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  1. The trouble is it results in you being 'too darned nice' to the wrong person. Why not be nice to the general geocaching community who may also fall foul of visiting a badly maintained cache rather than to someone who seems to have lost interest in his/her own cache?
  2. I normally use Google Chrome as my browser and I have just discovered that this was why it was not working for me. I just tried it using the dreaded IE and it worked, I now have 3 months premium membership added - thanks Garmin. I suppose I should have sussed this earlier as I can't do my internet banking with Chrome either. Methinks I'll now download Firefox. As an aside I had emailed both Groundspeak and Garmin about the problem. Groundspeak did reply offering help but I've not heard a squeek yet from Garmin.
  3. I registered 3. I've logged out several times yet still my membership date hasn't changed, I didn't even receive the "Congratulations! - Your Groundspeak Premium Membership is now active until ??/??/????" email. Anyone got an email address for Garmin?
  4. The other big plus for TT's maps is that it gives us another gps activity (or game to play) whilst our cacching. Let's face it we must be a bit tecci/nerdy to Geocache - using boy's toy's to find a hidden box of tat . Why not extend our nerdiness and upload the tracks we create when finding caches to add/correct missing paths/roads, etc.to the OSM? Not only does this contribute to the map but, who knows, one day you may even be able to apply the skills learned to volunteer and help save lives. IMHO Martin's maps are BRILLIANT!
  5. Does being bitten by an adder count? Lesson learned = ALWAYS wear gloves before groping in a hole/under a log for the cache!
  6. A proper field test today and with 3.9 the odometer reads the same as the track log distance - RESULT! For those not in the know the Oregon's odometer had been highly unreliable in past software versions giving an exaggerated distance reading.
  7. In case you missed it Garmin have now released Oregon x50 Software 3.9 - maybe in response to the issues with 3.8. *mouse* & keehotee were kind enough to test 3.8 on their units (turning them to bricks in the process ) so I have volunteered to be the sacraficial pig on this update and installed 3.9 on mine using Webupdater. All appears to be fine (touch wood) though not yet tested in the field. It's the "Fixed issues with odometer distance" which most attracted me but there are other claimed benefits - see here for info, etc.
  8. Very useful thread - thanks for starting it Mouse. Because of this I put off updating my 550 until today. Took the advice offered and today used Webupdater and all seemed to go well - now working fine on 3.80/4.52. Like Mouse & Keehote I've not used the Webupdater before - lesson learned, thanks. I'm curious why it ask you to have fully charged batteries; doesn't it use the pc's power when connected?! Also I don't like the way the Webupdater ends, leaving you to close down the further updates page - why doesn't it give a 'you have successfully updated and can now close this programme' message for less confident pc users like me?!
  9. Copy the email to the reviewers and hope they take some action. Better still name & shame them here!
  10. Thanks also to Chris & Jen. It's so great that one can ask a question here and rely on such a quick response. I'm just off to post a new topic "How do I find that crock of gold"!
  11. There used to be an option to export a cache page as a pd file, it was towards the top of the listing - I've only just noticed that it's gone. I use it to send a copy of my own premium caches to non-premium members I was allowing to do the cache. Does anyone know how I can now export the page to a pdf?
  12. Why delete their log? What difference does it make to you? If they wish to count it for whatever reason they see fit then surely that's up to them. I agree that I probably would not count it as a find myself but I understand that others play their own way and I don't know the full circumstances of their find. After all this is a game, not a competition. Have fun and play it how you want so long as it doesn't interfere with others pleasure of the game. Deleting logs is heavy handed.
  13. As I've not been on the forum for a quite a while I can't remember if publicising an event is considered to be 'bad form'. Therefore in my ignorance I'm going to mention a CITO that takes place this Sunday at Sand Bay LINK on the Bristol Channel. It's been organised by a very young cacher so it would be great if any locals, or not so locals, could come and support it.
  14. I believe you need to select the cache in question (go to) before you can see the hints, etc.
  15. Maybe not a telling off but both his original reply and subsequent your retort could have been said in a much more pleasant way. I'm not surprised the Evil Poles got the hump.
  16. Thanks again Martin - I don't respond each time but I download them every week - brilliant!.
  17. I forgot to post a Thank You for finding this, so thank you Madproforg - great find. Mind you I've enjoyed using your utility up to now - if only I could programme like you lot!
  18. Great tip hoyshnin - thanks for drawing our attention to this. By the way you don't need a converter - just change GE to agree: Tools>Options> then change Show Lat/Long to Decimal Degrees.
  19. I may well be able to come. Fancy sharing a lift Maple Leaf?
  20. Don't forget that this is all run by a US company, Groundspeak. They apply US rules/philosophies globally and, being typically American have trouble accepting that other countries/cultures do things differently and can differentiate between charities and profit-making companies - sorry for the racist slur but 'tis generally true. The mods used to apply a UK bias logic but a couple of years ago Groundspeak got typically heavy and tied their hands.
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