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  1. I fully agree with Dorsetgal & GeoDog that it was surely an oversight - don't call me Shirley! Shame on Jackplug for naming an shaming someone putting out a cache, the point could easily have been made without the link. Whilst I agree the cache should have been in place before submission it's an easy mistake to make, especially as the new cache report defaults to having the submission box already checked. If FTFs are what drives you then you'll have to take the rough with the smoothe. Many thanks davidwk for being brave enough to place caches. You deserve congatulating not deriding. I hope you get loads of enjoyment from all the positive logs who enjoy your cache - just ignore the moaners, they even exist in Geocaching I'm afraid.
  2. Has everyone forgotten the good old fashioned walking stick? not only can you poke around with it but you can also pull things as well. Obviously less "trendy", or should that be "cool" though.
  3. I got passed onto another thread for some of these answers and posted my thanks there. However, this is so good that I want to publicly say thanks again here - this lot makes FANTASTIC enhancements to using geocaching pages - ALL CACHERS take note. If you're using IE then immediately change to Firefox, install Greasemonkey then add these scripts, it's that simple - no IT understanding required at all (I have none!). I now have 1) all logs listed when I open cache pages, 2) OS maps under the listing showing the cache location instead of those useless (in the UK) Groundspeak maps, and 3) I can click on the OS grid ref under the WSGM one and see a 1:25K OS map - fantastic or what?!!! THANKS all. FMC
  4. These are all great and so easy to install and use, even for a luddite like me. And only this morning I thought a script was something I once used in school theatrical productions and a grease monkey was a mechanic! They have totally transformed my geocaching pages - thanks to all of you. Boy am I glad I use Firefox. Surely this needs putting onto a beginners guide to UK geocaching?
  5. Thanks Barry, I think I understand. I was hoping to open pages as they open from your EXCELLENT site - many, many thanks for GeocacheUK and all it does - you're a geocaher's star! (Upon reading this back it seems that I'm grovelling; however, I'm not I sincerely mean it, it's really first class!)
  6. Is there a tweak I can do to my account to make all cache pages I open show all logs rather than just the last 5 - like when I open unrated caches listed in the My Stats page http://stats.geocacheuk.com/mystats/ of www.GeocacheUK.com? My PC knowledge isn't up to writing scripts and macros - whatever they are?!!!
  7. Thanks guys, especially Lordelph. Having Firefox myself I followed the simple instructions and it's working; great to have 1:25K OS map to backup the Geocaching Streetmap - Wow!
  8. I didn't want to pester people too much on the MyStats page (and I've added an option in the preferences page for people who don't want to be pestered at all -- I know handicaching ratings aren't to everyone's taste). That's why I added a "click here for more details" link to a screen which shows 5 at a time. I could change that default 5 to a higher number, or if you wish you can modify the URL to get more -- eg... http://stats.geocacheuk.com/mystats/handirate.php?limit=20 ... will give you twenty caches per page. I'm a little confused as this shows ALL my caches as unrated whereas I have already rated the disabled one on the Handicache website. Can't this be amended to only show 1) only those marked as wheelchair acessible in the attributes and 2) those that have not alteady been rated on Handicache website. Having to rate them twice makes no snse.
  9. I use the Handicahing guide and logo/link to the wheelchair accessible caches I set but see no point in marking all my caches.
  10. A 4 wheel drive boat?!!! What's the world coming to!
  11. If you want an excellent hide try this one, it's really devious! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f7-5b2c662547c4
  12. Did a cache on my way home on Friday and found a whole load of trouble - see my 15th September log here http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a1-cd93ab21159a
  13. As a relatively new cacher I find this forum very useful to dip into, especially when I have a question to ask which usually gets a lightning fast, useful and courteous reply. However, I do notice that an awful lot of the postings are by people moaning or having a pop at each other; this line being a perfect example - not very nice at all. When I read the original posting I saw it as a genuine question by a cacher of how to do something. I don’t know how experienced they are. He/she explained why they wanted to do what they were requesting. OK, the use of the word 'rubbish' may not have been wise in retrospect but when I post a question I don't give too much thought to my language - we've too many politically correct restrictions in the outside world, please not in geocaching! It's this petty bickering that puts me off following a line and I'm sure it does fellow cachers just looking for genuine guidance. I know I’ve shot myself in the foot by posting this as a complaint – I’ll be the first to admit it, but wouldn’t it be great if we all got on well?
  14. Sorry, I'm being ignorant but I retreived a TB from a cache today and want to drop it off in an event I will be going to this w/e but can't work out how to do it. Please advise.
  15. Thanks Deceangi This is the same suggestion I received on the GeocacheUK forum. I'll post something tonight. FollowMeChaps
  16. Sorry I wasn't clear SimplPaul but Travers has got it - I just want to see where the parking or stages are on a map. Currently, if there are Additional Waypoints, the waypoint page gives me the option to see it in all the other map formats, but not Streetmap - which for me is the only one I find useful in the UK. The suggestion to overlay them all on one map would be even better but I thought this to be too much to ask. Can we have a Streetmap link like on the main cache page?
  17. I guess this must have been asked before but why is there no Streetmap.co.uk link on the Waypoint Details pages for Additional Waypoints like there is on the main cache page? I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to see an OS representation of where they are. I have taken to adding a paragraph at the foot of my caches where I have them pointing to http://benchmarks.org.uk/map.php but this shouldn't be necessary. Can it be added?
  18. I find Wikinsons good for the kids stuff and charity shops for grown up noc naks and boy's toys.
  19. Thanks everyone for your information and guidance. I will settle for a multi but put in the text that it's offset. I'm not going contrary to Deceangi's advice who was good enough to approve another of my cahes last night within half an hour - what great service! FollowMeChaps
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