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    Note to Self: Sure hope that angry property owner has moved.


    I'm picturing that ol' game Twister ... in the mud! My ohh my!! Did he say they're going to be changing clothes afterward? That outta be quite a sight for those nearby residents. Maybe I'll pass on the Glowstick Twister Stripdown Mudbath ... yeah, I need to think this through a bit more. Maybe I could donate a PUD or something ... hmmm.

    As we remember it not everyone who originally promised to join our adventure, made it that night. Not to mention anyone by name, but we did notice atleast one of the "no shows" is instigating this latest effort. Could it be they really didn't believe the first smackdown was possible, and are only willing now that some brave souls (or is it soles?) accomplished it? Guess we will never know, and it is not for us tom say. (er)

    Note to self; check for typos before posting


    I've been thinking about those who are gonna venture into the swamp in search of tupperware at Szar Foyo. A noble venture indeed...Sure hope someone videos this one. Doesn't look as if the moon will be out either... Where I come from people who venture into swamps have been known to bring a critter or two home with them...Be sure to check yourselves real good.

  2. You are all cordially invited to join a few psychos for:




    Current list of operatives is highly confidential but available upon request.


    We will insert on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. at N 32 39.330 W 117 01.117. Our primary target will be Szar Fôyô.

    Equipment list is as follows:


    Glowsticks (some will be provided, but mo' be betta...)

    HazMat Suits (or at least long pants and long sleeves)

    Boots (cleats?)

    Change of clothes (yes, you will probably want to strip down before making contact with the plush velour of your vehicle seats)

    M*A*S*H Triage kit

    Liquor, hard and lots of it!!


    Things NOT to bring:


    Senses or sensibilities


    High heels (except maybe for the photo opp at the end)

    Anything cashmere, lace or suede




    Yeah, I know, Harmon, y'all gunna die!!! But at least we'll be having fun doing it!!!


    See y'all there!!


    The mud will make the climb out far more interesting! Wow, this sounds like something I might want to do ... hey, Harmon? If you go ... I'll watch you're back, JUST LIKE THE LAST TIME!




    Yes, Barrie, I never got that follow-up exam from you.


    Get a load of this new Smackdown challenge, shoot, if

    they want braggin' rights then do it while there's some

    serious rain coming down so's you can rival the mess

    that Passing Wind and his pal got into during a rain-



    Ain't no way that ditch will drie out before th' 27th. Mud

    is going to be their middle name.


    Say! wait just a darned minute ... now I get it, they're

    going to horn-in on our Smackdown celebration and try

    t' steal our thunder. Why I oughta ....


    Y'all gonna die!


    Wow, That's all I can say...Sure wish I wasn't working that night..but I'll be thinking about the mysterious crew..Looking forward to the celebration and what the original crew will do to smack down the new crew..But if any of the original Smackdown Crew goes for seconds then I guess they will need to receive double recognition for their accomplishment...To date, I don't know of anyone who has gone into the abyss twice.

  3. GC22dxj..our friend wrote an interesting post and has returned to his old ways in calling Mrs.K a cheapskate...The first time he did this we kinda let it go thinking that it must of been an age thing. Jodi will probaby remember when he said it...We would like everyone to save their M&M tubes for us...


    January 15 by SD Rowdies (4710 found)

    Some cheapskate, not a single M&M left for me.

    Thanks anyway,


    SD Rowdies


    when we he ever learn...and just when Jodi was thinking that she would take it easy this year on him...did he really think that Mrs.K's girl friends would put up with this? hmmm :unsure:

  4. Does anybody know any resources for finding Geocaches that have a historical theme?


    I like to travel and visit a locality history and being able to find them easily would be helpful. You know

    how it is when you are on vacation time is limited.


    BTW: Is there an Icon for history themed geocaches?


    Historically yours,




    Calif has many

  5. I have sad news to report - the loss of another geodog. Bubba, BlondeHiLite's beloved Rottweiler had a tragic accident and passed away Friday. I had the pleasure of hiking with him, as did Ginger! and Mocha!; for a big boy, he had a mellow but confident disposition.


    Rest in peace Bubba.


    We are very sorry to hear this...Bubba was a great dog.


    We feel your loss...so sorry...

  6. We have a great geocaching community in Auckland & Waikato! Go to the next event, as was suggested previously.


    Also, I have a yellow Etrex for sale $150 to first taker.


    Send me a message thru my profile on geocaching.com


    Indiana Jill :anibad:

    would love to cache in New Zealand

  7. :.' date='Dec 31 2009, 02:07 AM' post='4174105']

    Hi Team from Luxemburg !!


    I'm from Thionville and discovered geocaching recently.


    I want to travel around your country and i need the card to putt into my Garmin.


    I can exchange with my french-card.


    Thank you !! :anibad:


    -> www.geocache.lu


    I feel welcome here..

  8. Another Islander here, from Victoria. I cache with my husband and 4 year old son, although we are very new to it with only a handful of finds under our belt.


    Can't wait for slightly nicer weather though, rain and a cranky preschooler do not make for a fun afternoon!


    LOL.. I can imagine!.. I wish it had been available when my kids were young, they would have loved it. Although Adults now, my two girls have both done several Caches with me. I have relatively 'new' to this also but with the 'stress' of my job, I find it a GREAT way to get 'replenished' by getting out to lovely areas.. away from the daily grind. I have done some caching in a virtual 'downpour' and over the last few days... some in the Snow...all of which were very cool! Happy Caching and Happy New Years~


    Canadian Girl from San Diego just reached 2000 finds

  9. Wow! There sure are a lot of orgs in TN! Kind of fragmented.


    One in every geographical part of the State.


    Memphis=Geocachers of West Tennessee

    Jackson=Jackson Area Geocachers

    Nashville=Middle Tennessee Geocachers Club

    Chattanooga=Greater Eastern Tennessee Geocachers Club and Geocachers of Southeast Tennessee

    Knoxville=Greater Smokey Mountains Geocachers Club

    Tri-Cities Area=www.tricitiesgeocachers.org


    However many from each club get together with the other clubs, attend each others events, and post on each others boards.


    We love Tennessee cachers! Our first caches were found in Tennessee!

  10. Recently, I heard a story somewhat like one I heard 3weeks ago and a couple times a month or so before that, Basicly the Cacher didn't share their FTF with the group of lookers at GZ and people where upset. Are we expected to share ftf with everyone who shows up? Sorry, if I find it, it’s my FTF! Especially if there are a half dozen cacher’s or more looking in a 40ft circle? Get over it! How do others feel about this? Of course I know there are exceptions.


    I'm fast approaching my 500th FTF and I have been caching for less then 2 years sometimes I share them and sometimes I don't just depends how I feel at that moment but as far as I'm concerned, who finds it is the FTFer and it is totally their call most of the time we don't share. Thought I would add ......yes always share a FTF with a buddy I'm caching with in fact I think I even shared one with Bittsen one time but if I show up and there are other people there or show up while I am looking and I make the find totally my call.




    interesting topic

  11. I'm here...eight miles from Indiana, so I kind of blend into both.


    I drive a truck down the 80 and am so glad that the speed limit has gone up..May even have time to pick up a cache now and then

  12. Thanks Brian for all your hard work, it was "Maahvelous", how do you order up weather like that ? :anibad:


    I'm starting to think he has some pull with the big guy. He did the same thing for GONE, bringing us great weather despite the forecasts and went as far as having the thunderstorm wait until the movie ended.


    If you are going to Aruba sometime, let me know if you need good weather!


    We are so spoiled by the weather in San Diego

  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I did end up getting the Oregon 400t a week or so ago from Amazon. It was $350 there at the time and I had $75 in gift cards, so took the leap. So far Im happy with it except that the compass tends to jump around when you get close the the cache. Im hoping this isnt a huge issue in the hills this summer.


    I stalled until my husband and I found the first few caches to commit to the premium membership, but now that we have, I find it a small fee to pay for the outdoor fun we can have year round. I will definetely continue to keep it up.


    I am planning to try to make it to the meetup depending on the weather. I think it would be great to meet other local geocachers! :anibad:


    nice and warm in San Diego

  14. WooooooHooooooooo!!!! Congrats to Chuy! on 10k!!!





    Chuy!, you are amazing. The wonderful thing about you and

    the other local front-runners is that you cover the tough trails

    and mountains and so often in the dark. Applause-applause!




    I'll just bet that Ginger! is barking down from dawg-heaven in

    celebration of your grand achievement.


    Note to Self: Gawd, that Yrium-card layout is terrific.


    Chuy! is amazing! A true pioneer among the San Diego caching community! We have always admired Chuy and one day hope to go to most of the places that he has already explored! We love the photo of you and your family and are glad that others had the opportunity to witness this awesome milestone!

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