Monmouth + Brecon Canal Staff and Worcs - Aldersley Junction to Penkridge BCN - Old Turn to Aldersley Junction Kennet + Avon Canal - Bath to Newbury Llangollen canal Birmingham and Fazeley - Fazeley Junction to Old Turn Coventry Canal - Fazeley Junction to Fradley Junction Trent and Mersey Canal River Soar - Leichester to Trent Lock Grand Union, Leichester Section 1 - Market Harborough to Leichester Grand Union, Leichester Section 2 - Norton Junction to Foxton Locks Grand Union - Kingswood Junction till Norton Junction Old Turn (Deep Cuttings Junction) to Kingswood Junction Possibly, other keywords will turn up more. Can I add the Bridgwater to Taunton canal to the list? Several caches along it and though not all are in a linked series some follow the planetary theme of the canal-side solar walk - Misc link - Leaflet download (410 KB) .
  19. Fantastic to see that we are moving in the right direction and that Groundspeak can listen and learn though I still fail to see why the Commando Challenge has been singled out. Basically there are 2 geocaching events, one for spectators and another post-challenge event in the evening both open to all - no requirement to take part in the charity challenge at all (neither event can be published due to the 3 month rule). Also several geocachers will be doing the challenge whilst searcing for the series of geocaches based around this event - I take it that there is no ban on naming geocaches on nearby annual happenings? Under these circumstances I would have thought that there was no problem with discussing this all on the UK forum. There was never any intention in any of the threads to solicit funds for the Royal Marines chosen charities, rather it was for geocachers to have some fun getting muddy which is something many obviously enjoy - see the excellent video here. What's the harm? Rant over now, let's get back to caching!
  20. Having missed the South Wales event this year it was great to se some video - thanks. Was the film backwards? It seems that the line-up at the beginning was to have them shot!!!! We clearly have a new South Wales team for the commando geocaching event in October - see this link or this closed one!
  21. I disagree that this thread be closed. There will, I'm sure, be others like me who have given up on reading these now long running threads but would like to know about this cahnge. I personally came across it on the GAGB 'General' forum and suggested it be posted here - don't we want folk to know that Groundspeak can change?
  22. Thanks for this great post Geo.Kitten, not enough of us take time out to say thanks to the great virtual community out there on the UK forum. Can I please add my thanks as well as I still learn loads from here. Now, to bring it down to earth with a bump, less of all this talk of fluffy kittens please, it's upsetting my dog!
  23. Doh! Bitten by the double post monster! I've realised I can put this double-post to good use. I see from your profile that you hail from the area so why not come along to the very informal Somerset/Bristol quarterly event this Friday in Weston-super-Mare? All local, and not so local, cachers are welcome.
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