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  1. HOLY SMOKES!!! :DB):o



    We blinked and look who's at 14,000 + caches ALREADY!



    CONGRATULATIONS!! It's so great that John is here with you Jodi for that milestone.


    Now, just relax and catch up on things................Please! ;)



    The Splashes :unsure:B)


    jahoadi and john at 14,000+ finds!!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Hey everybody!


    I'm going to be on the Iron Mountain

    Hall of Fame list.


    Watch this space for announcement.


    Note to Self: Wonder if there will be PUD cake at the awards banquet?

    Congrats to SD Rowdies for entry into the Iron Mountain Hall of Fame!!

    O.k., the lines are open ... I'll be sitting here by my

    computer watching for the congratulatory admiration

    to roll in. I'll be taking names of course ....


    :D:D:DCongrats, Harmon, on the Iron Mountain Hall of Fame AND on the double epiphany!! :D:grin::grin:

    Congratulations to all the Hall of Famers!!!


    Just gotta throw out a big congrats to Harmon for completing all the caches at Iron Mountain and now being an official member of the IMHoF..What an inspiration!

  3. Sixteen thousand huh?




    So what ... maybe 4.5 years? That's only 3,556 per year.

    Pick up the pace for cryin' out loud. Start shooting for

    3,600 per year. Let's see some action!

    Average of 10/day?!?! Insane!!!! Or, as Andrew would say, "Sick!!" :P


    Thanks for the congrats and motivation to get 3600 a year! We will see what we can do!

  4. I'm just sayin' ...






    Sycamore Canyon Owl Clover April 1, 2010


    SD Rowdies Slide Show


    If you're waiting on the right time for Sycamore Canyon wildflowers, the time is now. Week or

    two to see carpets of Owl Clover, fabuous Wyoming Paintbrush, Blue Dick all over the place,

    carpets of Meadow Gold, Sand Asters, Molina blossoms, and much more. Go! Go! Go!

    LOVE the slide show!!! :laughing::P:)



    Thanks for your support. I'm on a campaign to

    bring more attention to M2's terrific web site. He

    has kindly given me administrative privileges on

    the site making it easier to look after the SD

    Rowdies album. I spent hours and hours digging

    back through our Forum threads to collect the

    many posted images.


    Watching the slide-show feature has the challenge

    of variable image size. There's lots of images that

    are only 600-pixels wide but they are mixed in with

    many other sizes including some mega-large pano-

    ramas. Even so I have had to reduce some of my

    images before posting so as to comply with the

    eight megabyte upload limitation.


    Big news coming on or about April 16th, release of

    adobe Photoshop CS5 with some great new features.

    Also I've been running the second Beta version of

    Adobe Lightroom 3.0. No release date announced

    as yet.


    Fun! Fun!


    Note to Self: That rascal Tom is rubbing in my "love" rant.




    two thumbs up on the Slideshow!

  5. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::huh::D A HUGE WOOOOOHOOOOO TO THE FAT CATS WHO HAVE REACHED


    7000 CACHES !!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D









    STEVE & JANIE :anicute:B)



    000203AC.gifWay to go Ladies 7,000 00020484.gif



    7000!!!! Awesome!!!! Ya'll Rock!

  6. Any trip reports? We had over 16,000 e-mails in our inbox over the past two weeks.


    We loved the series! Was a true challenge! Had two flat tires..should of aired down I guess...coords were good most of the time...a few twists in the hiding techniques kept us on our toes...gotta get back and clean up a few more..

  7. I am expecting more cinnamon rolls for the event up on the ET highway tomorrow.


    Wondering if anyone knows of a place where we can park our little camper near Baker....water..electricity...showers....We did try to locate an apt....not too sure about the nearby motels...might need to rough it but sure would be nice to see Mrs.K happier after a day of power caching...

  8. Ok, we just finished making 2 dozen cinnamon rolls. More on the way. (they will be gone by morning, so you better hurry)


    Our bags are packed, we're ready to go... :anicute:

    We have three rolls left and I am getting the munchies.


    We..kwvers!..are looking forward to getting out there! beautiful area for sure! Power caching is such a workout for us! Hope to be out there before this month ends!

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