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  1. I had a Firefox update this week that I accepted and it seems to have screwed a lot of my Greasemonkey scripts. Anyone else experience the same? Edited to add: I used to have a script that worked on the Forums to allow me mark threads I want to watch and hide threads I was uninterested in. I deleted it to reinstall but now can't find its origin - can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  2. I would have thought Io would cast a round, not oblong, shadow!
  3. It's very easy to blame the state, whereas it's nothing to do with government, local or national. It is individuals who persue claims to seek compensation (ie make money), admittedly encouraged on by greedy lawyers out to make a killing, especially on a no win-no fee basis. Local authorities, etc. that suggest public liability insurance are only seeking to cover their own backs in tis climate. Fortunately, when this was tested a few months ago by someone trying to claim on a geocahe (there's a thread somewhere) the potential litigant was advised against persuing - common sense did indeed prevail. Go ahead and put one in a tree, great idea - otherwise we are giving in to this lot of money grabbers.
  4. "Palm app Coordinates 1.3" - tell me more. Am I missing out on something?
  5. I already use Cachemate on the Palm but PopupPirate's suggestion of using the html option looked intriguing as it includes pictures. Guess I'll have to stick to cachemate then - thanks all anyway.
  6. Thanks for the tip, the html export seems 'well cool' as the kids would say. Can these be exported to a Palm does anyone know? If so how? Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. And change might be changing soon! See the Enhanced OS maps on cache pages by Edgemaster for a solution to your ploblem.
  8. ..........and if you were in the middle of Dartmoor or, more scarily, in the Lake District, and a thick mist/fog came down..............? ............map, compass, spatial knowledge and common sense, or you shouldn't be there in the first place!
  9. The Powers That Be. BTW I've had several notifications arrive 2 or 3 days late recently, while others have arrived bang on time. I expect something somewhere's broke. BTW? I know it's an American site but does anybody speak English any more? On a more serious point we cachers are all guilty of using too many acronyms - I'm guilty too with FTF, TFTC, etc. It is not too helpful for those new into the game and this forum - it can be seen as very cleeky. I 4 1 will try and use plain English from now on.
  10. What was the original question? Oh yes, paper or digital maps. Paper for maps, either the real McCoy if we have the area, or possibly a Streetmap print out if not and a map is required for the cache - in my experience not that many are. I can't afford the electronic maps plus Palm's are too small for my eyesight and often daylight illegible. I do use a PDA with TomTom to find the parking/access also for Cachemate listings, though again if I'm hitting an area I'll mostly cut and paste the important bits onto a Word doc and print on paper. I've not yet tried a chocolate fireguard though it's now on my to do list!
  11. TIP: I've only recently discovered that if you make your cache 'Premium Members Only' as the cache owner you get an additional link on the page that lets you see who has looked at your cache and how often - even better than the anonymous Watch List for monitoring potential FTFs. Post sript - I'll now make all my future caches members only for the first week only so paying folk gt the first bite of the cherry - seem only fair to me.
  12. You were lucky! We were so poor that.................
  13. Lordelph - absolutely brilliant - it's even better! The contributions by you and Edgemaster are really appreciated. I'm looking forward to the new GC website settling down so my other scripts might start working properly then.
  14. I notice that on my newer cache that was released since the site rebuild the "no. of users watching this cache" feature has vanished. I know that it is being watched. It's there for all my older caches that were released before the rebuild. Has this feature gone for good on new caches or is it me?
  15. So many threads it's confusing me! Lordelph, is this the same script as you gave yesterday in the Enhanced OS maps on cache pages thread or is it an update? Advice to a confused cacher would be much appreciated.
  16. Many thanks to both Lordelph & Edgemaster. Having removed all my map scripts then reinstalling it I've at last got it to work, phew! There seem to be around 3 threads discussing Greasemonkey scripts. Moderators, can't they be added to the Resources For Caching In The Uk And Ireland thread?
  17. I agree, I don't like it either - whatever 'it' is!!!
  18. It must be me - your new script works but I'm still seeing nothing. Is this where I should be looking:
  19. Thanks - It may be me as it seem to be all of them but an eg would be http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...cab0d&log=y Thanks for the link to the script but I don't know how to add it. I'm a bit of a luddite - all the others I've installed seem to generate an install button but this one doesn't - sorry to be so thick but I do love your scripts.
  20. Sorry Lordelph - I've installed your script but can't see any OS link???
  21. Sorry, I can see nothing like this on any cache pages I look at!
  22. It doesn't seem to work with my old faithful yellow eTrex EDITED: Seems I've proved myself wrong - it will work with the good ol' yellow if you first download the Garmin communicator software.
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