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  1. Don't forget it's Premium Membership, not necessarily Premium Geocaches, there's a difference.
  2. I'm just curious can't you enter whatever region you want for your own caches? Like most folk around me we list our caches as the South West even though Groundspeak mistakenly think it's the South. Could I not list mine as Germany if I chose?
  3. But it should still be a hint, not a dead give-a-way. Have you really found the cache if someone's told you where it is?!
  4. I've had this where cachers, again number chasers with high counts, found the hidey-hole when I'd already removed the cache as 'temporarily disabled' to do maintenance - they still counted it as a hide. I too thought 'no wonder they have high counts'. Still, I suppose we all play this game our own way.
  5. Many thanks Martin. I really look forward to these weekly messages - another week another updaye. Personally I can't understand why people shell out hard earned money for the alternative, what I consider to be inferior, maps. TalkyToaster's are great for walking, cycling & routing and are updated each week. OK in some areas they can be a little incomplete but then you can have the fun of updating the map yourself and seeing the results on the next update. 10/10 Martin - keep 'em coming.
  6. The law about keeping a bull in a field with a public footpath is very confusing, depending on the breed and age. Let's hope this terrible incident leads to this being cleared up. I personally hope the farmer is prosecuted & sued given it was a statutory footpath.
  7. I have to admit to being gob-smacked about some of the comments on this thread, especially today on Armistice Day of all days! The reviewers, who are all volunteers don't forget and give their time freely to help us play this game, have made a new and rather sensible rule. The rule doesn't stop caches in this area, rather it seeks written permissions to make their lives easier when reviewing - what's wrong with that?. We are playing a game and games have rules - what's the problem with that; can't we all just grow up a little please?!!! Rant over now - I'll sit back and await the torrent for I know it will now flow!
  8. Good move reviewers, well done. PS: What does 'Grandfathered' mean?
  9. My tip for night caching (either type pp Delts68) is to go ALONE - much more scary and consequently fun!
  10. Having tried a Chirp geocache out recently (thank you *mouse*) I personally think that the Garmin Chirp is a useful addition to the game. This got me thinking as to what alternative uses people might find for these little devices, for example attaching one to your keys or wallet so that when, as often happens, we can't find them we could use our GPRr to locate which room they are in. My suggestion therefore is that folk post here any other uses they have thought up for them, and maybe posts will develop as they will trigger brainstorming ideas amongst us? This doesn't need to be just non-geocaching ideas as there must be other ways they can be used in geocaches - eg for and Event. Get your thinking caps on, after all this is only limited by the power of the human mind! PS: Please don't use this tread to discuss the pros/cons of the Chirp as there is already another thread for this.
  11. Unfortunately, I fear that you may well be right. Even I, the great micro hater, see why it is going this way, though I'd still encourage everyone to set standard caches so that folk could drop off TBs, or try trading if they want to take the risk. The log can also be a decent size in a standard cache. Perhaps it's time for a rethink in the UK - I wouldn't presume to know or dictate what happens in other countries. Should we just put just cheap kiddies toys in them and forget other trades. At least that way those who want to keep young kids interested i joining them on missions have something - it works for a certain Ronald chap!
  12. And a warm welcome from me too, but why all the anonymity, I thought this was an open and honest game?
  13. You've hit the nail right on the head, Fuchsi', let's find out who's to balame!!!
  14. Chris I've never noticed any compliments so I'd like to say that your Follow the Arrow site is really great - a brilliant resource for geocachers new and old. Many thanks old mate for the work you have put in to create and update it. FMC
  15. Gosh, speedy response as ever. Thanks guys - that'll save me fiddling next time.
  16. Can someone please tell me the work-around (please PM or email to FollowMeChaps[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk) as previously I've arranged to downgrade my premiums so non-members could log them then revert them after - this will save me this fuss.
  17. Huh, given you've got 206 bones in your body you can only have less than 1% out of action. Call that an excuse?!!!! PS: Get well soon.
  18. What do you mean by run? Have you sent it and are asking how to chivvy up the email or are there problems submitting the PQ?
  19. Is there something you didn't tell us goldpot? Forgot to apply the handbrake when you went back for the retrieval, did we?!
  20. Good(ish) news about your unit but you need to sort out your priorities; giving work preference over geocaching indeed!
  21. I ABSOLUTELY agree - you can't judge a GPS from a shop store demo or the spec' so go to an event as suggested and see them in the field with their ownes. Better still, find a kind fellow geocache who is willing to loan you a unit fo the day (many thanks Maple Leaf ). Edited to add: Hope you recover soon Jen.
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