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  1. I had the same problem. It worked after I resized the images to what the site would resize them as after (I use a 10mp camera, but geocaching.com sibstantially resizes those after I upload them!).


    Just upload a smaller version of the image. I reduced to 25% of original before uploading and it went just fine.



    Groundspeak is aware of the issue and is working on it. Hopefully a patch is just around the corner. I guess resizing is our only option for the moment.



    we took the suggestion of resizing our photos and it worked...We have been trying to post pictures for weeks now and thought that we had a camera problem...So glad we read your posts!

  2. I haven't seen the booklet but I know it is out. I am teaching it to my Troop and I am learning as I go. I have several questions but one I need answered is 5c and d. Where do I find the UTM waypoints for my area?


    Google maps will give you coordinates. You can set it up to show you a box with coordinates that follows your mouse as you move it over the map. Those coordinates will need to be translated into UTM for which there are translator sites and programs that you can also find on line.


    greetings from San Diego Troops

  3. I am a geocacher and also a travel agent. I have specifically put together a cruise with special group rates for geocachers to travel up the west coast from San Francisco to Vancouver with a port of call in Astoria Oregon. From Astoria, it is possible to geocache near Fort Clatsop where Lewis and Clark ended their exploratory expedition to the Pacific Ocean. I thought that geocachers would be excited about the historical aspects of the Lewis and Clark experience. My husband and I are excited about going on that cruise and would be delighted to have other geocachers aboard. Of course there is LOTS of history in SF, Victoria and Vancouver, BC as well. This cruise will take place between May 14-18, 2011. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

    Send me a reminder?

  4. Well, I'll be ... look at that fine artistry! I think it's :) almost perfect, Harmon, ol' buddy. Seems to me, though, there's somethin' real important missin'! Yeah, I'm sure of it now! Where's Pa and that fine brother of hers at?


    :P Just wonderin',


    Come Home, Come Home, It's Suppertime

    Exactly, ... just the opening stanza and chorus was played as the

    theme song for the Gabriel Heater radio broadcast. His news

    broadcast was a staple activity for America during WWII; supper

    and then turn the radio on for Gabriel Heater ... either "There's

    good news tonight" or "There's bad news tonight" was his opening



    It was unheard of to speak a word during his broadcast, especially

    not children. Of course children weren't expected to be "mouthing

    off" at all. Now there's a change in America.


    Here's another challenge for you ... go online and try to find his

    biography or, for that matter, anythiing at all about his personal

    or public life.


    A favorite of mine for many years sung by George Younce

  5. We are thrilled to announce that our son who is stationed at Clovis,NM has signed up with Groundspeak and found his first geocache today!!!


    Yes, We are proud parents!


    August 7 by Rebel Russell (3 found)


    Hey this was my first cache it was really fun had four on my list to find for today and was only able to find this one due to my inexperience but thanks it was fun searching around the tree for this one.


    Seems like yesterday he was only a muggle....lol


    Congrats to the proud parents!! :)



    :PAnd he's moving to San Diego! Congrats! Yippee!


    We have high expectations for him...He seems to want to stay in the military for awhile but that shouldn't be a problem for him...We think that he will be in the Top 50 worldwide for finds within a year or two...Who knows...he may even drive us around in his big truck or quad someday...Wonder if he would want to support us if we retire soon..hmmm

  6. We are thrilled to announce that our son who is stationed at Clovis,NM has signed up with Groundspeak and found his first geocache today!!!


    Yes, We are proud parents!


    August 7 by Rebel Russell (3 found)


    Hey this was my first cache it was really fun had four on my list to find for today and was only able to find this one due to my inexperience but thanks it was fun searching around the tree for this one.


    Seems like yesterday he was only a muggle....lol

  7. This just in ...




    My brush with fame ... KWVERS! Denice and Jim. Not sure why

    but I had the feeling that Jim was watching me very carefully.

    nicely done! I think we are related!

    Yeah, ... me with my sister and my daddy.

    why I otta.....:D

  8. Just do yourself a favor and stay away from the tiny ones at first. Finding a few larger caches will help you develop your senses. If you must look for them, think about where you would hide them. Knotholes in trees, at the base of a fencepost, under an out of place rock, any number of places.


    And don't get discouraged. You'll get it, or you won't.

    we often feel caches before we actually see them when searching for nano caches..move,rub,pull,push...bring along a small mirror for fence rails etc..To be honest...we are still thrilled when we find bush caches...

  9. Congratulations to FlagMan on hitting 10,000 and to Thunder-4 on hitting 6,000 together at the top of Mt. Whitney!! Tim Slaby and Don Zatyko were also there to celebrate at 14,497'. Congrats to all for summitting!! :):D:D:cool:


    :grin::grin:What an awesome accomplishment!!! Congrats to you all!!! :grin::grin:


    This is a true accomplishment! Congrats to Flagman and Thunder-4! You are both an inspiration!

  10. Psst! Snflwrmh passed her brother in the number of caches found category!!!! shhhhh


    snflwrmh found E.T. 001 (Traditional Cache) at 7/14/2010


    Log Date: 7/14/2010

    Who says no to an impromptu 1000+ cache run? Well not me, so when Triple Crown and Lulu499 invited me I was very excited. Not only was this a lot of caches to grab but this allowed me to pass by my brother(BDHARRISAZ) in cache finds. Nothing like a little sibling competition fueled by the numbers.


    This trip came together in about 24 hours. Hotels were booked, car was rented, and cachers were gathered. By the time we hit the road we were a group of four.

    It was amazing to see how quickly we could move from cache to cache, signing each log as the DLTS(Duncan!, Lulu, Triple Crown, and Snflwrmh). This trail puts the Trail of the gods to shame as far as numbers. Very amazing!


    Note to future cachers-It's way the heck out there, so make sure you have a full tank of gas and maybe just a small back up can. Our fuel light went on near Tonopah but we made it. Make sure to have plenty of fluids, especially if you are out there during the summer months. It's hot and you don't want to dehydrate.


    Overall-amazing cache trip with a great group of cachers. Thanks for all the work that you put into this series. It will go into my memory books for sure. TFTH

  11. Sorry if I'm off topic here, but I saw the title and had to stop in. We aren't from Marianna, FL, but we were just there a couple weeks ago. We visited some family in Pensacola and drove over to Marianna to visit the Caverns State Park. We did a bit of geocaching while there and played mini-golf at Kindel Lanes. We also had dinner at The Oaks Restaurant. We had a great time in Marianna.


    Well I guess I'll add to this forum too. We have cached in the Marianna area. This area brings back many memories. My dad was the highschool band director 1963-1965. Moody is our last name.

  12. This just in ...




    Denice revisits her car-hop roots ... those were the days.


    :laughing: She hasn't changed a bit has she....we had so much fun with Denice in her "town"...even got to see her elementary school! ;)

    Whut? ... y' mean she went t' school? Seems to me that car-hop

    outfit she wore would have put her on a different career track.


    According to a reliable source (?) Denice did indeed work as a

    car-hop at that self-same XXX Root Beer drive in. Say it isn't so

    Denice, say it isn't so.


    Hmm, any chance she has photos of her actual car-hop outfit?


    Mr.K here....Yes sir, That's my baby! She did indeed work at the drive-in..mum is the word!

  13. Looking at the card with me on the motorcycle, I cannot spot anything that remotely reveals that this has been photoshopped. It just looks so real!

    The pink ears give it away... :lol:


    Let me rephrase that. The one with me standing next to my motorcycle and Thunder sitting next to me looks so real. :rolleyes:


    Just for fun, a comparison ...




    This was the main source image.





    And this is the final Yrium-card layout. What changes do you see?


    Source images used ...




    Most any reality is possible with Photoshop CS5.


    That is just simply amazing, Harmon! :anibad:



    With your near-death experience last year I knew that I

    had to produce a good result. Working with concepts that

    Devhead offered and with Tom in the usual way put the

    effort in the win-column. The result has received terrific

    reviews because you're so special to all that know you.


    Don't forget ... keep on ticking!



    SD Rowdies


    Dropped off TNG#15 Thunder4 and Ginger Memorial #1 at Non-Poison Ivy, GC27FAD today.


    I Dropped off TNG#14 Lostguy at GC13PXN today!

  14. This just in ...



    Some are sicker than others... All I can say is that there must be a 12-step program for Shopaholics... B)

    Th' Devil made me do it!


    Harmon Ol Harmon when are you ever going to learn not to tee off the ladies. 0002020B.gif

    Huh? They all fled to Facebook so I figured a Facebook theme would really

    please them and might even bring one or two of them back to a Geocaching

    Forum thread now and then. Ain't this what Farmville is all about?


    One look at that chick in th' pink hat tells y' all y' need to know about life

    down on the farm.

    Wow! I had no idea I looked so nice in :P green. I think I'm going to change my caching outfit today and wear more green now! Thank you ol' buddy! I LOVE it!



    aka: boysnbarrie

    Jodi & Barrie,


    Whew! my pillow kept me awake most of the night. Kept

    whispering "You've really done it this time Harmon."


    Taking it to the limit is always an uncertain adventure

    when it comes to Photoshop so I posted this one in a

    way that is easy to take down even after the editing

    option expires. I stand ready to take it down if there

    are hurt feelings, naturally.


    Thing is that there's not much in the way of interesting

    Facebook images on the Internet, too simplistic for the

    most part. ... and then the Heroines layout popped up.


    Say, ain't Jim a sweetheart in that pink hat?




    um...I'm speechless...um...this doesn't happen often....um...still thinking....gonna take some time to decide how to best respond...did have a facial yesterday with Mrs.K...hmmmm. is this what happens after 55?

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