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  1. You're in the right place for some excellent caches 'Write & Mane' country - welcome to the merry throng!
  2. I think geogift is a great word, thanks Mister_oxo - let's run with it!
  3. I'd been contemplating starting a railway network series along a similar vein - to be located just outside mainline (or other?) railway stations so cachers could fill in some time collecting them when changing trains and awaiting the connection. You can break the return leg of a trip so could pop outside a station to collect a quick cache whilst awaiting your connection. I this a worthy idea?
  4. A bit of Googling and I've answered my own question Mountain Boards - and there was me thinking it was a group who only took Bed and Breakfast in high places!!!
  5. I'm going to ask what is to me the obvious question - "What's a mountain boarder?"
  6. Well this thread has truly inspired me . I've owned a TB tag which I won at the last summer at the Quantocks Cache Bash - many thanks to the mtngirls. I've not activated this yet as I was unable to think of an idea of what to attach - I was also discouraged when my only other TB went missing last year - though luckily it must have been a phantom cacher and has since turned up. Reading the Bananaboat (YJTB) log above inspired me and I've now activated The Beast that Barks TB. Thanks again cachers for a thought provoking thread! FMC
  7. Just why are Trig Points 4 sided?! One for Teasel, perhaps?
  8. Oh dear! Do you mean that Trig Point bag I purchased on eBay was a waste of time?!!!!
  9. No - but does have cd with software which I haven't installed - you'll have to source your own cable - I'm of the opinion you could use an eTrex one - I'll try & give it a go before I return it. NB: I have poor close up sight so can only read the screen with reading glasses which I don't need with my eTrex. That's more me being at fault, not the unit - I may be tempted to keep it for the kids though! FMC
  10. If you're new and don't yet hve a gps check this out LINK
  11. Still several in Bristol. I picked one up on way home last night as they do 14 day money back. Have been out today to field test & I have to say it's a little darling. In terms of speed of aquisition and features it is far better than my WAAS eTrex. GB map includes B roads and it would seem all small villages. One bid draw back (for me) is the screen size is smaller plus they try & fit more info on the screen and consequently the text/graphics are small by comparison so no good if you have poor sight. That aside I'd say 100% recommended. If you've not got a gps or want a second for kids, etc go for it - but be quick. FMC
  12. Thanks to all - it seems that I'm ok to use it for te event. FMC
  13. Looks great; price is brilliant; available locally. I was just about to dash out and get one when I thought "I wonder how much the cables are?". Quick search on ebay found nothing so into the Lawrence website. Have you seen how much they are?!!!! Is this the stumbling block? There had to be a catch hasn't there? Does anyone know of a cheap source for cables, or have a plan for a 'home made' soldering job? It would be great to crack this one as the unit does seem to be better than my yellow eTrex which I swear by. FMC
  14. Should we be bothered? I thought that this was a game and that we all find our own way of playing it. If anyone is logging visits they have not done then they are only cheating themselves. I'd prefer to give them the benefit of the apparent doubt there seems to be rather than dash ut to check the logs - oh well that's just my opinion and keeping to my own argument I'll play it my way. FollowMeChaps PS: Will anyone apologise if, as I suspect, it turns out that they have visited the caches after all - what kind of impression are they going to get of UK cahers as a result of this thread?
  15. I am arranging an event in the UK which, whilst not a per se CITO event, will be collecting litter (trash to you pond hoppers) and using CITO principles. I have used the CITO logo but just realised that I should perhaps check that this is ok. event page here Can anyone advise please? FMC
  16. Brilliant! Thanks choccymandm it works for me also - now all I need to do is find a cache with decrypted clues! FMC PS: What's a "1337570n3"?
  17. BRILLIANT markandlynne, exactly what I wanted - Thank you Thanks a 1,000,000 FMC
  18. Help please: I am trying to locate a UK version of the tri-fold 'Intro' to Geocaching' brochure for an event next month. I'm after one that prints correctly on A4 and refers to postcode, not zip, etc.. I've tried searching but the link was broken to the nearest thing - an Irish one. Thanks FMC
  19. Why is everyone fannying around with these pokey sizes - Wilkinsons sell a 9 Ltr lock top box for £2.50 - now go set some REAL caches!
  20. Wot's a 'Canadian'? Ah, yes, I think I remember - isn't it a back country we own, or did we get shot of it as it's too desolate?
  21. anyone know where to get the script for this ?? Me thinks you a) need to be using Firefox, not IE, and 2) also install Greasemonkey. All geocachers should do this anyway - it greatly enhances your geoexperience. See this thread. FMC
  22. It must be FUN! At the risk of being hung by the whole geocaching community I think placing caches is MORE FUN than finding them! In particular I'd echo The Bolas Heathens advice - it should be fun to do which will make it fun to place. Also, our 3 UK reviewers are brilliant - if you are unsure of any aspect of cache placement, give them a shout by asking in the Note to Reviewer box at the foot of the cache listing page. FMC
  23. I'd love to come, it's a brilliant place for diving, but unfortunately....... I trust that you will be popping there a few times beforehand to set lots of new caches for all you eventers!!!!! FMC
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