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  1. Thanks guys/gals(?), your advice was correct and appreciated - not very intuitive is it?!
  2. Sorry but I've forgotten how to update my cache coordinates for one that's moved a few yards. Can anyone advise please? I can find the 'update coordiates' log but it's not very intuitive as there is nowhere to give the revised ccordinats. Help!
  3. One wonders what you were searching for?!!!! :D
  4. Exactly my point. It shouldn't be the UK Reviewers even with the very limited consultation of the forum when there are nationally agreed regions already in place. How's that, given a region uses the county borders - any change WILL effect it.
  5. Unable to vote as I can't sign into the GB site (again). I live there and having spent most of my working life in the region I can say that Somerset is certainly well within the SW which is why I always mark my caches as being there. The SW includes Glos', Wilts', Dorset and all points SW of them. It is so politically, culturally, organisationally, economically, etc.. For Groundspeak to think it knows better and come to another definition is just plain daft. Why don't we stop playing politics and start playing geocaching.
  6. Do you mean "should"? I thought that the attributes were optional, though I don't understand why they are not required.
  7. I agree about GSAK, it's too techno babble for me too. Do you have any local cachers that you meet at events, etc who might loan you a fancy gps for a day - there's no substitute to trying one out in the field. Being an H user myself for 5 years I was loaned an Oregon for a day (thank you Maple Leaf) and was instantly hooked - had my own for over a year now.
  8. Many thanks Mako-shark, what a quick and comprehensive reply. Whilst I use JOSM for OSM updating there's still an awful lot of new stuff here for me to take in . When I get a spare half hour over the next few days I'll give it a go and let you know how I got on. I really hope it works as I sail out of Lyme quite a bit in the summer, only a dinghy mind you, and these could prove fun on my Oregon. Maybe you could be persuaded to pop around the corner from Poole and map the whole coast along there . It make me really appreciate all the work Talkytoaster must do each week to give us his OSM maps - thanks to him again as well.
  9. Could you please share how as I for one would be interested - though the opensea maps don't seem to really cover the UK or am I wrong?
  10. I fully agree DrDick&Vick. To me the number chasing is more akin to train spotting; there are some people who just love collecting numbers but it's definately not for me.
  11. Gosh, I thought it was only on the 'other site' where there was negativity. Perhaps I was wrong. For my part I think the beta maps are excellent - well done Groundspeak! :D
  12. Just a reminder that whilst most of the UK can't get out geocaching because of the snow (well it's not really fair to give them away with a snow trail showing the world the hide) there is an alternative use for our GPSr - a toboggan speedo! Set the display to Maximum Speed, clear the speed settings, attach the gps to your person and off you fly. We got over just 25 mph today but I'm sure there are others out there with better hills who can beat that! How fast can you go?
  13. Don't forget to put your email/phone number on the unit in case you loose it - you can add it to the start-up screen and the main screens.
  14. Is this 'breakdown in contact' of which you speak a known fact or assumption? Just because Garmin have now gone into competition in the listing game it does not necessarily follow. Most private sector companies recognise that competition is generally good all round. I suspect that Groundspeak is big enough to weather the storm and grow, they certainly have a base of fiercely loyal customers who aren't likely to jump ship overnight; I for one am happy to support both. I've no doubt that there is room in the market for them both to grow. Hopefully this new kid on the block will result in us all winning out some way; Groundspeak, Garmin and most importantly us, the geocachers.
  15. Have been trying to log into GAGB again today but failed. Even using their 'email a password' doesn't seemto work. Any idea how I can get in please? I've had this problem a few times before and gave up - my last try.
  16. I just noticed that a beta version of Garmin's Opencaching.com (not to be confused with OpenCaching.org.uk) has gone live in the UK. If this is open source then it might be a good move?
  17. Bad luck mumbo jumbo - I really feel for you. As well as putting details on the start up screen I'd seriously consider having it on the menu pages as well as not everyone watches the screen at start-up - instructions here. Personally I have a single line with email/phone details across the top of the screen which can be read above the menu icons. It's a simple edit job using the Paint accessory (on Windows) or any other picture editing software: Click thumbnail to see full size
  18. Well I'll pipe up as an 'interested party' as it was me who emailed BareClawz putting the case against changing the code. My vote therefore is to leave as is - you already have a unique effective code that provides sufficient security to help prevent most non-cachers from following, why change it? Also by making 'adventure' caches require complex puzzle-solving you'll prevent non-puzzlers (like me) from having the fun of your caches. There's already another fun 'adventure' cache in my neck of the woods which I can't do 'cause I can't crack the puzzle (isn't there TIM ) - what a shame.
  19. Thanks guys - exactly what I was thinking. What a shame for those who treasure travelling items that Groundspeak will only chase the buck and list the their own.
  20. This leads me on to wonder why someone hasn't created a Wiki style Travel Bug site to allow folk to produce their own free TBs/trackables ...... or does it already exist? All it would need to do is ensure that the users code was unique, provide a page for each bug to track and maybe some tag templates to print off and laminate. So many TBs get lost why not cut out the expense and hassle of buying a tag from a commercial supplier?
  21. Precisely why the only way to keep it simple and to be non-political is to use the political boundaries of the current nation state. As soon as you create your own you become political yourself and create confusion - witness above.....
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