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  1. IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are planning to attend a workshop/s at this event but have not yet indicated which one/s, can you please post a further note on the event page or email me through my profile by 20th January. The decision about which workshops to run must be taken soon and if there is insufficient interest in a workshop it will have to be dropped - book now or loose it! is now only 6 weeks away. Please see the event page for an update with new features.
  2. You don't honestly think I'm going to own up to this at work do you? I've got a professional veneer to display!
  3. I'm sure that was far more interesting!
  4. Sorry, I should have added this to my earlier post: If you want very effective (and surprisingly quite cheap) spray paints use the ones designed specifically for graffiti artists - they have chemicals added to help them burn onto most surfaces and this works on the tupperware. Try these sites - Aerosol Colours and Monster colours. However, PLEASE don't let these fall into the wrong hands - illegal graffiti is very damaging. If you want an off topic though ineresting insight to graffiti download the "Know Your Enemy" presentation from this site FMC
  5. No - I prefer to set mine "pre-muggled", it's far cheaper!
  6. First give them a quick blast with a blow lamp to burn off the anti-mould coating (this prevents the paint from keying), then paint with a proprietary spray can - cheap ones from Wilkinsons, preferably use a matt finish. I generally use matt black paint alone though you can streak with green brown. I leave a window for the label - I print this with black print on green paper, laminate then stick under the window using a hot glue gun – works a treat. If you’re clever you can print the cache found note on the reverse of the label then include it with the laminate. Good luck!
  7. And there was silly me thinking that now that Christmas is over I can get out to find some caches. But I'll have to get rid of this lot first..........caching will just have to wait! Any suggestions - only clean ones please?
  8. Wow - a reply from Clyde, the GSAK guru himself, within minutes - am I impressed or wot?! Guessing the Pocket PC is like the Palm it seems that it may well be possible if you can run Cachemate on 'em. Take a look at the reply here
  9. Sorry, I can't help as I don't have the know how or a pocket PC . However, as a yellow user myself I love the idea . I use a Palm (I've a Tungsten T3 for home and T5 for work) onto which I load Cachemate listings from GSAK. I would love to be able to connect the two so the cachemate info' interacted with the yellow. Is this possible anyone? I've cross linked this to the GSAK forum http://gsak.net/board/index.php?act=ST&f=6&t=3850 as someone there may be able to answer both our queries.
  10. And quite rightly too, in my experience we geat a brilliant service from out 3 stalwarts . Have a great Christmas Lacto, Ecks & Decs, take the day off!
  11. There speaks an oldie - first record I ever bought; what memories!
  12. Sorry. It wasn't clear in my original post above that there was a link and I don't seem able to edit it. FMC
  13. And there was stupid me thinking the whole point of Geocoins was to move them on! Doh!
  14. Sorry Brian, first I'm not ging to replace until after next Feb's Burrington Cache Bash where I hope to have someone deliver a workshop on "What do those expensive GPSr units do? - try before you buy, or at least learn what others think!" - I'm not totally daft. Second I couldn't part with my faithful old yellow, it's been such a friend and will come in useful when introducing others to the hobby or for my kids to take on one of their global trips. FMC
  15. Sorry to be dumb but what's a peri whistle? I carry a whisle - an old habit from mountain days of yore.
  16. Wilkinson's are selling their lock top boxes at half price at the moment. That's £2.49 for a massive 9ltr one! No excuse for those pesky micros now - let's see aome REAL caches!!!!
  17. Saturday 24th February 2007 10.00 am to 4 pm Burrington Cache Bash GCZ9BV The Burrington Inn Burrington Combe North Somerset BS40 7AT Be there or be Square Geographically Challenged! As well as advertising this event, this thread is to stimulate discussion around the suggestion that we hold geocaching workshops on the day - see link above. Post any views or suggestions here; polite ones only please! 'Post away but come on the day'.
  18. Never mind all this eye scratching malarke - have you noticed how you can use the cross hair and Latitude/Longitude box in FlashEarth http://www.flashearth.com/ with Microsoft VE to visit caches without getting out of your chair? Now that's what I call an armchair cachng tool!
  19. I leave mine on when going to different places on foot, car or best still by plane (though you need a window seat and a sympathetic airline). I then download the tracks to EasyGPS http://www.easygps.com/ and save as a gpx file. Now, using GPS Visualiser http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map?form=googleearth, convert the gpx file to a kml to see the results in Google Earth. You can zoom in and see where you went around roundabouts , etc. If climbing hills or flying use the tilt function and see your rise & falls. Sad or what?!!!!
  20. Are you using Microsoft Word to draft the html then copy and paste into Geocache.com? I used to do this with the same results. I was advised to switch to a simple editor, like Notepad, which has fixed the problem - Word's a bitch and tinkers with the html. FMC
  21. Really great news about Billy Twigger, I hope the recovery continues - best wishes Ewan! Perhaps, on the back of this thread, all readers will pro-actively consider whether some of the caches they set could be made wheelchair accessible. I've found many myself that could, with a bit of thought by the setter, be made accessible. If you think of it caching is a great sport for those challenged with mobility problems. It also can make setting a cache more challenging and fun - finding a place that is accessible but yet hidden from muggles can really stretch one's mind. Here's to you Ewan.
  22. Did I hear the cry "Nanny State"?!!! FollowMeChaps PS: You can't beat the good old yellow! Maybe it's an older non WAAS/EGNOS one?
  23. Thanks Barry, now sorted - I've also gone from Lib Dem to Tory ! Berfore this geocaching malarkie I new nothing about html so this is another thing the past time has taught me - not that I'm pretending to understand this bit of code though ! I keep a copy of my html in Word for both this and cache pages that I own - that way I can see the code but also put in hard returns, bolds, underlines etc so I can visualise them to make editing easier for me. It also allows me to edit offline and keep a backup. A workmate says I should not use Word as this tweaks the code which may have accounted for my 'slight error'. Any suggestions as to what I could use instead? FMC
  24. I was thinking of using Christmas as an excuse to upgrade my GPSr as I'm currently just a lowley yellow etrex user. That said I find the yellow 100% reliable provided I use 'caching skills' in dense tree cover, etc. I would like to have maps on my system so would be looking to upgrade to the new Garmin eTrex Venture® Cx, GPSMap 60CSx or possibly the older GPSMap 60CS (non-x) which can now be picked up cheaply. Before going down any of these routes can anyone advise me what would be the REAL cost of upgrading to a system like this? I don't mean the price of the unit, that's relatively easy to establish, but what also does one need to buy in the way of sim cards, mapping software, cables and cases, etc to get a real advantage from it. For instance when I got my WAAS etrex it cost c. £60 from the US on ebay. However, to take full advantage of it I've had to buy a cable, case, GSAK and Cachemate licence and recargable batteries/charger. All in about £100 not bad but 40% more than the face costs. I gather that if I upgrade to the cat's wiskers then there may be a host of other gizmos I will need but without knowing anyone with one it's hard to find out. Any advice would be happily recieived. Thanks FMC PS If you are using Christmas to upgrade from the GPSMap 60CS (non-x) and want to sell on your old model then email me - we might be able to help each other out.
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